Football On Your Phone – Directv NFL Sunday Ticket Commercial Featuring Manning Family

Football On Your Phone - Directv
It is not often that I post videos of commercials on the site, but the latest DIRECTV Youtube commercial featuring Peyton Manning, Eli Manning and Archie Manning is just too good not to share.

Of course they are promoting the NFL Sunday Ticket package in this commercial with the main push being that you will have the ability to have football on your phone.

The tune is actually pretty catchy and a few of the lyrics are quite clever. “Your phone aint for calling, your phone is for footballing.”

Anyway, the fine folks at DIRECTV asked me to share it, so there you go.

  • Steelers4Ever

    Something about that commercial is just creepy… LOL

  • paltel

    Perhaps you could do a limited number of commercial posts in the same manner to defray the web server costs. You presented it a in very non-intrusive manner and it was labeled as a commercial. I don’t know how others would feel, but I would have no gripe.

  • Troy Oliver

    I think I heard that the Steelers were one of a handful of teams that will experiment with the games available via Internet outside the western PA market. Has anybody else heard this and/or have info about it?