Report: Steelers T Marcus Gilbert Suffered Body Cramps Following Friday Run Test

You certainly don\’t like to hear about a starting offensive linemen needing to be carted off the field after a conditioning run test, but that is exactly what happened to Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Marcus Gilbert on Friday.

While it is easy to suggest that Gilbert wasn\’t in shape, he did pass the test in the eyes of head coach Mike Tomlin. If he hadn\’t, Tomlin would have put him on the PUP list until he could pass it.

According to a Saturday video report by Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Gilbert was doubled-over in pain following the run because he was suffering from body cramps.

Perhaps Gilbert didn\’t hydrate himself properly prior to running, but until he discusses the incident with the rest of the media, we can only speculate that was the cause of his distress.

According to Mike Prisuta of DVE Radio, Gilbert was on the field practicing Saturday as the first team left tackle without any problems.

In addition to Gilbert, Mike Adams, who Tomlin said on Friday had been cleared to resume practicing, took his share of first-team reps at the right tackle position.

  • SteelerFanInMD

    It would help put things in perspective if we knew how far he ran for the test. If he ran 5 miles in the heat I would understand him being uncomfortable afterwards, but if he only ran half a mile before collapsing, then that would make me think that he isn’t in shape.

  • Madi

    I read that it’s:
    {Sprint 100 yards, jog 50 yards, walk 50 yards} * 8, with 30 seconds before the next sprint.
    Supposedly he did fine but needed help afterwards. If it was simply a cramp, that’s no big deal at all. Also, there’s a chance he just misjudged the test, and gave too much effort too soon, and ran out of gas that way.

  • woundedvet

    I was surprised some premature speculator “fans” on previous threads couldnt wait to say it meant Gilbert too fat.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Agree…this is pretty much a non issue. He finished the run test and that’s all that’s required.

  • SteelerFanInPatsland

    Vet, If you don’t stop cutting the Steelers & Bouchette so much slack you’ll be banned from this site. 😉