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Kirby Wilson Liked The Way Jonathan Dwyer Ran Against The Giants

According to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Steelers running backs coach Kirby Wilson said Monday he liked how running back Jonathan Dwyer ran with the football Saturday night against the New York Giants in the preseason opener and that there was only one of his six carries that he disagreed with Dwyer\’s decision of where to run.

While I don\’t know for sure, I assume the one carry Wilson had a problem with was the second down and four run from the Giants 22-yard-line with 9:57 left to go in the first half.

As you can see in the two animated gifs below, the call is an outside stretch run to the left out of an ace formation using 12 personnel.

In Dwyer\’s defense, tight end David Paulson fails with his block on Giants defensive end Justin Trattou which prevents the Steelers running back from being able to get to the edge. However, considering the down and distance, Dwyer, once he sees Paulson not in control of the block, probably should have aimed for the backside of guard Ramon Foster and slammed it up that direction.

Sure, Trattou will more than likely make the tackle, but Dwyer would at least get the opportunity to break an arm tackle and perhaps gain two or three yards before he is brought down.

Also, Dwyer likely could have one cut back up the middle as well had he read the block quicker and beat linebacker Keith Rivers, who is flowing down the backside, for a gain of a yard or two.

There was no way this play was going to go for more than a three yards, but it would have set up a third and two or third and one had Dwyer read the failed block by Paulson quickly enough.

The end result of the play was a one yard loss and it set up a third and five that the offense failed to convert.

Steelers Giants animated gif Jonathan Dwyer run

Steelers Giants animated gif Jonathan Dwyer run

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  • Shannon Stephenson

    This is funny but I remember this play, I wondered why he didnt cut it up instead of trying to get around Paulson’s no blocking tail. I guess it makes sense that it was suppose to go outside but sometimes instincts needs to take in. All in all I thought Dwyer had a ok day and is ahead of Batch

  • TJimmy

    In the same article Kirby Wilson stated that Leveon Bell has yet to make a mistake in training camp and he has never seen this in 16 years of coaching. Wow

  • steeltown

    Agreed.. Dwyer gets a lot of grief from fans and more so after this preseason game, but I think he looked ok.. he whifffed on two passes from Ben obviously room for improvement but he had a couple nice tough runs/gains.. the blocking with Paulson and newly signed Tuitupou and Palmer was less then stellar for the most part

  • GoSteelerz

    The biggest flaw I see in Dwyer’s game is that when the play doesn’t quite go as planned he tends to maximize the loss instead of minimize the loss. He doesn’t seem to be able to quickly recognize when a play is breaking down, and by the time he does, he starts cutting outside or backwards making the loss bigger. He did have a chance to cut up inside Paulson’s attempted “block,” instead he starts going farther outside then tries to cut it up too late. He may have been able to get a yard or two, instead he lost at least two on this play. It is quite frustrating when he follows a really nice run with a big loss. If you gain 8 yards then lose 4 when you could have just gone for no gain as the play breaks down, you’re not really helping your team. 3rd and 2 is much better than 3rd and 6. He seems to do this a lot, while the other backs don’t, they tend to minimize losses much better.

  • Anthony Renzelli

    link to that article?

  • Douglas Andrews

    Paulson’s blocking is an area of concern. He’s gonna be our #1 TE when the season starts and I haven’t seen any improvement on his inline blocking skills. As for Dwyer I thought he ran well. No excuse for the dropped passes. I think this new zone blocking suits him but I’d like to see more of Red just to see how we run the offense when he’s in the game. Didn’t get a feel for it with the few carries he had. I know the Zone blocking is not his strength but i’d like to see what he does with the 1’s. B Batch is still my bubble guy. Not really his fault just think it’s a numbers game that doesn’t favor him.

  • Dan

    I’m a Dwyer supporter, but if there has to be an odd man out, I think Redman and the Hyphen did more to make their case on Saturday. However, I think Dwyer got the worse O-Line squad so not a great scenario for comparison. Unless there is some great trade offer, I’d like to see us keep all four RBs but I don’t believe that will happen.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Ugghhh, Paulson is gonna kill us on run plays. I hope Heath returns soon!! As for Dwyer, I agree. I thought he ran well, but this play exemplifies the frustration level with him. The dude can’t catch either, and I don’t think Ben trusts him. He always seems to be rolling his eyes and throwing his arms up at him. I do think he’s better than Redman tho, and worth a spot on the roster. Hopefully, Bell locks up the starting spot and excels at both catching the ball and reducing negative plays.

  • cencalsteeler

    I’m a supporter of Dwyer myself, but I too think he lacks that vision. That play was broken from the beginning, but my eye takes me to the right tackle. There is a potential nice gain for him if he cuts back and shoots backside of the rt. tackle. I don’t think that is teachable, it’s instinctual. I felt with Dwyers style of play, he would have the most adjustment of the backs to adapt to the ZBS. He’s more of a power runner. Tell him to go to the 4 hole, he puts his head down and goes to the 4 hole. In my eyes, he is more of a short yardage third down back who can occasionally catch a swing pass out of the backfield.
    On a side note: I’ve watched that gif 6 times and I’m still laughing at 49 (Palmer?)

  • cencalsteeler

    One positive note. Look how that ZBS puts the defensive lineman off balance while pushing them backwards!! Bring on Le’Veon.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Haha, I didn’t notice that before. In all honesty though Palmer does seem like he could legitimately make the roster as a blocking tight end while Miller and Spaeth are out.

  • Matthew Marczi

    What do you think puts Dwyer ahead of Redman, if you don’t mind me asking?

  • steeltown

    I hope so, haven’t seen much solid blocking from the TE position yet (save FB/TE Will Johnson)

  • PA2AK

    I like Dwyer of Redman for some reason (even though that is akin to liking a polished turd over a standard issue). I think we’ll be seeing a lot of runs called this preseason. Taking a look at the OL with the zone and which one of those two will stay. Batch has to go, but I also have a hard time seeing both Red and Dwyer staying. I just think Dwyer has more versatility and upside. Both guys run hard when they aren’t gassed though.

  • PA2AK

    I agree with Chris. To me, he’s more versatile. Great in picking up the pass block. Has a better potential to get more than 3 yards a carry…and he’s younger. Outside of that, I just think he’s produced more efficiently than Redman. I imagine we will be seeing a lot of those two running behind this zone. Can’t see both getting a spot on the roster.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Actually, Redman is regarded as the best pass protector on the team, and the statistics back it up, although Dwyer also did a good job last year.

  • GoSteelerz

    I never noticed Palmer, that’s pretty funny!!! LOL :D

  • PA2AK

    Oh no doubt he’s better in the pass protection, but what I meant to say is Dwyer has better overall versatility. Being that he is solid in the pass block, they should be OK with him as well for 3rd downs (provided they don’t think Bell will be able to handle the assignment right away).

  • Christopher Wilkes

    I dunno what it is exactly. I just like Dwyer more. I watched him in college and thought he was a good RB. If he ever got his head on straight and picked up his receiving game I could see him like a Barry Foster or something. Redman just doesn’t ‘look’ like a RB. He’s like a ball of muscle with a weird looking head, lol. Don’t get me wrong, I think Redman more than deserves a spot on the roster, but his style reminds me of an overachiever with a low ceiling.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Ah, I see what you meant now.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Yeah, I guess I can kind of see what you mean about Redman being an overachiever and Dwyer having a higher ceiling. On the other hand, I think Redman is better equipped to succeed in the outside zone, because I think his vision and instincts are better than Dwyer’s. To be honest though, I’m really a fan of both guys, have been since they’ve been on the team, and I really feel like they’re both capable of more than what they showed last year, because both were banged up. And that’s not even to mention the injuries and transition on the o-line.

  • stairman

    Last year was tough for all the rb’s. With the OL playing they way they did, it was common to see one of them get tackled for a loss immediately after hand-off. It was like running into a wall. When they did gain a few yards it seemed like they fumbled, and not just one rb, they all did it in the same game. I think their confidence took a blow getting pulled out of the game. They all were on a short leash. I remember when FWP was struggling and wanted a FB to help clear the way. Im excited they now have a FB, combined with the new zone blocking, they may actually get back to a real running game. They will all benifit from it. Red and Dwyer would have had a better year last year if they tried it then.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Thats not a head…its a hammer with a helmet on top.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    I just wanna know who is gonna be the main short yardage/goal line RB. Of Bell, Dwyer, or Redman who do you think the coaches either trust the most or feel is most effective?

  • Milliken Steeler

    I agree, he still ripped off a 10 yard run before being done and that’s despite LSH getting most of the first team reps.

    He appears to be in shape and I’m willing to bet that if he runs more first team reps, only Bell would maybe out rush him straight up. Batch? C’mon people. 2.0 ypc. Dwyer? 4.0

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