Former Steelers LB James Harrison Will Talk Trash With Larry Foote

Former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison recently sat down with Bob Pompeani for an interview to talk about his decision to not take a pay cut this past offseason which ultimately led to his release. Harrison, who of course now is with the Cincinnati Bengals, told Pompeani he has no hard feelings towards the Steelers and that he looks forward to trash talking with Larry Foote when the Bengals play the Steelers this season. You can watch the full interview below.

  • Patrick

    Should be a battle

  • Steve

    I don’t believe James don’t have anything to prove. I’ll bet he has a field day and a couple of sacks.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    You can see his heart is still in PIT and that this is only a paycheck. Wish he would have stayed.

  • Richard Edlin

    Still dead behind the eyes.

  • Mike.H

    Why would Harrison trash talk to Foote? They’re never on the same field. Don’t they mean trash talk to LT Mike Adams or whoever’s manning the LT post?

  • Michael_Browne

    Anyone catch the opening week of Hard Knocks? Harrison seems like a total loser. Not only is he bad for the game with his endless string of cheap hits but he’s also a lousy teammate…. what a punk.