Steelers LB Jarvis Jones Says No Flopping For Him In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie linebacker Jarvis Jones has said a few times since being drafted in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft that the defense run by Dick LeBeau is much more complex than the one he played in while at Georgia. Jones did, however,  say in a recent interview with his alma mater that his experience in a similar system helped him hit the ground running with the Steelers.

“Georgia\’s 3-4 system under Coach (Todd) Grantham was very helpful for me and my pro career at Pittsburgh,” said Jones. “There may be more to do here, and it may be more complex, but what I learned at Georgia has given me an advantage with the Steelers.”

Jones would go on to state in the interview that he would not be flipping sides like he did at Georgia, however.

“Just like it was at Georgia with Coach Grantham, our D-coordinator here, Dick LeBeau, is very knowledgeable about the 3-4 defense, and he knows how to teach it. He is a very good communicator, and the players appreciate him and his style,” said Jones. “It is fun to come to practice and learn something new from him every day. One thing different is that I will be playing right outside linebacker with the Steelers. At Georgia, I flopped, depending on what the offense was doing.”

Jones recorded 28 sacks while at Georgia in 34 games played, and that is exactly the kind of production the Steelers will need out of him once he takes over the starting spot on the right side. Jones will begin training camp behind starter Jason Worilds, so he will have time to grow in LeBeau\’s system that requires the outside linebackers to drop a lot more than what Jones was used to doing in college. The Steelers defense coordinator, however, has been impressed with what he has seen so far out of his new toy.

“Jarvis,” says LeBeau, “came in here with a no-nonsense, \’I\’m ready to work\’ attitude. All along I felt that he would be a good fit for us, and that we are a good fit for him. I am confident that he will have a fine NFL career. He makes plays, and he has the kind of attitude to succeed and improve.”

  • TJimmy

    It is still good to know that he has the ability to flip sides if needed. That was one of the keys to Terrell Suggs success

  • dgh57

    I bet Coach LeBeau could devise some sort of scheme where he could be used from both sides but first he needs to work on getting acclimated to ROLB and the skills needed for the position. Having experience in the 3-4 defense will help him but he himself said he wasn’t required to drop back into pass coverage much at Georgia U. We will see this preseason what we have in J. Jones.

  • Mike.H

    If Jarvis Jones has success in pre-season, some would attest it to beating 2nd or 3rd stringers… Wait and see approach in regular season.

    [ Man, I hope Sean Spence comes back from his injuries next season]

  • dgh57

    The preseason will only give us a preliminary read on J. Jones. as with all the newer players. It will go a long way in telling us how many snaps he gets in the regular season.

    I think Spence could see action this season(maybe mid season). It just depends on how his knee is coming along. Hopefully, its ahead of schedule.

  • Woodmanor

    Isn’t it fun and a relief to have a rookie that comes to camp with a no nonsense approach to pro football? If he is the ‘real deal’ then the Pittsburgh Steelers are in for years of star power from Jarvis Jones! It’ll be fun to watch him blow up offenses much like those ole’ Steelers defensive teams from years gone bye!!!

  • Josh Gustad

    Although not many have started as a rookie on Pittsburgh’s defense, I would love to see Jarvis surpass Worlids as the starter.

  • VaDave

    I’m not so worried about Worilds. he will be a solid contributor. Make no mistake, he will not remind anyone of James Harrison of 2008, but has the makings of a Carlos Emmons level player, maybe even a little better. From all the Ballyhoo at Steelers Inc., Jones must have some serious upside, and should replace Worilds at some point, either durint the season, or in the offseason when Worlids seeks his fortune elsewhere..

  • Josh Gustad

    I think I’ve just been so discontent with Worlids due to his injury issues and when given the opportunity to start has not been a defensive playmaker like the outside linebackers in our defense usually have been in the past. There is no doubt he can be a solid contributor, but in order to have a better outcome than last season we will need to cause more havoc if you will from both outside linebackers.

  • Josh Gustad

    But dont get me wrong I hope Worlids can prove me otherwise

  • joed32

    DeCastro had a no nonsense approach, many rookies do.

  • Glenn Gilbert

    Are you serious? Do you think he can recover from the injury? I thought they said that it was a big possibility that he would never play? Even the LB coach said that, but Tomlin said he would wait and see. Have there been new developments on his recovery?

  • Matt Searls

    brian balldinger picked jarvis jones to be the defensive rookie of the year. he also said that jarvis is better than worilds right now, and he would be shocked if he didnt have 12 sacks.

  • Jason White

    There’s an outside chance of that happening but I wouldn’t bank on it. I think the best chance of that happening would be if Worilds should happen to go down with an injury (which I hope the hell he doesn’t). I would think that Jarvis Jones would be the first man off the bench and if Worilds would be injured early in the season and would miss significant time. That’s the only way I can see that happening. A lot of the media and so called experts outside of Pittsburgh don’t know diddly squat about how things are done in the Steelers organization. They only assume Jones is the sure starter at ROLB. Should he surprize us all and become the opening day starter, then the Steelers got a win/win by drafting him. LeVeon Bell is the only rookie I think has a good chance to be a day one starter. Jones would be second.

  • Matt Searls

    Oh I agree it’s really unlikely. But it’s still something to talk about instead if tennis… I miss football man idk if I’m gonna make it

  • Jason White

    Yeah the tennis has to go haha. Not too much longer though man. Can’t wait until training camp atleast begins so Dave can share his wisdom. Dave is like the Confucius of the Black and Gold. All knowing and all wise.

  • VaDave

    You have raised some valid points Josh, so I understand where you’re coming from. His stats from last year, for the limited playing time he had, were not too shabby. Now, if we can get 16 games out of him and the ten sacks or so he was on track for if he played 16 games, we’ll be in good shape. That said, he’s got to do it for a whole year, something he’s not done, and that may be a tall order.

  • dgh57

    Yes, I’m serious! Heard it from his own mouth via the link provided.

  • alex

    part of me believes in Worilds, part of me wants Jones to spend some time acclamating to the NFL and our system, plus it is said he is kind of thin, which can hamper any possible power move he may need to have…

    in the end, i hope Jones and Worilds are splitting time by game 10, which means Jones has what we need and Worilds is still the 2nd stringer so he gets resigned on the cheap as a veteran back up…

  • Josh Gustad

    Great point. And I think that’s where I have my doubts is him being able to do it for a whole year. I’m just hoping for an overall healthy Steelers team. But aren’t we all….

  • Matt Searls

    haha yeah i cant wait, and dave definitely knows his stuff. i agree with what you said about bell. do you think he will be the week 1 starter? its just sad when woodley vs new york is the most exciting steelers thing i saw today.

  • dgh57

    Enter Sean Spence name in the search box on this page to get undated if the link doesn’t work.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I appreciate Jarvis’ humble attitude. He is saying all the right things. But I really don’t want to hear him talk anymore. All I want is for him to train as hard as Ike Taylor. Come into game one of the regular season in the best shape of your life, and refine your technique, and then we’ll have something to get excited about.


    Matt…being a GA guy I’ve seen most of JJ’s gms @ UGA, and certainly Worilds. I agree with Baldy in that JJ is a better talent, but 12 sacks is asking too much. Even if he’s the opening day starter…6 would be great imo.

    Worilds biggest problems have been staying healthy…when called on to play, he’s actually been an decent player. Considering this may be his last shot to be a starter in PIT, or in the NFL period, I think we’re going to see his best effort.

    Said that to say, due to the complexity of what Lebeau does on DEF, I don’t think Jones will be starting this year barring an injury to Worilds.

  • Matt Searls

    Oh I agree, 12 sacks for jones is too much to expect. I think wel see a Bruce Irvin type of impact from him. I think hel outshine worilds and take over next year. Much like Woodley did his rookie year. I’m not expecting anything different from worilds


    I tend to agree about next yr for Jones…he will make some splash plays this season, but expectations need to be tempered…I think any rookie 3-4 OLB coming into the NFL is a huge adjustment from CFB.