A Look At Steelers Rookie LB Jarvis Jones 14 Sacks At Georgia In 2012

I was asked if I had a breakdown of all the sacks that Pittsburgh Steelers rookie linebacker Jarvis Jones had last season at Georgia and while I have seen them all before, I went back and pulled them and made animated gifs out of them for you.

While I didn\’t get real thorough in my annotations of each, I have included what to look for on each of them and the approximate time from snap to sack.

You will notice that a few of the 14 sacks that Jones was credited with last year were awarded him due to intentional grounding by the quarterback. A few more include him chasing down the quarterback outside of the pocket and the remainder mostly include him rushing from the outside either unblocked or around the outside of the tackle on the edge.

One of the things that sticks out the most in all of these clips is just how athletic Jones really is. On the flip side, however, he is merely a speed rusher, and you will notice that none of these sacks are a result of him bull rushing or manhandling a tackle. This is one of the things that he will have to add to his repertoire at the next level as he just simply won\’t be able to beat every single tackle to the edge the way that he did in college.

Feel free to add your own observations below and make sure you give the page enough time to load all 14 animated gifs.

If you want to see the video of each play, simply click on the picture, and it should take to the actual play in a Youtube video.

ETA: If you are having problems with this many gifs on one page you can view each in a new tab by right clicking on each.

Jarvis Jones Sack #1 Buffalo

(Solo) Off right side and beats left tackle around the edge (3 seconds)

Jarvis Jones Sack #2 Buffalo

(Half) Rushes off right side and gives chase after QB flushed to his left out of the pocket (7 seconds)

Jarvis Jones Sack #3 Missouri

(Solo) Off left side and beats tackle outside for intentional grounding sack (2.75 seconds)

Jarvis Jones Sack #4 Missouri

(Solo) Off right side and beats left tackle around the edge for the strip sack from behind (4 seconds)

Jarvis Jones Sack #5 Vanderbilt

(Solo) Off left side unblocked (3 seconds)

Jarvis Jones Sack #6 South Carolina

(Solo) Off left side and tracks down QB that scrambled to his right outside of pocket (7 seconds)

Jarvis Jones Sack #7 Florida

(Solo) Off right side and beats left tackle for pressure and then gets to clean up a missed sack (5 seconds)

Jarvis Jones Sack #8 Florida

(Solo) Stunt inside from right side for easy sack (3 seconds)

Jarvis Jones Sack #9 Florida

(Half) Off right side and finally beats left tackle outside and gets share of sack (4 seconds)

Jarvis Jones Sack #10 Auburn

(Solo) Off right side and drops into coverage. Gets easy sack of QB scrambling up the middle after flushed from pocket (5 seconds)

Jarvis Jones Sack #11 Auburn

(Solo) Slant inside the B-gap untouched from right side and running back misses picking him up (2.75 seconds)

Jarvis Jones Sack #12 Alabama

(Solo) Beats right tackle and running back off of left side (4 seconds)

Jarvis Jones Sack #13 Alabama

(Solo) Tight end keeps him wide off of left side but good coverage allows for sack (4.25 seconds)

Jarvis Jones Sack #14 Nebraska

(Solo) Drops into coverage on left side and then closes quickly on a scrambling QB near the sideline for an easy sack (7 seconds)

Jarvis Jones Sack #15 Nebraska

(Solo) Beats right tackle from left side on outside for an intentional grounding sack (3 seconds)

  • Dan

    It is interesting to see in some cases he comes out of no where and suddenly pops into the back field. Some of these college QBs held on to the ball about 40 seconds too long, but it does seem that Jarvis can be disruptive. Time will tell.

  • Jazz

    A sack is a sack; he appears to be a lot faster than the 4.9 he ran at his Pro Day. However, I agree with the Author, even though he seems to be very atheletic, he doesn’t appear to be that strong. He reminds me of a taller version of a Joey Porter, quick enough to get around LT’s. He will definitely have to work on his skills if he is ever to be a Premiere OLB in LeBeau’s Defense. If he works on his strength, works hard during practice, he could possibly see a great deal of playing time in 2013. A Day 1 Starter? I’m not quite ready to go there yet.

  • DoctorNoah

    I’m worried a little by the film. He gets covered easily by a blocking tight end, doesn’t show any significant physicality and just looks quick but a bit weak.

    I like the Joey Porter comparison, and I will be honest – I have no recollection of what Porter looked like in College – but he’s basically the opposite of Harrison. He doesn’t show a swim move, a bull rush or any use of leverage.

    Someone explain to me how this kid has the skills to kick ass on the next level. I’m not doubting he’s a great athlete, but now I’m a little worried that he’s the wrong kind of athlete

  • Lamarr56

    I have heard a lot of talk how most of his sacks were flukeish, but id say that overall, he did a good job getting to the quarterback to get the sack. I’d say he didn’t get any luckier than any other OLB.

  • Rick Rogers

    This was my fist time to see Mr. Jones in action. These are my impressions:

    The good:
    * Good motor. Didn’t seem to give up on many plays.
    * Finds the ballcarrier in traffic and isn’t afraid to stick his nose in the pile.
    * Very nice burst off the line.

    The Bad:
    * Appeared very, very small. Not only looked small, but also not very muscular. Looked like a Safety playing LB.
    * Like to smack runners with his shoulder instead of wrapping them up. (This such a bad trait that it really should go in the next category.)

    The Ugly:
    * Any blocker who laid a glove on him before he turned the corner easily redirected him out of the play.
    * No inside move whatsoever. Either he has none or the coaches told him never to use it.

    He needs to pack on the pounds to be as good as we all hope he is. In Rooneys We Trust. Go Steelers!

  • Paul

    He looks quicker than any other player, I don’t’ think the Steelers have ever had a player quite like him. Much faster than Porter, quicker than Harrison. He ‘s very good and will cause problems for the offense having to account for him. I like the way he can play either side. Hopefully Tomlin uses him. They need a new dynamic on the defense

  • VaDave

    I passed him from behind on the access road by the Duquesne Incline during OTAs and thought is was one of our defensive backs from behind. Honest injun. If he’s 240 lbs, he’s got quarters in his socks. The guy is built, but looks more like that Pollard guy the Rat birds had last year than a typical LB. I don’t see him starting day one unless there is an injury. My guess for 2013 he’ll be a special teams terror until he puts on about the additional 15 lbs of meat on his bones he’ll need to succeed at RT OLB.

  • JC

    Jones was impressive against Alabama’s passing game in the SEC championship. He beat both Fluker (1st round pick) and Cyrus Kouandjio (future 1st round draft pick) by recording 2 sacks and a forced fumble. He also beat Xavier Nixon from Florida who is an NFL caliber tackle. He has a great motor and often looks like the fastest player on the field even against elite competition which is a good sign. He’s like a combination of Bruce Irvin from Seattle and Joey Porter.

  • Matt Searls

    great great post dave! i love his speed rush, i just wish he used some other tools like a bull rush or spin move. he’s going to need them. if all a lineman has to be prepared for is a speed rush then jarvis is gonna get beat

  • Rednecksrule

    This is not an upgrade over Harrison. Tackles in the NFL are huge and he mostly outruns people in these clips–that isn’t happening in the NFL. He doesn’t have enough muscle to get leverage like Harrison did. He is going to be stopped at the first contact against an NFL lineman. This pick is going to be a bust.

  • Rednecksrule

    A safety is not going to get by an NFL level tackle.

  • Rednecksrule

    You said it. This guy is going to get blocked.

  • RMSteeler

    Until he gets all the moves of a pro OLB, I can only see him so far in situational downs. Used as a speed rush decoy as the ILB’s stunt or to open a lane on the outside for a corner/safety blitz. Love his motor and he keeps playing, finding the QB after taking a couple of hits. He’s either fast, or the OT’s he played against never watched film. Unless he rushed inside and was feared for his speed, I don’t know how the OT’s let him by. And, MOST NFL QB’s don’t do 7 step drops and keep drifting back into an outside rusher. Looks like he has the athleticism to develop a spin move. Needs it at next level. Would like to see some plays where he goes inside without a stunt to judge his strength. Apparently, he wasn’t too successful at sacks with it if he did, but he has to play the run too?

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Many of the sacks seem to be coverage sacks and not Jones using moves or power to get to the QB.

  • JC

    So last season everyone complained about Woodley being too fat, while Worlids looks like a defensive tackle trying to play linebacker and Harrison was clearly beginning to show his age. Now, people on this site want to rag on Jones for being too small and “merely a speed rusher”. Yes, he’s not built like James Harrison and isn’t going to bull doze offensive tackles, but speed kills. Also, stop dismissing the fact that he played against elite competition in the SEC and led the conference in sacks for 2 years. Call his sacks what you want, but a sack is sack and he always seems to be around the ball.

  • JC

    Jones played against several NFL level tackles in the SEC.

  • JC

    Jones is stronger than he looks. He put up 20 reps on the 225 lbs. bench at his pro day. To compare, Terell Suggs put up 19 reps at his pro day coming out of college. Give Jones a chance and some time to develop.

  • David Hatfield

    Gimme sacks everywhere. Inflated stats for sure. I’m so fucking unimpressed for a first round pick.

  • Matt Searls

    are you a steelers fan? i mean the dude dominated the best division in college football for 2 years and youre calling him a bust before he has taken a single rep in training camp? cmon man

  • Fu-Schnickens

    Interesting…I like the information that you’ve presented here. I admit that he sure does look undersized for an OLB, but boy the guy has closing speed. It’s like he’s got an extra gear that he can kick into when needed. That being said, I would sure like him to be able to work through blockers a little bit better (with a little more strength) rather than just using his quickness.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Excellent post, Dave. One of the best all year IMO. Especially during this dead time. Thank you.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    A lot of people here are comparing Jarvis to James Harrison. To which I respond:

    Which James Harrison? The 2002 James Harrison who weighed 240 pounds coming out of college? And did 28 bench reps at his pro day? And ran a 5.0 forty? And went undrafted? And got cut from Steelers and Ravens? That James Harrison?

    Or the James Harrison after 5 years of development? And strength training? And technique work? And learning how to thrive in our system?

    The James Harrison we know and love looked nothing like that player coming out of college. He had to develop. Jarvis will develop as well (I hope). Jarvis and James have different builds but they both hit the QB with similar suddenness and ferocity. They both appear to have good play recognition and awareness and motor. And both seem to understand angles and display that inate ability to get to the ball.

    Jarvis has a ways to go in strength and technique training. But lest we forget, so did James.

  • SteelSpine

    Glad you’re not running Steelers’ draft, because it appears you have no clue what you’re talking about. It’s also apparent you never paid any attention to how Jarvis does it. Leaning on OTs to outmuscle them & to out-leverage them is one/classic way, but the Harrison way is not the only one way to do it, as Jarvis style showed at Georgia. Ditto with disengaging, Jarvis does it by not getting swallowed up headlocked to begin with. Jarvis had instincts last year waaay beyond what Harrison brought into NFL when Harrison was a rookie.

  • SteelSpine

    I think the draft bashers on this thread will eat crow in a couple years, that prompted me to squash the narrow-minded comparison that the only way to be a good OLB is to outmuscle OTs & lock-up with OTs to use leverage like Harrison did. It’s narrow-minded to say the only way to get it done in the NFL is to be Harrison outmuscling leaning on OTs. Thats not the only way to get it done. I watched Jarvis plenty & he brings instincts way beyond what Harrison brought to NFL.

    For example, the same bashers of Jarvis would bash Polomalu for not being muscle-bound weight-lifter like the other strong-safeties look. Yet Polo made impact plays better than all the many muscular strong safeties. If you bulked Polo up to 240 lbs to play OLB, Polo would be built unimpressive like Jarvis yet Polo would be an impact player at OLB. Not by just leaning on OTs. Jarvis makes many big plays by bouncing off people like Polo does. And Jarvis disengages via not getting swallowed up headlocked to begin with, he bounces.

    Re speed: out-of-view in at-least one of those gifs was Jarvis downfield with his back to QB because running downfield in pass coverage, then Jarvis did 180 turn & outran his team (which included safeties) which was pursuing QB to sideline, Jarvis outran his safeties etc, nailed the QB near sideline behind line of scrimmage. Football speed vs combine speed!

  • SteelSpine

    The only thing I agree with the Jarvis bashers is no rookie was gonna start at OLB for Steelers this year regardless. I understand the people who only watched the Steelers are only accustomed to seeing big muscles of Suggs & Harrison & Woodley. We’ve tried it that way with Woodley, give Jarvis a chance to do it his way which is much different but a great knack. Jarvis showed that football speed is different from combine speed. Brett Kiesel & Aaron Smith each showed you don’t need to look like any bodybuilder Ziggy. Many bodybuilders in NFL at OLB & DE disappointed in NFL.

  • JC

    Thank you! Finally, someone who actually gets it.

  • steeltown

    You mean James Harrison.. DPOY James Harrison… one of the most feared players ever to play the game James Harrison? Well, yea at this point Jarvis is not an upgrade over Harrison.. but time will tell, even Harrison needed a few yrs to improve, progress and make an impact

  • steeltown

    Everyone screams how small he is.. well maybe just maybe that’s because we’re used to converting college DEs!! A couple yrs of strength training and this guy could be scary good

  • steeltown

    Very good short area quickness and motor.. and if you click and watch some of the videos you can see him doing some good things.. closes on the ball quickly and he is capable of bullrushing some, he just needs to put on some more muscle. A few yrs of strength training and conditioning and this kid could be very good

    Woodley returning to form will be very very good for this Team, but imagine a future where Jarvis Jones, Timmons, Vince Williams, and Adrian Robinson are on the field at the same time… could be VERY dangerous for opposing QBs and RBs

  • joed32

    Yep, 5 years before he became a starter.

  • Rednecksrule

    Loiok at his lower body–his legs are sticks. These so called highlight sacks show him running past a tackle while the college level qb takes a seven step drop and fucks around getting the ball off because he is a college qb. A pro qb has the ball long gone before you can run fifteen yards around the tackle to get to the qb. So when a running play comes at him, he is going to get blown off the LOS. The Steelers couldn’t defend the run on the right side with fat ass Woodely and Ziggy Hood. Teams didn’t run at Harrison. Now they will run left and right. Colbert has fucked up another draft.

  • Rednecksrule

    He is running fifteen yards around the tackles on these clips and getting to a college QB who is taking six or seven seconds to get the ball away. And he is only facing single blocks in these clips. He isn’t getting double teamed like he will in the NFL. Hell most of these so called highlights are coverage sacks where he finally outruns a tackle who had him initially blocked. When he develops in five years? Steelers will suck by then anyway.

  • cencalsteeler

    The natural talent is there. Once the coaches work on his skills, and he bulks up a little……watch out!

  • steeltown

    If Teams start double teaming Jarvis that’s one less blocker, it opens someone else up, so if your prediction comes to fruition, I’ll take it

  • Milliken Steeler

    Looking at your comments and football acumen I must say……..your name says it all.

  • Milliken Steeler

    Hmmmm #2 against the run last year. Those stats were attained by stops on the opposite side only? smh

  • barry buchanan

    Greg Loyd was similiar build at rolb! and he was pretty damn good!

  • Paul

    If you only look at the sacks you miss his other attributes, watch him for an entire series on you tube. He is high energy

  • Bill Eltringham

    God Bless you Dave this is great stuff you don’t get anywhere but from you.

  • SteelersDepot

    watch the language here.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    A lot of people seem to be forgetting another rather athletic pass-rusher who went on a tear in 2012. Aldon Smith of the 49ers, anyone? (6’4, 258) He was a beast, and he made O-linemen look foolish, because he could out-quick and out-maneuver them. Ben is NOT stronger than the linebackers he’s made a career of shaking off. He just understands how/when to escape their pressure and use their momentum against them.

    Why don’t we watch Jones develop in the Steelers system before passing judgment, hmm? I mean, I know most of you could GM the team to three consecutive Super Bowls from your La-Z-Boy, just but humor me.

  • steeltown



  • JC

    Let’s hope Vince Williams and Robinson can develop into starters. The truth behind the Jarvis Jones pick was that the defense needed a pass rushing OLB to contribute early. They obviously have doubts about Worilids and don’t have time to develop another defensive end from college and wait 3,4, or 5 years until they see the field. Jones was simply the best 3-4 OLB option in this draft and he’ll develop earlier because of his college experience.

  • steeltown

    Well yes, of course my “imagine” comment is meant to be a dream sequence haha.. its still very early in the Robinson and Williams saga..and neither may pan out as full time starters, just a thought, as they say time will tell

  • steeltown

    yep, another 10Lbs of muscle and this kid could be a force

  • Rednecksrule

    These are college level tackles you are ga ga over. On every one of these sacks they don’t set their feet nor their body position on edge on any of these plays like a pro tackle will do. Where did you play football? A flag league with girls?

  • Steves

    James was less then 5-10, so how do you say he is small? Urlacker was originally a safety and was moved to LB because he like to hit and was fast and I see the same with Javis.

  • Steves

    Troy does it all the time!

  • Steves

    You are giving red necks a bad name – we got a troll here! Look at the 4th from the end clip he beats a OT and a RB.

  • CP72

    Yep… I would rather see sacks against Alabama, Florida, and Nebraska vs. seeing sacks against Washington State, Cal, and Oregon State. I would also add that Mingo playing in the same conference vs. the same level of o-linemen managed 15 career sacks. Jones had 14.5 just his senior year and 28 total in two years. This guy is gonna get to the quaterback.

  • JPDQ

    Something else to consider: having a quick, agile, high-motor guy might bring a new wrinkle to our D when we’re playing the Cam Newton/RG3/Colin Kaepernick/Russel Wilsons of the league. Hell, I remember some doofus named Tebow that beat us a couple years ago…

  • Steves

    Thanks Dave – totally enjoyed the GIF’s – Good job.

  • SteelSpine

    Red: Yes pro OTackles set their feet, but ya cant breed a OLB bigger than 330 lb OTs. If OT sets his feet, Jarvis’ technique in college was to bounce off & bounce thru the trash, not get sucked into chest of the 330 lb OTs which is what the OTs want ya to do. They’re always gonna grow OTs bigger than any OLB you can make. If you had watched LBs in NFL you woulda known there’s other ways to get it done. But you assume Troy Polo got his sacks & stops behind line of scrimmage by bullrushing OTs? Troy is even lighter than Jarvis. Did you ever watch any of the many plays Troy Polo made plays behind the line of scrimmage?

  • SteelSpine

    If use your rationelle that success in NFL is proportional to size & since ya mentioned Ziggy, using your rationelle of whether a guy on the street looks like an NFL player, Zigmeister musta been an all-pro impact DLineman in NFL & little Troy Polomalu & Will Allen stunk because those 2 don’t look like NFLers when they are on the street.

    But I do agree with one point of yours which is teams would run at Jarvis. If I were an opponent I too would run right at any rookie OLB who’s best aspect is pass rushing. But LeBeau’s history is to not start any rookie or player until LeBeau thinks the player can defend the run. That’s one of the reasons I agree with another poster that probly the only time Jarvis plays on D this year would at-most be in pass rush situations. Odds are Steelers plan is the rookie wouldn’t play D as a rookie until Worilds is injured & probly not even til Worids plus one other OLB is both injured.

  • SteelSpine

    And one thing people forget is the number of converted DEs who never panned out & it took too long to find out they couldn’t play. There were big OLBs Steelers drafted who were built bigger than Jarvis because they were small DEs in college. Steelers drafted them to groom & assumed they would eventually learn OLB after a few years, but some of those never became impact players.

  • SteelSpine

    JC I think all that is exactly why Steelers drafted Jarvis. And oooh boy I wanna see what VinceW & Robinson can do.

  • Rednecksrule

    Are you kidding? Polamalu is a free safety–if he ever rushed it was against a known play where no one was going to block him… They don’t give OLB’s that kind of inattention… If I had watched LB’s? And you are talking about a free safety? You don’t get free runs to the QB in the NFL–left offensive tackles are paid millions to ensure that. These sacks don’t happen. You have to be able to disengage yourself.

  • SteelSpine

    Polo plays the strong safety position, always has, & Polo gets plenty of attention from offensive coordinators – offenses know Polo could blitz. But I agree those points of yours there which is OTs do get paid millions to focus on pass-rushing OLBs. We’ll see if he gets permanently entangled on too many plays, one or the other of us is eventually gonna be wrong on Jarvis. Most of my hunch is based on trying a new route to “get er done” (to quote redneck Larry the CableGuy)..

  • Frank

    I’m encouraged & trust that D.LeBeau likes the kid, but think of Jones as the #3 OLB at least for this year. I look at him like Gildon backing up Lloyd/Greene & Harrison backing up Porter/Haggans. It’s not a bad thing, & he should continue to get stronger. I’ve never questioned K.Colbert & OLB was a need, I was hoping they would go after the ND TE, but I can’t argue selecting J.Jones.

  • Milliken Steeler

    He played in a speed conference and excelled..more than any other LB in fact. Your point is invalid and since you went there…

    Yeah; I played flag football with your mom, she tackled me in front of your house though and I hit my head on your trailer steps. Man…she sure could run..just ask your dad…he couldn’t get away. smh

  • Paul Cupido

    I just want to say, you think the steelers scouts don’t realize all of these “flukey/gimme” sacks everyone is complaining about? They have looked at the film for a much longer time with more insight and perspective than us fans… not saying he is 2013 ROY but damn he dominated the SEC for 2 years! Give him a chance. Pitt knows backers. I agree he has to bulk up but that’s just training and development

  • Shawn S.

    Great post and comments. Only thing I’ll add is that he closes on the QB unbelievably fast. One clip (the sack against SC) shows him go from standing straight up to shoestring tackling the QB in warp speed. Reminds me of a graphic that Fox showed once to demonstrate Troy’s closing speed. He looks much quicker than a 4.88 40.