Kevin Colbert Says Landry Jones Needs To Learn How To Anticipate Opportunities

Judging by the various media reports during training camp, Pittsburgh Steelers rookie quarterback Landry Jones hasn\’t necessarily set the trees on fire at Saint Vincent College. In his NFL debut, last Saturday night against the New York Giants, Jones didn\’t spark any kindling either as he was 5-of-9 passing for 48 yards with a botched handoff that resulted in a safety on his very first play in the game.

Despite him not looking worthy of a fourth-round selection at this point, Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert said Friday in an interview with 93.7 The Fan that the Oklahoma product is still adjusting to the professional game.

“So far Landry is progressing,” said Colbert. “He has to learn the anticipation, the speed, and he even talked about; it\’s not so much the cornerbacks at this level, but the linebackers close a lot of those passing lanes and windows that might have been available in college. And he has to learn how to anticipate and maximize the opportunities to come, when they come, and to wait for things, and its an adjustment for anybody.”

Jones, who is now listed as the third quarterback on the depth chart heading into the Steelers second preseason game against the Washington Redskins, figures to get more opportunities Monday night and Colbert said that\’s all part of the development process.

“I think he\’s gotten better from the OTAs to training camp to the game the other night,” he said. “He did some good things; he did some things that I\’m sure he wants back, and that\’s what this is about.”

The Steelers obviously didn\’t draft Jones to play any time soon as not only is Ben Roethlisberger not going anywhere, his backup Bruce Gradkowski was signed for three years in addition. Jones has plenty of time to sit back and learn, and the experience he gets over the course of the next few preseason games will be invaluable. Just as Jones has to wait for things in the passing game, so too does the fan base as far as his development goes.

  • Andrew Grigsby

    I really really question this draft pick. I just don’t get why they used a pick on a QB. What a waste of a pick. Really have to question Colbert on this decision, you could have gotten a guy in the 7th round or as a free agent. So many other positions you could have added depth for the future.

  • Rob H

    I understand their reasoning for picking a QB a little higher up than the last couple of rounds, I just would have waited another season or two to do it.

  • grw1960

    I did not care for the pick either , an OT pick would have suited me better. But I understand why they made that pick.
    Ben is getting older and now is the time to GAMBLE on some mid round QBs. If the Steelers get lucky maybe they find a passable starting QB to bridge the gap between Ben and the next quality starting QB

  • Kevin SFIC

    Like most, I didn’t really care for the pick. But the rational is there. When they picked LJ I was on a high from the previous four picks to care too much.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Khaseem Green (LB)
    Earl Watford (OG)
    Phillip Thomas (S)
    J.C. Tretter (OG/OT)
    John Simon (LB)
    Levine Toilolo (TE)
    Marcus Lattimore (RB)

    These are the guys we could’ve drafted instead that would’ve made more sense to me. It’s not that I hate Landry Jones. I actually believe in time he will develop into a decent back up. I just think it was a luxury pick that we couldn’t afford based on the other needs.

  • JohnnyV1

    Yeah, there were other needs (OT, OG, etc) at Rd 4 pick. Sucks if he’s out-played by John Parker Wilson and gets the roster spot, but I get it, he’s a 4th Rd pick, so if JPW is playing lights-out, he’s not making it.

  • Mikey Greensheets

    I understand the need to draft a qb, I just think we took Jones about 2 rounds to early. I have to be honest and say I have never been a fan of jones. Being a Kansas State fan I have watched him play us every year. He always seemed like nothing more than a game manager in my opinion. That being said, I hope the best for his future development because like it or not, he is going to make this team. From everything I have read about camp to this point, I would probably rather have JPW. Maybe the coaches feel Jones has a higher ceiling. I just have not seen it.

  • Milliken Steeler

    I love our draft actually and think the organization did a great job except….for this pick. We did a fantastic job of bringing in Gradkowski as this guy can move and sling the football and is a system QB.

    What worries me about Jones is a few things. He seems skittish and undisciplined although he will have time to develop. I will look at him next year and ill be able to tell how hard he worked this year and have a better idea of his potential.

    The other things that worries me? I read an article that despite those record numbers he put up he basically wasted a year. He stated he missed home and started just chasing women and drinking. I think that was his junior year?
    Anyway people mature and grow up but that article made me go Uh oh.

  • cencalsteeler

    I agree Rob. I’ve have my eye on Teddy Bridgewater (junior last year) out of Louisville.

  • cencalsteeler

    It’s too early to pass judgment. Jones is a developmental quarterback, so we need to hold our reservations until further into the season. But, I will add that I’d rather have Landry than Leftwich at this point.

  • Bradys_Dad

    Just curious, IF and I repeat IF, Jones has a decent showing the next couple of weeks and IF Ben and Grad stay healthy (along with Wilson), undoubtedly other QBs around the league will be going down this preseason, would it be strategically feasible to trade Jones this early on ? Sorry for the run on sentence. I kinda questioned the use of a 4th round pick to begin with and the state of our DBs and OL scare the heck out of me. Either a trade for a stable vet or at worst a draft pick next year seems like it might be enticing. What do I know, I’m simply hypothesizing but am curious nonetheless. Your thoughts?

  • Mikey Greensheets

    I don’t really think another team would even be interested in trading for him. I think at this point we have to ride with him and hope he devolps. I have a question though, if Ben goes down, do you think the Steelers keep jones as the number 2? Or do they bring back Batch?

  • cencalsteeler

    Gradkowski is the #2.

  • Mikey Greensheets

    Yes, and a good 2. I was asking if Ben goes down Gradkowski moves up to 1 and jones moves up to 2, would you trust him as the 2? I know we could what if all day and should probably worry about crossing that bridge if it happens.

  • Scot Hickerson

    That was jones red shirt freshman year he got married after his junior year. He is not skiddish or undiciplined. So stop making crap up.

  • Milliken Steeler

    Listen you idiot, I don’t make stuff up, I state facts and I suggest you do the same.

    What I just said came right out of Landry’s mouth and Ill provide you with the info.

    Second under pressure he has been skiddish and undisciplined so far and that is a FACT. He has a chance to develop of course and we hope he does however, right now he hasn’t looked good and anyone that has watched him knows that. Buy yourself a clue

    You come at me like that accusing me of making things up, you better come strong. I spend way to much time researching players to be dismissed by you. smh.

  • Scot Hickerson

    you might want to do a little more research then. Jones video “I am second” on you tube where he talks about his Christian faith. He talks about 2008 where he had to sit a whole year behind Sam Bradford that was the year he was talking about. He was a straight arrow from 2009-2012.. He got married after his junior year and I expect his wife playing for the OU b ball team was why he came back as a senior.. To call a guy with Jones college stats undisciplined is a laughable Joke.. 50 games 39 wins career average of 314 passing yards per game. No you are the idiot..

  • Scot Hickerson

    Jones would have been a first or Second Round Pick if he had gone in the draft last year.. This year was weird with all the QB’s being blasted and given such a hard time.. Jones got lumped in with the wrong group.. Every one slide Jones out performed in a lot of ways Tannehill, Weedon, RG111, and Geno Smith in the Big Twelve.. Every Qb ever has had to adjust to the NFL and Jones is no different.. He will be good and will pass up Gradkowski this year.. People got up in Arms with Batch saying Jones would be Bens Replacement.. and are looking for Jones to fail.. He handled the blitz and pressure every well last week most of his misses were avoid the sack throw aways.. JPW took for sacks.. at a loss for how many yards. Jones was not sacked. He will be fine.

  • Bradys_Dad

    From your keyboard to God’s ears.

  • Andrew Grigsby

    No way Jones passes up Gradkowski by seasons end. If Ben gets hurt the season is over anyway but Bruce would be the starter that I can assure you. My big thing with Jones is his lack of arm strength and he’s a system QB. The offense in Oklahoma was prefect for him, short quick throws, lots of screens.

  • Scot Hickerson

    Haily’s new Offense is a whole lot llike Olklahomas dont you think.. Like a base ball pitcher a QB should be in control of how hard he throws it.. A fast ball one play and a slider the next.. Jones ranked 3rd in NCaa history for attempts (2183 in four years) 550 a year for 4 years in a 13 game season… If he thew a fast ball every throw he would throw is arm out.. Watch the texas highlights for 2012 were he threw it 50 plus yards on the run on one foot off balance against the body ( would have completed it if the receiver didnt drop it .. Jones is in it for the long run and wont throw his arm out.. He throws it as hard as he needs too. all QB’s system or not have to throw the ball and make completions.. In the big twelve there were 6 number one draft picks out of the last 7 years. Jones was the all time big twelve leader.. He was too good for people to say he cant throw or sucks and is inaccurate or no arm strength..

  • lacrossemonkey89

    I highly doubt Teddy Bridgewater would fall to the fourth round. You’re saying they should have passed on a fourth round QB (who has a good arm and wins games and can learn behind 2 veterans for CHEAP) to take a guy in the first round a year later, which assumes Steelers suck enough to get the opportunity to.

  • cencalsteeler

    No. I’m agreeing with Rob that I was surprised they took a qb in this years draft. Thought they should have waited another year or two because Ben still has some good years in him.
    Yes, I like Bridgewater. I never really forecasted a draft round for him being that they haven’t even played a game in 13 yet.