Report: Steelers To Talk To Maurkice Pouncey About Wearing \”Free Hernandez\” Hat

According to John Clayton of, the Pittsburgh Steelers plan to talk to center Maurkice Pouncey about the photos that surfaced Sunday morning of him and his twin brother, Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey, wearing hats that read “Free Hernandez” during their Saturday night birthday party at a Miami nightclub. The Dolphins are also expected to have a similar talk with their center as well, according to the report.

We have already dedicated a couple of posts to the attire that the Pouncey twins chose to wear to support their former Florida teammate and former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, who has been charged with the execution-style murder of Odin Lloyd several weeks ago, but it appears that both organizations are understandably not happy with the resulting fallout.

While both teams appear ready to discuss this situation with their respective players, they can probably only voice their displeasure only so much as the Pouncey twins certainly have the right to wear what they want and support who they want in situations such as this one.

Clayton used to cover the Steelers years ago, so he still likely has a few sources within the organization. According to the report, the Steelers most likely won\’t comment publicly on the photos.

Moving forward, you can expect that Maurkice will be asked about the photos, as well as the Hernandez situation, as soon as he gets to training camp and how he answers those questions will certainly be interesting to say the least.

  • TJimmy

    Probably to suspend him for the year, no doubt!


  • JT

    Rumors are Tomlin is ready to administer a firm spanking, and send Pouncey to bed without dinner.

  • Scott

    Both of them are clueless. No more Florida players please.

  • Zachary Smith

    Trusts his friend despite the evidence? What a jerk!

  • JC

    Very poor decision. It was completely insensitive towards Odin Llyod’s family and a terrible way to represent himself and the Steelers. I can only imagine how the Pouncey’s would feel if one or their relatives were murdered and star athletes were wearing hats to support the prime suspect.

  • sgtrobo

    good lord, no kidding. Huey Richardson, Chris Rainey, and now this. Ugh…

  • sgtrobo

    publically shows support despite very obvious evidence that shows Hernandez was a murderer? Yes, that’s a jerk.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    This talk should have happened as soon as the Pouncey’s were linked to the 2007 murder.

  • SteelerFanInMD

    Poor judgement seems to be a monthly occurrence with young Steelers linemen. First we had a pic of Ta’amu with a bottle of liquor, then we had Adams being out late in a bad part of town alone and locked out of his car, then this.

  • Brendon Glad

    Wow…this bit of news has dampered my day. I don’t give a darn WHAT comes of the actual trial of Hernandez….nor do I even weigh-in the fact that logic says: THE DUDE (Hernandez) was HEAVILY INVOLVED in some form or fashion.
    Throw all of that aside…and let’s say, for devil’s advocate’s sake that when the trial happens, the evidence will suggest that Aaron Hernandez was completely framed, or in the wrong place at the wrong time….STILL…for the Pouncey’s to be wearing hats saying “Free Hernandez” is SO SO SO out-of-line at this point in the scope of things, that I am 100% disgusted with it.
    I’m sure there are “Free-Tebow” hats out there too (referencing his stint with the Jets…and another Florida Teammate) But they aren’t wearing those…no they picked the “Free-Hernandez” hat to wear in a public setting. BIG RED FLAG. Throw in the “blessing” on Chris Rainey, and I am not a happy camper with Mr. Pouncey. He’d better get his “s***” together.
    As JC pointed out…they are going to make this about HERNANDEZ? Jesus, at least wait until the trial…and then if he appears to be wrongfully convicted, THEN make a “hat-statement” if you absolutely feel compelled to do so…still not my cup of tea for Steelers players, but not disgusting. But NOW? Wow again. Can’t believe they did that.

  • Brendon Glad

    Major red flag. Ruined my day to read this. For the exact reason you stated…it doesn’t matter what the final verdict is: for them to already make it about Hernandez shows a complete lack of “it”. Whatever “it” is.
    Maybe if we watch his trial and all of the world except the jury thinks Hernandez got framed…maybe THEN we can start making part of it about Hernandez…but NOW…not cool…AT ALL

  • Brendon Glad

    The “public” part is what bothers me. They can believe what they want to believe…I would never judge them on that…but I would guess that the hat-thing does NOT pass the smell test for anyone in Steelers Nation…nor should it.
    A man lost his life by murder. Can’t ya keep it about Odin Lloyd til the trial, at least, when you are public figures like the Pounceys? And preferably AFTER as well…even if things come out to make Hernandez look way less guilty than he does at this point. Tacky, at best…MAJOR RED FLAG at worst.

  • Brendon Glad

    They WERE? Oh, good lord. Keep it coming. My day is already screwed

  • Mike.H

    as a result of photo leaked:

    SOUP NAZI: ” no more contract extension 4 u !!!”… “NEXT!!!!…””

  • Jazz

    I think the Steelers need to consider drafting another Center; this isn’t the first time this guy has gone public and done something stupid like this. Mike Tomlin better lay the hammer down; and please, no more players from the University of Florida. What a bunch of thugs and criminals. Speaking of the state of Florida, what a sick state!

  • JT

    No. They weren’t. Unless you consider the other 200 people at the club with them that night “linked”.

  • TJimmy

    The knee-jerk reaction on here is incredulous

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Friends supporting a friend. Hernandez at this moment is guilty of nothing. We have just had one case in which evidence was given incorrectly by the media and maybe in this instance the media has this one twisted as well. I still do not support what they are doing but we have to remember Hernandez has not been convicted of a crime. The media has Hernandez guilty but lets let the jury/judge decide. We need to stop prejudging.

  • walter mason

    I was born in Pittsburgh but live in South Florida. I posted this before that Miami is no longer a nice place. Actually its a cesspool. Wallace may wish he stayed in Pa.

  • walter mason

    Ruined my day as well.

  • walter mason

    Florida is a bad place to live now esp Miami but it wasnt always that way.

  • walter mason

    Its way too early too consider replacing him. We need to give Pouncey another chance. Im sure he will do better. He is the heart and soul of our young offensive line. I think Im gonna be sick…

  • walter mason

    Are you saying they are friends? Now Im really sick….

    Hernendez should have been stopped a long time ago.

  • Concerned

    It’s just sad. The NFL is turming into a thug league and the fans are being asked to lower their standards. Even the Steeler players are becoming unlikable. Very sad.

  • walter mason

    Another pic

    I didnt know Mike was Hernendez’s roomate at UF. This is not good but better it be Mike than Maurkice..

  • walter mason
  • Mike.H

    Dave has installed NEW GRAPHICS & layouts to this awesome website, nice!

  • SteelSpine

    The recent-ness of that photo will sicken some Steeler fans, it reduces some benefit of the doubt we wanted to give Maurkice. The photo is Maurkice kickin it with Hernandez 3 months ago. That’s a different day than the hats photo, therefore so-much for accusing posters of “overreacting to just “A” (one) photo surfaced”. Good thing Walter dug this up. Btw the date of this photo is after 2 of the shooting events which Hernandez was accused of. Granted the key word is “accused”, so we’ll have to wait & see. Maurkice apparently is close enough friends with Aaron that Maurkice will probly have to testify as to at-least what Hernandez might have privately confessed to him.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Not a big deal. Steelers organization will tell them to put the hats away. A person just might be a rapist, murderer, and a worst kind of criminal but if you knew that person longer before he became one, how would you react? Personally I don’t know because I haven’t been in this situation, I don’t see this as suggesting Hernandez was not guility; but rather a logical reaction. If you were to find out that a person you are close to; has been arrested, imprisoned, and that criminal wouldn’t be getting any farewell from his family and friends, yes i’d like him to get out on bond, give us all some closures. Why did you do it?Did you? How sorry are you? That kind of stuff.

    I’m a pre-law student, I believe in system because it works. I actually want to be the prosecutor, but even so- i’d be a bigger man and let a man tell his family he fked up and good bye.

    This is only a story because its a repeated controversial issue; we have had one with Rashard Mendenhall about the 9/11. Those youngsters obviously are passionate, sometime reacting before thinking but there’s nothing illegal here. So before you go off and say you are having a bad day bcause of this; now your not in that much of different position from them, huh? Take it easy,

    We are stil the god damn best organization in Professonal football league!

  • steeltown

    At this point, he (Pouncey) is guilty of supporting a former teammate and friend (who has not been convicted, yet) and guilty of VERY poor judgment. ALL this talk of suspension and/or release from the Organization is a little ridiculous

  • walter mason

    Im not just worried about a hat. The problem is that it appears Hernendez has been living the lifestyle of a thug for years. He didnt just become a murderer overnite. And Mike Pouncey was his roommate and they were with him on at least one night prior to one of the shootings. And now they are supporting him. Im hoping they are just dumb.

    But talk of release is a bit overkill at this point but there is cause for concern. My guess the Steelers originally wanted to sweep the Pouncey/Hernendez relationship under the carpet but now that will not be possible.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Fair enough. Media will do that, its easier to connect all the dots because its a conspiracy situation and that’s the spice. Only thing I’m disappointed with, truly is that the time frame of this, when an ongoing case of Zimmerman is happening. Bad timing!

  • Clemenzza

    Hopefully they told him to bring his playbook. Time to put an end to this type of behavior, and STAT!!!

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I would assume so since they did hang out in college some. I do not know personally but that is my take on what has transpired.

  • walter mason

    Maybe his killings became so nonchalant that it didnt even come up in private conversations…

  • JC

    Agreed. It was a bad decision and a poor way to represent himself, but it’s not worth a suspension or cutting him.