A Quick Look At The Contract Of New Steelers RB Felix Jones

A few of you have asked about contract of running back Felix Jones, who the Pittsburgh Steelers acquired in a trade Friday with the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for second-year linebacker Adrian Robinson so below is a quick look at it.

Jones signed one-year qualifying contract with the Eagles back in May that included a $715,000 base salary and a signing bonus of $32,500. In addition to that, Jones has another bonus due of $32,500 should he be on the week one roster. The Eagles are charged the $32,500 signing bonus as dead money for 2013 due to them trading Jones, so thanks to the terms of a veteran qualifying contract, Jones will only count $587,500 against the Steelers 2013 salary cap should he make the final 53 man roster. If, however, Jones is released prior to the start of the regular season, the Steelers will not have any dead money associated with him.

As for Robinson, the Steelers signed him to a three-year, $1,445,000 contract last year as an undrafted free agent and it included a $5,000 signing bonus. As a result of the trade, the Steelers will have a meaningless dead money charge of $3,333.34. Robinson was scheduled to count $481,666.67 against the cap in 2013 had he made the final 53 man roster.

As you can see, that trade really doesn\’t move the Steelers salary cap needle very much at all. Where the trading for Jones could come in to play, however, is if he winds up forcing either Isaac Redman or Jonathan Dwyer off the roster. Redman and Dwyer are each scheduled to count $1.323 million against the 2013 salary cap due to the one-year restricted tenders that they signed. By releasing one of them and keeping Jones, the Steelers would stand to save $735,500 in cap space.

  • dennisdoubleday

    Ha, ha, the Steelers were right to dump Robinson’s $144 Million contract.

  • Gautama Om

    Typo on Robinson’s contract total which is probably $1.44mil over 3 years, not $144mil.

    If Jones is at least adequate I think they will cut either Redman or Dwyer and I’m leaning towards Dwyer. It’s Redman’s job to lose since he’s going to run with the starters come the “dress rehearsal” game today.

    That extra 700k (along with their current cap space) will go along way towards singing an extra Olineman should some vet gets cut during other team’s trimming down to 53.

  • Brendon Glad

    Still trying to figure out where 2 guys (Redman and Dwyer) with 1 year (1.3 mil/)contracts on a team safely under the cap for 2013 matter in the “capology-world”.
    If they cut one, and then they maneuver a beautifully negotiated extension to a key guy that makes use of the free-money, then I guess I will understand it better.

    But IF Dwyer and Redman are 2 of the best 4 backs on the roster for 2013…then that $740,000+ dollars better be being put to dang good use in the extension-realm. Because to me, we need as many good backs as we can get to carry the Steelers load of their personality they try to instill with their offense.

    HOWEVER, THIS is what the Jones signing makes churn in my gut…
    1) it’s Felix Jones. The definition of non-durable. This is not Stephen Jackson, this is Felix Jones. On a team where RB non-durability has been a huge issue of late.
    2) Dwyer ran well and showed up in shape.
    3) Redman showed up in shape.
    4) LSH ran well when given opportunity and healthy.

    The reason why this site crashed for an hour after the trade is because we ALL were stunned by not only the ADDING of a RB…but WHO it was!!!

    So, (and I hope I am wrong)…I’m forced to go to the other scenarios. My gut feeling is that (similar to Chris Rainey), one of the 3 veteran RB’s has been determined by Mike Tomlin to be “grading as an ‘F’ on the ‘intangibles’ front”
    I’m convinced this move has something to do with more than the field of play and the training room. IF Jones makes the team and one of the veteran 3 are cut.

  • Milliken Steeler

    Bell has a slight ligament tear, LSH is out until the first game, Redman coming back from and injury and Jones who has done things at times, has an extensive injury history so……we cut Dwyer? smh

    Don’t hold your breath Dwyer haters, he isn’t going anywhere.

  • Matt Manzo

    Bottom line is Dwyer has been our only productive rb this year so far!

  • Douglas Andrews

    Agreed. Why would you let your only healthy RB go in favor of the some of the others who can’t stay on the field. I think just in production alone Dwyer has earned not only a spot on the 53 but he’s our week 1 starter hands down. Unless he just jacks up his chances against the Chiefs I think it’s a done deal.

  • Mike Sweeney

    Whoever, the Steelers keep, I’m scared. Last year was disastrous running the pill, aside from 3 or 4 games. Maybe Kirby has an anecdote for the group, leading into the regular season. I hope so.

  • Pete

    I wanted to add that it’s laughable that Jones, a definitive first round bust, could force Redman or Dwyer off the roster. I would have a hard time stopping myself from laughing if that were to occur for a measly 700k.

  • Pete

    Not going to happen. I will eat my hat and a 2nd hat if it were to happen (Please, God, don’t make me eat a hat!), Jones is fighting for his life to make the roster. The Steelers are not going to keep 3 change up backs (Howling, Batch, and Jones). One of these 3 does not make the roster.