Mike Tomlin Wants To See If His Young Players Wear Failure Against The Giants

Mike Tomlin most certainly won\’t be the last head coach the Pittsburgh Steelers have as one day his time in the Steel City will come to end. When that day finally does come, you can rest assured there won\’t be another one like him. Tomlin, whose post training camp practice sessions with the media very rarely exceed three minutes, always finds a way to make great use of the words when answering questions.

At the conclusion of Wednesday\’s practice, Tomlin was asked about what things he will look for out of his young players Saturday night when they take on the New York Giants in their first preseason game of the 2013 season. As usually, he didn\’t disappoint with his answer.

“Just how they deal with the failures,” said Tomlin. “I think when you get in a stadium-like setting, that\’s one of the things that we don’t know about these guys at this point. Do they wear failures? Are they capable of moving on? Do they stack negative play on top of negative play or are they capable of moving past it?

“That\’s one of the critical things that you don\’t know about young guys until you get into stadiums and probably one of the things that we\’re eagerly awaiting in regard to some of them.”

This year for the Steelers, it\’s obvious the team is going through a transition from old to young and it hasn\’t been more evident than in the physical camp the team has endured up until this point. Tomlin knows that his young players are going to make mistakes Saturday night, and he\’s fine with that. More than anything else, he wants to see how they respond after they\’ve been knocked down.

It\’s too bad third-year cornerback Curtis Brown won\’t play Saturday night because of his injured ankle. While he is no longer a rookie, Brown has seemed to have problems with dealing with his failures. It would be nice to see him get knocked down a few more times during the preseason to see if he\’s now able to avoid stacking the negative plays on top of one another. I bet Tomlin would agree with me and hopefully Brown will be ready for the second preseason game.

As far as Tomlin goes, no, he\’s not perfect, and he said so on Wednesday when asked about his decision to move practice up one hour because of his fear that inclement weather could cut practice short.

“I\’m a bad weather man,” he said. “I\’m not going to quit my day job.”

Let\’s hope that he sticks to that promise, and I guarantee you it\’s not the last time he tries to predict the weather. He won\’t wear that failure.

  • Stephen Dale

    i suspect the Steeler rookies realize this team will struggle to finish above .500 so they are already accustomed to the likelyhood of failure. The rookies will have that ” deer in the headlight” look all rookies have but that will leave. What won’t leave is the realization this team has deficiencies it can’t fix until the next draft.

  • Dom

    I mean really? Is that all you came here for?

  • steeltown


  • steeltown

    I suspect the young but not necessarily new guys like M.McFadden, Will Johnson and Paulson and even a guy like Gilreath will thrive this year in preseason. On the other end the rookies, like Shark, V.Williams, J.Brown, Isaiah Green etc might struggle a bit, that’s why preseason is sooo important. Helps get them acclimated.

    The guys im really looking at (besides the entire OLine) would be the young secondary – Victorian, Isaiah Green, Shamarko, Golden… these guys and their performance in the coming weeks will go a long way with building confidence in the depth this season

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Lol, boy go cook some bacon so you can smell them.

    While last year we disappointed but it wasn’t due to talents; its the injuries. When displaying talents we could easily boast this when comparing to the Ravens.

    For first time in long time I’m truly comfortable with our defense starters and depths (excluding the injuries to cornerback position) we are this deep.

    We changed how we will play our running game with different blocking scheme JUST so our O-linemen and running backs can play better and produce results.

    Big ben is an elite quaterback.

    Lawrence timmons is turning into a superstar before our naked eyes.

    Barring injuries I have hard time seeing us being around 8-8 unless big ben goes down again.

  • nikgreene

    Wow. It really seems like you are a troll as I’ve never seen you post anything positive about the team. What deficiencies exactly are you talking about? Almost all teams, even the really good ones, have deficiencies. The Steelers have a very good defense, an excellent QB, and good coaching. Those elements alone should translate into a competitive team in 2013.

  • cencalsteeler

    I agree. One thing I’d like to add is special teams. Now with Danny Smith coaching, I’m really hoping for some improvement from them field position wise.

  • Josh

    It’s kind of a funny reference to playing in a stadium…didn’t many of these Div I guys play in front of 80-100,000 each week?

  • treeher

    The challenge is that these new guys will be in a game that is much faster than anything they’ve experienced before and in that setting, they are still thinking about what they’re doing, rather than reacting. Remember, most of them were seniors who had 2-3-4 years in the same system under their belts.

  • mlc43

    C’mon Stephen! Really?? What team DOESN’T have deficiencies every year? Quit being so down and at least wait until we actually see the team play a game or two.

  • Brendon Glad

    Yeah, right. I’m sure the rookies are worried about “Projecting the win total”. My football career ended after 12th grade…and during the Summer Camp, projecting wins is the last thing from your mind.
    MAKING THE TEAM and GETTING TO THE FIRST GAME is the only focus. You are counting the hours. And I’m sure they are too…

  • Brendon Glad

    Old MT has some cool football phrases…that’s for sure. He has a neat way of taking “old football cliches”, and saying the same thing. But in a fresh way. He delivers an excellent “Steeler message” during his pressers, in my opinion.

  • Ahmad

    Is it Saturday yet?

  • Anthony Hodge

    Are you “Debbie Downer” or what???!! All I’ve ever seen from you are negative posts on the Steelers….GEEEESH!!

  • sgtrobo

    ok, so i’ll bite and feed the troll. Apologies to everyone else.

    Why would we “struggle” to finish above .500? We were 8-8 with an injured Ben, and 5 of our 8 losses were by 3 points. Now, if you think that Ben gets injured, and/or we lose another 5 times this season by 3 points, then ok. I’m just not seeing why you have this mentality, if you’re not a troll

  • Dean Hawkins

    We have the best D in football. We have a chance to have an outstanding running game. The wild card will be Ben….can he constantly perform at a high level . We will Again win our division,we own Ohio and bmore will need time to jell. Pittsburrrrrrgh #1