Perhaps The Greatest Ike Taylor Interview Ever

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor has given several great interviews over the course of his many years in the league. Some have had serious tones, while others are just outright funny. The interview Taylor gave a few days ago on DVE Radio is perhaps his all-time greatest one ever, at least from a funny perspective.

Taylor talks about keeping himself in shape, the Pittsburgh Pirates, his inability to catch the football, as well as a few other topics. Make sure to listen to the very end when he talks about having to wait for general manager Kevin Colbert to finish his interview before he came on.

If this doesn\’t make you smile on a Monday morning, nothing will.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Can somebody provide a link to transcript or whole transcript to what he said? I’m profound deaf, so I’m incapable of listening to radio.

  • John Hinton

    Great interview indeed. “Ike, just catch the ball” – Rod Woodson

  • Dom

    You know that ain’t happening.

  • OIF3gunner

    If I knew how, I would help you out!

  • Gloria Burke

    This was hilarious. Great listen for Monday morning. Ike is a funny self-effacing guy.

  • Danny Delouize


  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    No worries there’s always a transcript. We requested that every radio provide a transcript via ADA (American Disabilities Act) so FCC has to do so or something, I don’t know but yeah pretty much I’ll get to know what he says if I ever find the transcript haha

  • Dave Bowen

    would love to give it a listen, can’t see a link to the interview.