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Steelers RB Jonathan Dwyer Says He Dropped 25-30 Pounds During The Offseason

Ever since he was drafted in the sixth-round of the 2010 NFL Draft, weight control has always seemed to be an issue for Pittsburgh Steelers running back Jonathan Dwyer. Every year, however, he has managed to do enough to keep his roster spot, and he even started six games in 2012 on his way to leading the team in rushing, albeit with just 623 yards.

Dwyer was a restricted free agent this past offseason and the Steelers tendered him at an original round level of $1.323 million, which is not guaranteed. During the OTA practices and mandatory mini camp, it appeared as though Dwyer\’s weight was once again an issue for him.

At the conclusion of the last offseason practice, Dwyer again traveled down to Florida to train at Bommarito Performance. He showed up this week for training camp lighter than he was several weeks ago, and the media asked him Monday how much weight he had lost.

“Probably around 30 to 25 pounds,” said Dwyer. “I\’m like 230 right now and hopefully will get down to 225 before this first preseason game.”

Dwyer was asked how he lost the weight, and he went into detail in his response.

“It was dieting and just working hard,” said Dwyer. “I worked out like probably two or three times a day. Sometimes on Saturdays and Sundays too, running hills and doing all types of stuff, not just to lose weight, but be in conditioning. This is definitely the best shape I\’ve ever been in since I\’ve been in the league, and I just want to continue to be the like that the rest of my career.”

Dwyer\’s career, at least in Pittsburgh, is in no way guaranteed right now after the Steelers drafted Michigan State running back Le\’Veon Bell in the second-round of the 2013 NFL Draft, and they signed former Arizona Cardinals running back LaRod Stephens-Howling during free agency. Assuming the latter of the two is a lock to make the roster as a change of pace back and kick returner, that presumably leaves two roster spots for Dwyer, Isaac Redman and Baron Batch to fight for over the course of the next few weeks.

Prior to arriving at camp, Dwyer posted on his Twitter account that he was looking forward to proving all of his doubters wrong once again. Showing up for training camp in the condition that he did is a great start at doing just that, but he still has work ahead of him.

Dwyer said Monday he got a taste of how to play last year, and that he knows what he can do and what he brings to the table.

“I don\’t want to be average; I want to be among the elite,” he said.

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About Dave Bryan

I am, I'm me. 40 something, retired and a life long Steelers fan.
  • pittsburghjoe

    If he wants to be elite, why did he have to loose 30 lbs to begin with? A true professional would realize conditioning does not begin 30 days prior to camp.

  • Madi

    I agree. We should cut him a few months ago and not re-sign him until 4 days ago.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Agree he should have been in better shape 2 camps ago but keep in mind he’s young early 20’s. Hopefully he’s maturing with just having a baby and with the non guaranteed contract should provide the motivation he needs to be one of if not our best RB. He’s got great feet for a big guy along with nice vision. If he and Redman are the same RB at the end of camp I’d like to see the Steelers give Dwyer a chance due to the difference in age. I think Redman is about 5 yrs older. Ultimately it will be up to Dwyer to make the plays during the preseason.

  • dgh57

    Dwyer will never get it and him showing up at the OTAs at almost 260 pds. proves it!! Frustration talking here.

  • Shea Fahr


  • Shea Fahr

    You could ask the same question to Redman as well…and Woodley and -name player here-ect….the important thing to remember is that this young team is very focused because there are still players on the roster that actually WON 2 SB’s. You mix that with talented Youth and you have something to Compete.

  • pittsburghjoe

    There is no excuse for a pro athlete to be out of shape, unless its injury related. I don’t care what football player it is.

  • Shea Fahr

    I agree with you but we both remember how other players that collected trophies on this Team were not perfect either. It appears Dwyer is in very good shape now so let’s move on…Dwyer is certainly NO Bettis but I remember hearing some pretty harsh words from Fans in regards to him too in the late 90’s-early 2000’s….

  • Shannon Stephenson

    He showed up to preseason camp in great shape…what is the problem!

  • Dan

    I’m rooting for Dwyer. He wasn’t the model of consistency (but neither was our O-line or any other group) but he did run hard and had some great runs. That being said, I’m also rooting for Bell. And actually Redman too. Ah heck, I’m rooting for anybody wearing Black n Gold!!!!!

  • charles

    Second that Dan

  • charles

    Douglas you said all that needs to be said, Dwyer has great feet and good vision. Maybe he can make us forget about the Bus. Let the competition begin….

  • Tom

    So, he lost 25 pounds in the last month?
    Is losing 10% of your body weight in one month a healthy thing to do?

  • sgtrobo

    exactly. 260 lbs??? Are you kidding me? WTF? That’s ridiculous. dude is not a professional.

  • sgtrobo

    Please. Dwyer couldn’t make his own mother forget about the Bus.

  • James Kling

    Bigger question is, how much better conditioned is he for spending a few weeks out of the off-season working hard… instead of ALL of the off-season? Maybe he carries the ball TWICE before tapping out?

  • steeltown

    There are tons of players across the League that relax and heal their bodies throughout the offseason. Hell even Ben came into camp a few yrs ago looking heavy. Not everybody has the mindset of Ike Taylor.

  • steeltown

    Indeed… its going to be a dogfight.. in the end I think training camp/preseason injury will decide the fate of one of these guys and that includes B.Batch as well. Whomever stays healthy makes the Team.

  • steeltown

    All the haters hating on him for being out of shape…now, he’s in shape and ready to roll..and the haters keep on hating.

    He was our best RB last season. I’ll be rooting for him.

  • Steeler Wheeler

    Man, it’s hard to be in shape after just having a baby:)

  • dgh57

    I bet Dwyer got a butt chewing back in the OTAs so that’s why he all the sudden decided to lose the weight!

  • Douglas Andrews

    Agreed…Some guys take the offseason training seriously and some don’t i can think of some pretty heavy guys that were pretty good Steelers for awhile…Eric Green, Levon Kirkland, Jerome Bettis, Casey Hampton. Of course we want guys to be in top condition and look the part of professional football players but the reality is that not every player takes training, conditioning, and diet in the same way.

  • Douglas Andrews

    J Dwyer got his head on straight now and he should get credit for that. I remember when Redman was in his first two years he would tap out after just about every play…one play during the preseason he broke off a big run and tried to tap out until Tomlin told him to get his a.. back in there. Nobody questioned Redman’s conditioning then. Don’t remember anyone jumping him for that!

  • Douglas Andrews

    I wouldnt doubt that didnt happen as you said!. Looks like it worked


    Followed this kid since his GT days…I’ll be rooting for him also, he’s got starter talent, but my concern is he was driven to the brink to lose that weight…if he’d been this motivated LY, Bell would probably not be on the roster. I’m fine keeping him, I have a feeling he might be attractive enough to garner a draft pick from another team.

  • Shea Fahr

    Yes and the ONLY comparisons to Dwyer and Bus that I would make is that the two are big bodied backs with quick feet and both have been pounded on by Fans about their offseason conditioning.

  • Matt Searls

    This would mean that he was around 265 this spring. Gotta wonder if radio weight loss will effect his conditioning.


    Maybe…I think it was more like he saw the end of those NFL paychecks coming and got off his ass.

  • LifelingSteelerFaninVa

    That was going to be my point exactly. He’s very young, and very talented. Some players mature faster than others, if he matured and will lay 1200 yds on opposing defenses, I say the pick was a good investment after all.

  • LifelingSteelerFaninVa

    Well said…

  • Douglas Andrews

    Remember him too at GT…man if we could get half of that production from him.

  • El Gunslinger

    I’ll say this … I’ve like Dwyer, especially his power. I hope he didn’t lose power with the trimming of weight. He’s got a strong upper body / arms and once he has some space, a nice, surprising stride… I’m not giving up on him just yet. If this weight cut makes him faster.. I’m all for it. I also want to see Bell play.

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