Steelers G Ramon Foster Says A Few Players Aren\’t Looking Forward To London Trip

Pittsburgh Steelers guard Ramon Foster is over in London, England this week promoting the 2013 game at Wembley Stadium against the Minnesota Vikings and he met with the media at the stadium on Tuesday. Below is a video that includes a few of his answers from the session.

Foster says that the stadium is bigger than he thought it would be, and that he looks forward to playing there against the Vikings. He did, however, hint that not all of his teammates are looking forward to playing overseas this season.

“It\’s a welcomed trip,” said Foster. “I think some guys look forward to it. You know you always have some guys that are not willing, or that are dreading it, but I think overall the majority of everyone likes this trip.”

Foster of course didn\’t name any names, but it\’s not overly surprising that a few players aren\’t overly excited about the trip, or more specifically perhaps, the long flight over and a change in routine.

Before returning home, Foster will take part in a Fan Night on Wednesday in Birmingham, England along with the Jared Allen and Kevin Williams of the Vikings, as well as Uche Nwaneri of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Donte Whitner of the San Francisco 49ers.

  • MP34

    Does something look different about the digits in Ramon Foster’s “73”. Just wondering if nike made another change?

  • connfyoozed .

    I think they just look different because he isn’t wearing pads underneath them, so they don’t look as “stretched out”.

  • Milliken Steeler

    I’m not surprised. My trip to Korea was 12 or 13 hours if I remember right and that flight kicked my butt.

    Its to bad we don’t have something like the now defunct Concorde flights that can get them there quicker. The trip being quicker, would help out with their concerns I think.

  • Jackie Szymarek

    when is the game AND WILL IT BE TELEVISED?


    i was there at the chalktak tonight, a great night and Ramon came over really well and seemed to enjoy himself. I got to ask him a question, so after i’d finished praising him up, i asked what the transition is like to the zone blocking system under Bicknell….he said it wasn’t all that different and they had been working on it some already.

    i also suggested i’d heard that people from Tennessee don’t cuss…..he pleaded the 5th on that one…lol

    A really nice guy and proud to be a Steeler fan today, Jared Allen and Whitner were really good too.

  • Jerry Lynch

    The game is Sept 29 and surely it will be televised.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Yeah, they look bloated cause of his fat man tits. Wish the Steelers would go back to the old school block numbers. Change the facemasks back to grey while they’re at it.