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Season 3, Episode 116 of The Terrible Podcast is up and co-host David Todd and I talk about the 1992 Pittsburgh Steelers as that was that was the last time the Pittsburgh Pirates were 20 games over .500 during a season. Am I the only one that remembers the touchdown dance that tight Adrian Cooper used to do? Surely not.

The Steelers begin training camp later on this month so in light of the recent training camp battle that I posted on Monday, David and I discuss the possibility of the team only keeping seven offensive linemen on the 53 man roster to start the season.

David and I also look back at the 1983 NFL Draft in this episode and talk about the Steelers decision to not draft quarterback Dan Marino. How many of you are old enough to remember that and were you disappointed that they didn\’t?

We close up this show by reading a few listener emails that suggested a few more underrated Steelers players per our discussion a few weeks ago.

Remember that we won\’t have a Thursday episode this week due to the July 4th holiday, so we will be back at you again next Monday.

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Please sit back and enjoy Episode 116 of Season 3 now of The Terrible Podcast.

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  • VaDave

    Again thanks for the podcast. Kendall Gammon was the long snapper. Ariel Soloman was a reserve offensive linemen.

  • Keith Harrison

    Regarding the possibility of the Steelers drafting Marino, I don’t recall that being a topic either before or after the draft, but then I’m a few years younger than the Daves, and was just a snot-nosed 12yo at that time. I just looked back at the first round mock draft put together by John Clayton (beat writer for the Pittsburgh Press in those days) and Clayton had the Steelers selecting RB Gary Anderson in the first round (with Marino still available in Clayton’s mock). In actuality, Anderson was selected by the Chargers one pick ahead of the Steelers.

  • steves

    Whoever passed on Marino needs his head examined. We had some bums for QB’s back then and it seemed like the Steelers never drafted guys from this area. Danny would have loved playing In Pittsburgh. It was hard to believe in his 2nd year making it to the SuperBowl and never getting back. I could’nt believe Marino was the 6th QB drafted that year after going 11-1 for 3 strait years with the Panthers. Marino was the 1st draft pick of the USFL by the LA Express but chose to go to Miami.

  • VaDave

    I was about 30 years old when the Marino draft happened. There was some scuttlebutt around town about some personal issues and possible drug usage that caused his draft stock to drop. This was the early 80’s and drug usage or even rumors of drug usage was a major red flag. Apparently the Steelers didn’t buy in to these rumors
    At the time, the Steelers were full rebuild mode. As Art Rooney Jr, the director of player personnel recants in Ruanaidh, there was much discussion about whether to go offense or defense. On draft day the brain trust was deadlocked as to which to pick, Marino or Rivera. Noll made the executive decision to pick Rivera stating the first dynasty was built around defense and Joe Greene and said, let’s do it again.

  • Keith Harrison

    Good research, VaDave! Guess I’m going to have to pull my copy of Ruanaidh off the shelf and give it a read.

  • John

    Just discovered this podcast while Googling 1983 NFL Draft. It is good so far.

    I do remember that 92 season. And, I can’t believe that you don’t remember Richard Shelton. He had the most infamous INT drop in Steeler playoff history in the third quarter against the Bills. He had nobody in front of him, and he could have changed the complexion of that game. If he takes it to the house, The Steelers might have gone on to win.

    As for 83, I was happy with what happened to Elway as a Denver fan. But, I sort-of vaguely remember the details as I was only 10. I do remember the opening game with the Steelers where Steve DeBerg made the game winning TD pass.

    I also heard about what Keith was talking about (how the Steelers were interested in Gary Anderson-they would have had two Gary Andersons on their team if they took him). That may have been a decent pick. He was the Reggie Bush of his era, and he could have added another element to the Steeler attack. He may have softened the blow a bit after passing on Marino.