Jason La Canfora Thinks Steelers Will Extend Contract Of Ryan Clark Prior To Season

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports posted posted Wednesday on Twitter that he wouldn\’t be surprised at all if the Pittsburgh Steelers extended the contract of safety Ryan Clark prior to the start of the regular season.

General manager Kevin Colbert said just last week that while the team wasn\’t currently negotiating any contract extensions at that very moment, they could start the process with a few players over the course of the next few weeks like they have in the past.

Clark, who will turn 34 in October, is entering the final year of his contract and is scheduled to count $4.75 million against the salary cap this year. He talked all offseason about his wish to stay in Pittsburgh beyond this year and how his agent is working on trying to get an extension done.

At 34, however, the Steelers might not be as willing to extend him as La Canfora thinks. The only real reason to do so would be because the team really wants to lower his cap number some this year. Being as they can\’t afford to stack a lot of veteran extension money onto their current 2014 cap situation, Clark would have to agree to an inexpensive deal with very little new guaranteed money included.

Clark worked this offseason as a guest analyst on both the NFL Network and ESPN in order to have himself ready for life after football, so I just can\’t see him taking a cheap deal at this point. Maybe I\’m wrong.

The Steelers, in my opinion, should take a wait-and-see approach as far as Clark\’s future goes as they have two young safeties now on the roster that both figure to be starters in the very near future. Should Clark play well in 2013, they will have to take their chances at trying to re-sign him to a one-year qualified contract for the minimum next offseason if they decide they need his services for another year.

I have suggested all offseason that this really could wind up going either way and it appears as though La Canfora is speculating more than anything right now. The Steelers prefer not to negotiate contracts once the regular season begins, so if an extension is going to get done with Clark, it would likely happen pretty soon. We shall wait and see.

  • steeltown

    Hood will receive an extension IMO

  • Matt Searls

    You really see golden as a starter? Not sure about that

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    I agree. I’d really like to see them wait it out and offer him close to the minimum next year. I know they don’t have many other places to go to free money this year, but overpaying does not help you get out of the overarching cap problems they still have.

    How many guys start the season on the PUP and IR will have an impact on the need for further cap moves. Personally, I’d prefer they choose between Dwyer and Redman before extending Clark. In fact, if Bell clearly beats them out, I’d consider cutting them both and trying to re-sign them at lower numbers.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    His extension would not free up much cap space this year.

  • steeltown

    We don’t need much cap space at the moment.. but it could save money by extending this offseason, instead of next offseason when he’s a UFA.. not to mention they can then concentrate on extensions for Ben, Pouncey and possibly Miller next offseason

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I think that Clark deserves one IMO

  • steeltown

    He certainly does

  • joed32

    The guy is playing very well even at his age. He had a very good year last year and I’d like to keep him for one more.

  • musicmano

    Hi Steeltown, The NFL is not your typical capitalist(deserving,based on production enterprise). With that said I love Clark as much as Hines ward, they both bring/brought the steel to your butt. As a entrepenuer, I would love to be a GM, on this fact alone, as I love anyalsis. up to this point, being a Steelers fan for thirty plus years, I cant question the Steelers buisness model, as they have PRODUCED excellance. ps………… Capitalism is under attack, for you young fans, pure freedom can only be based on prouction, NOT FAVORS or public good.

  • musicmano

    By the way,I heard a patron use the phrase practice squad, and i swear i got a woodey, FOOTBALL SEASON IS UPON US, kneel brothers for a moment of silence.

  • NW86

    I was wondering that too. As a rookie UDFA last year, he had to impress just to make the team, and he did that. Can he become the starter? Certainly, it can happen, guys like Harrison and McClendon have done it. Still though, from squeezing onto the roster, to long term starter, is a big jump. The way I’m looking at it, Shamarko is the heir apparent to Troy at SS, and the future FS is still a draft need for next year. Golden is more likely the future “first man off the bench” at safety, similar to what Beachum is on the OL. To me, this means we still need Clark for another year or two.

  • Ahmad

    I think it would be best if the Steelers took a wait and see approach. Yeah Clark has been the most consistent the past couple of years but he is 34 and with the rash of injuries going around the NFL anything is possible.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    He was a surprise last year but with that he still was very poor in what little action that he saw. He needs to grow quite a bit before I get on the Golden is a starter bandwagon(but hoping for it!)

  • Shannon Stephenson

    deserve and what he will get will be 2 different things IMO. If he gets an extension I believe it will be more by the production on who is behind him than what he is doing which would suggest that there is no one behind him that will start in a couple of years

  • SteelersDepot

    um, Clark was an UDFA. 😉

  • Steeler Wheeler

    Not so sure why so much love for Clark. That’s cool, I guess. Good guy, solid starter. Guy has played pretty well for this team and has been paid appropriately. He has a few holes in his game, playing more for the hit than the ball and as his age increases his skills and speed will decrease and his holes will be bigger. Not to be an a$$, it didn’t help that he can’t play in Denver, that was the Steelers last playoff appearance losing to an inferior team:( I wouldn’t even consider the risk of spending good money in 2014 for him, but I would totally consider bringing him back next year at whatever fair value is for a 35 year old solid starter/top reserve.

  • Eddy

    I rather see him play out the final year of his contract and hope he starts playing to his potential.

    His sub-par performance for the last 4 years is aggravating. Nothing has been able been able to motivate him so far, maybe a new contract will.

  • Brendon Glad

    Ryan Clark has always been a very reasonable person to negotiate with…and he’s still playing high-quality NFL safety. So that sounds like a good idea to me.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    Our cap situation for the start of the season is still to be determined. Right now, we are $4M under with 51 players. If you subtract $1M for the 2 guys that get you to 53 players plus $500K for everyone on IR and PUP (Embernate & Spence, so far) you’re already only $2M under. That allows only 4 or 5 more guys to go to IR the rest of the season depending on the timing of their injuries. It’s not dire, but it is far from comfortable given that no pre-season games have been played.

  • NW86

    Ah ha! I knew he came from the ‘Skins but did realize he went undrafted. Well if Golden turns into half the player that Clark is, then we will consider it a win!