Looking Back At The Comments Colbert Made Last Week About Tight End Depth

Last Friday, Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert was a guest on Movin\’ The Chains prior to the night practice taking place and he was asked about the depth at tight end position and whether or not he would be watching the waiver wire when it gets down to the final rounds of cuts. Now mind you, this was last Friday and prior to Matt Spaeth being injured.

“If the two guys on PUP (Miller & Johnson) don\’t make it, then we may have to look for some depth on outside,” said Colbert. “Probably everybody has five or six tight ends on their roster, so two or three per team, there\’s going to be 60. You never try to panic because were not trying to win training camp. We\’re trying to find out what we got. There\’ll be guys available at the cuts that can help us.”

Now that Spaeth will reportedly be sidelined for the next 8-10 weeks or so, Colbert claimed a legitimate replacement in Michael Palmer off waivers Thursday. Jamie McCoy will be given an opportunity to show what he has against the New York Giants on Saturday, but there still could be another tight end on the way when more cuts take place. Especially if both Miller and Johnson wind up on PUP to start the season.

  • Eddie Cruz

    Passing on Tyler eifert is looking like a big mistake right now. But it’s impossible to plan for injuries. I thought we would be ok until Heath gets back, but nobody knows when that is. Might be time to think about bringing someone in that is a proven product. Otherwise we can kiss the 2 te set goodbye

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Steelers considered Jones one of 7-8 elite players in this years draft…you do not pass that up!!!

  • Hutch

    No need to panic, KC is correct.. cuts by teams are coming.. and we will be able to sort through the best available. GO STEELERS.

  • Hutch

    Anyone we drafted, OLB, or TE or RB was going to be a draft that we needed to make. No joke.

  • Bell Cow

    No, Jones was a solid pick. Now, drafting Landry Jones in the 4th round as opposed to a TE such as Luke Wilson from Rice or Nick Kasa from Colorado may have been a mistake.

  • walter mason

    Maybe Hernendez will get out. (ha ha bad joke)

  • T R

    very bad joke but i had to laugh. LOL

  • Matthew Marczi

    I hear he claimed he’s innocent…seems like an honest guy.

  • Mike.H

    Please no nasty / hasty remarks please:

    If you invest $millions into players’s productivity, why don’t you provide steel tipped shoes against lefranc’ and broken toes?

  • Mike.H

    Ralph Crampton: Answer me, Alice~!

  • NW86


  • cencalsteeler

    Colbert is correct. The commentators doing the Cowboys/Raiders just mentioned each team is carrying 7 tight ends a piece.

  • Pete

    I would’ve loved the Eifert pick but 1) Steelers don’t play the 2 TE game like New England and 2) Steelers had more pressing needs such as OLB which they hopefully filled with Jones. If Harrison had stayed then I agree with you and they could pick up a LB in the 2014 draft. But it’s clear they don’t feel Worlids is the answer at ROLB so they went with Jones after Harrison was gone. I believe they made the wise choice.

  • Pete

    I’m sure Eifert was one of those elite players. The problem is you have to chose someone and they needed an OLB more than a TE. If Eifert lives up to his billing, he’s going to tear it up. He’s a defensive coordinators nightmare. Lets hope Jones can be that elite player that makes us forget Harrison and be the same nightmare to OCs. He’s got big shoes to fill.

  • DoctorNoah

    Well, you could put all your players in bubble-wrap – Dwyer looks like he has bubble wrap on every offseason… 🙂

    There is no shoe or boot to prevent a Lisfranc, just as there is no shoe to prevent a turf toe. You need the flexibility to run and cut. And braces don’t prevent ACL’s. and nothing will prevent a traumatic cuff tear except better luck.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I think the raven claimed him off the waivers for the 2025 season

  • Dom

    Seahawks are gonna be releasing one hell of a batch of players this year

  • Patrick

    There are TE’s galore.