Upgrade To Steelers Depot 5.0 Now Complete

I just wanted to drop everyone a note to let you all know that all the design and server upgrades have now been completed, and that Steelers Depot 5.0 is fully in place as of right now. I also apologize for any downtime that you might have experienced during all of the site upgrades.

The site really has exploded as far as traffic goes over the course of the last two years and for that I am very grateful. Due to the expected increase in traffic this season, I have upgraded the server once again, and coupled with the new theme design; the site should be loading faster than ever before.

I will be making minor adjustments to the navigation bars in the header between now and the start of the preseason, but all the major changes have been completed otherwise.

We look forward to once again bringing you the most comprehensive coverage of the Pittsburgh Steelers that you will find on the internet, and that includes our weekly charting and game breakdowns in addition.

The Terrible Podcast will also be beginning its fourth season next week, so we invite you to listen and subscribe to that if you are not already doing so.

Are you ready for some 2013 Steelers football? I know I am.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support of the site.

  • woundedvet

    Useful website.

  • Josh Gustad

    Best Steelers website available.

  • Brandon L

    Best Steelers site ever. Thanks Dave for all your hard work.

  • Chris Ranieri

    Can’t wait for the season… I’ve gotten off my usual habits of visiting this site multiple times daily… Let’s go!

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    Keep up the great work.


    Great work Dave, keeping Steeler Nation worldwide, in constant touch with our loved ones in Black N Gold

  • hergieburbur

    Keep it up. I preferred the old darker background, but I like it overall.

  • SteelerFanInMD

    I agree with everyone, this is the best source for Steelers news and analysis. I liked the old background that uses the home jersey colors, but I can live with the away jersey colors as well.

  • T R

    Thanks i check this website before i brush my teeth in the morning> LOL.. thats for all your hardwork in making these the best team site ever not just the best steelers site.. Great Job…

  • westcoasteeler

    Thank you!

  • Myster E

    Great upgrade Dave!

  • gene mann

    looking forward to all the steelers news we can get via the net especially since Fox sports Pittsburg or Root sports have dropped all stelleer coverage. Fans outside pittsburgh are screwed

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Def best Steelers site out there, but not sure if I like the new design. I’m usually not a fan of change tho. I liked the single column and black background of the old main page.

  • steeltown

    Thanks Bryan

  • Mike.H

    This new format allows more headlines appearing on both columns instead of single file. I liked the old one also but we’ll soon be used to it. [ ala… new NFL.com 5 Yrs ago.]