Steelers Sign CB Ryan Steed And TE John Rabe; Waive DT Omar Hunter And CB Nigel Malone

The Pittsburgh Steelers are off on Tuesday, but they still made a few changes to their roster.

Burt Lauten reports via Twitter that cornerback Ryan Steed and tight end/fullback John Rabe were signed on Tuesday and that nose tackle Omar Hunter and cornerback Nigel Malone were waived to make room on the roster.

Steed was originally signed by the New York Jets as an undrafted free agent following the 2012 draft but ultimately released just prior to the start of the 2012 season. The Furman product caught on with the New Orleans Saints as a member of their practice squad in December, but the team waived him just recently. Steed, who worked out at the 2012 NFL Combine, measures in at 5\’10. He posted his best forty-time, 4.55, at his Pro Day in March of 2012.

In his 45 games played at Furman, Steed registered 14 interceptions and returned three of those for touchdowns. He also registered 179 total tackles during his college career and forced four fumbles.

Rabe, a 6\’4 undrafted free agent out of Minnesota, caught 14 passes for 143 yards in 2012. During his Pro Day back in March, he did 21 reps on the bench and ran a 4.70 forty-yard dash. He received a try-out with the Green Bay Packers following the draft but was not signed.

Hunter was originally signed by the Steelers as an undrafted free agent out of Florida following the draft in April, while Malone wasn\’t signed until early June when cornerback Justin King was placed on injured reserve.


    Steed, looks more safety material to me – he won’t make this team

  • Matt Searls

    i dont think either one has a real shot

  • falconsaftey43

    Steed looks pretty decent. Good shot at the PS and maybe develop into a nickel or dime guy.

  • Steve

    Steed has good tackling tecnecks and comes back to the ball well and if he had better hands he could have had a few more TD’s.

  • dgh57

    Just camp bodies trying to get back up to the required 90 player level.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I thought that both Malone and Hunter had chances of making the PS. Was I ever wrong…lol

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    I think its fair to say our 53-men roster and practice squad already were decided (usually competitions to switch bodies between 53-men roster and PS) which is why they are adding bodies as of now, no big free agent acquisition or any decent signing.

    Those drills in camp have specific amount of players needed so bodies were directly needed. I always hope for a surprise undrafted free agent to make it and frankly I’m sure that’s what one spot left on PS are for. I truly believe it will be an offensive player.

  • steeltown

    Training camp fodder… with all the CBs and TEs on the mend it’s not surprising

  • steeltown

    In recent yrs I would agree with you..but not this season, not when we’re talking about position battles with so many young guys at WR, CB, NT, ILB and OL.. guys like Isaiah Green, Victorian, Hawthorne, Justin Brown, Gilreath, JD Woods, Embernate, Cheadle, Golic Jr, Fandupo and Ta’amu are all battling for a roster spot and/or would be practice squad spots at their respective positions

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    53 is a generous number. What I was thinking of is more like.. 47. I’m pretty certain our 6th and 7th O-linemen are Beachum and Malecki. 8th man and among LBs, WRs, and CBs all will be decided. In general pretty much all positions are already cemented, usually I would say in past its not as certain but now it seem to be as this year a lot of draft picks were schematic picks, not potential/positional picks.

    You don’t draft schematic and hope they will stick to roster. What I’m basically saying is barring injuries, at least one of our draft pick wouldn’t make the 53-men roster but does for practice squad. We are in a transition year so why keep veterans if they aren’t here to stay next season? Its not coincidence a lot of our draft picks are getting more props now (I know its still very early) but that’s because if I’m a head coach,I want my rookies to make team- I give them confidence and push them through season with painful growth but at least they are here to play.