Move Of Guy Whimper To Left Guard Will Be Interesting To Watch Against Redskins

It appears as though the Pittsburgh Steelers might be without guard Justin Cheadle, who needed to be carted off the field Monday with a knee or leg injury, as the latest depth chart now has Guy Whimper as the backup right guard behind Ramon Foster.

Whimper, who was signed as a free agent earlier in the offseason following his release from the Jacksonville Jaguars, played 16 snaps at right tackle in the preseason opener Saturday night against New York Giants.

The move to left guard is an interesting one for Whimper as he has predominantly played right tackle his entire NFL career. When the Steelers take on the Washington Redskins Monday night in their second preseason game, it will be interesting to see if he winds up following Foster in to the game at left guard.

The Steelers like their offensive linemen to be as position flexible as possible and they might indeed be looking at keeping only eight offensive linemen on their initial 53 man roster to start the season.

  • steeltown

    This one is a head scratcher.. Golic Jr must truly be struggling.. I wonder if they had worked Golic primarily inside during OTA’s and training camp instead of at RT if he’d be any further along..

    In any case, I’ll be watching Joe Long and Golic Jr closely as well

    I cant believe we lost Embernate and now possibly Cheadle, two of the interior youngsters with the most promise

  • Bradys_Dad

    Are we dead broke ? There has to be an OL out there who doesn’t give up sacks the way the French gave up wars. Ugh.

  • dgh57

    We’ll never find a free agent OL walking the streets who doesn’t give up sacks. Even if we did he probably is still a FA because he’s asking to much money for any team to sign him. Thus we sign Batista & Whimper.

  • sean mcmartin

    Not even enough cash to sign a proven TE for cheap. They let lewis go and we already have memories of gay getting worked over by jordy nelson, Gay was a huge Liability in the Super Bowl..Who cares if he knows the system. There has to be some FA CB’s who can learn the system and be coached up by lake and woodson..

  • Matt Manzo

    Is still think Wallace lost that Super Bowl for us, he was so lost on the last few drives.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    That was funny Bradys!!!!!

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I feel more comfortable with Whimper at G and maybe it will work…it can’t be worse then what he did last year? Can it? lol

  • SteelersNick

    Great post steeltown. I agree 100% and I will Be watching Golic and Long. We have to hope that one of these young kids steps up. We already know that Foster and Whimper are below average at best. Lets just hope that Gilbert, Adams, and DeCastro all step up like Maurkice Pouncey has.

  • SteelersNick

    Forgive my critical comments towards our O-Line. Ramon Foster and Guy Whimper both suck, plain and simple. It is easy to say things like “Foster only gave up 5 sacks last season”. Ben Roethlisberger makes that number look a lot better by being such a beast in the pocket. On the positive side, we know that we have arguably one of the best centers in the NFL (hopefully no ankle problems). The success of our O-Line and probably our season rests on 3 young lineman, Gilbert, Adams, and DeCastro . Lets hope that Gilbert, Adams, and DeCastro can develop quickly like Pouncey did and this unit could be special.

  • steeltown

    I truly think Adams will be special

  • Bradys_Dad

    Amen to that Nick.

  • sgtrobo

    We know Guy Whimper sucks and has no upside.
    We know D’Anthony Batiste sucks and has no upside.

    at least the young guys have some upside. Give them a damn chance.

  • sgtrobo

    Foster’s not *that* bad. He’s steady, at least as good as Willie Colon was