Report: T Guy Whimper Carted Off Field Thursday With Unspecified Injury

According to Bob Labriola on the Thursday edition of Steelers Live, right tackle Guy Whimper was carted off the practice field today with an unspecified injury.

Labriola said he didn\’t know for sure, but thinks Whimper just may have just been overheated being as it has been so hot and humid the last several days.

Either Joe Long or D\’Anthony Batiste would figure to be the next man up at right tackle should Whimper be out for any length of time. Long was on the Steelers practice squad last season and worked at both tackle spots over the course of the offseason practices.

Batiste was signed late last week after undrafted guard Nik Embernate went down with a serious knee injury. Batiste started 10 games at left tackle for the Arizona Cardinals last season, but didn\’t look good during his playing time.

Also tackle capable is undrafted free agent Mike Golic Jr., who was recently moved inside to guard after Embernate was lost for the season.

Head coach Mike Tomlin will not be speaking to the media following Thursday\’s practice, so we will have to wait for the media to update the status of Whimper.

The Steelers waived undrafted free agent tackle Mike Farrell on Thursday, so he could possibly be brought back should Whimper\’s injury be more than just heat related.

  • Brendon Glad

    I must admit, I know nothing of Guy Whimper. Not an astute enough NFL guy to speak on him. But I DO know Gilbert…and I HAVE known the Steelers OL of the last 8-10 years or so. So a fresh face in the mix has usually been well-welcomed by me. Thus, his injury is not good for my mood at all.

  • Mike.H

    What is with the latest freakish trend? ” They are dropping like flies” with all the injuries?

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I like Golic’s chances now that Whimper is out and that he is also able to play guard, another Utility man never hurt anyone (unless your name is Gilbert)

  • Brendon Glad

    It’s been going on for awhile now. At least 2 years if not more. Whatever they are doing as a “strength and conditioning” regimen during voluntary workouts is not working…
    because the players who ignore the offseason program and train on their own have way fewer injuries than the ones who don’t (at least from my off-in-the-distance observations of what I read).
    So if I were a Steeler exec…I’d be trying to hire Tom Shaw…(but he probably makes too much money doing what he does to be an option)…so THEN I’d just encourage players to go with Ike down to Florida…then bring Ike as a strength and conditioning coach after his career is over. Or Ryan Clark.

  • Brendon Glad

    And yes, I know my comment sounds short-sighted and reactionary. And it may indeed be…neither Ike nor Ryan may be able to take their training regiments they’ve learned and organize it for a group.
    But I was just trying to make a point, by going to the extreme. We all know that the “Sean Spence/Big Ben/DeCastro/…etc…injuries” are a part of football.
    But the MUSCLE injuries…or the surgical procedures that should happen in May/June…but don’t happen til August…are ALARMING.
    I consider the biggest weakness of the Steelers to be “Strength/conditioning/medical”. Special Teams would be a candidate for #1, but they have a new coach. OL would be a candidate for #1 on there, but they have a new coach.
    And lo and behold…without the “unfortunate-Sean Spence-type-football-plays” they STILL are very injured. Aggravating.

  • Brendon Glad

    I’m interested to see Golic. I thought it was a nice U-D-FA signing.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Me too i like him, Dunn and Embernate were my favorite UDFAS i think he’ll atleast make the PS if not the 53

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Damn, WTH is going on??? I can’t believe I’m actually concerned over this guy getting injured!

  • steeltown

    …..Joe Long