Steelers 2013 Depth Chart For Preseason Game Versus Giants

Below is the updated depth chart for the Pittsburgh Steelers that was released on Tuesday in preparation for their first preseason game Saturday night against the New York Giants.

As we have already noted, Mike Adams has been flipped over to the left side with Marcus Gilbert now being listed as the starting right tackle.

The second team offensive line from left to right is Kelvin Beachum, Justin Cheadle, John Malecki, Chris Hubbard and Guy Whimper.

It\’s probably not too surprising that Landry Jones is still listed as the fourth string quarterback behind John Parker Wilson. Being as Ben Roethlisberger will play very little, if any, Saturday night, we should get a chance to see quite a bit of both Wilson and Jones during the game.

Also, Alameda Ta\’amu, as expected, is behind Hebron Fangupo on the depth chart at nose tackle. Ta\’amu of course was just removed from the Active PUP list on Monday.

It looks as though Stevenson Sylvester and Marshall McFadden will be the second team linebackers once Lawrence Timmons and Larry Foote are removed from the game.

Antonio Brown is still the primary punt returner while Emmanuel Sanders is the primary kick returner.

Talk amongst yourselves below.

  • CW

    I’m just happy that neither Guy Whimper or Baptiste is ever listed as a left tackle at any level of the game. With Joe Long and Mike Ferrell as the third and fourth stringers behind Beachum as second string, I think we can be a little more relieved that Big Ben is not going to have to worry about those veterans protecting his blind side.

    It also suggests that the Steelers are looking seriously at Joe Long or Mike Ferrell as a potential backup left tackle as Beachum covers too many other offensive line issues to simply be the backup at left tackle.

    Though I am surprised that Bell is listed as one of the last running back options in this first preseason game.

  • mlc43

    I was surprised to see Bell listed so low as well, especially since they just had an article not to long ago about how well he is doing and that he was expected to be the starter come opening day. Hmmm…probably figure they will get all the backs plenty of reps and they want the best blocker in there while Ben gets his one series.

  • mlc43

    Actually, after studying it a bit more it appears that none of the rookies are getting much love over vets. The exception being Markus Wheaton; he jumped a couple of more experienced guys. Jarvis Jones made 2nd but you would expect at least that from the no 1. Might be Tomlin just being Tomlin.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Well, Whimper has gotten some looks on both sides. Of course, he would be the fourth string LT at best (behind Adams, Beachum, and Gilbert). As of right now I would say that Whimper is probably the 8th lineman (behind Malecki), but it’s still way early.

  • NW86

    That’s exactly what it is. The rookies start at the bottom. And Wheaton is in the back too with the other rookies.

    Bell and Wheaton and probably shark will all move up at least 1 spot for game 2.

  • cencalsteeler

    Scratching my head on the punt and kick returners. If we lose Brown or Sanders that would not be good. I would think they would throw Wheaton, LSH, McNeal or Gilreath back there.
    Not too much has been said about Curtis McNeal. Does anyone know if he is progressing or making some sort of an impact? I’m sure Bell is overshadowing him, but was curious if anyone has heard any reports out of camp on him.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I have heard that he has been very aggressive in the back on backers and has held his own for a smaller guy. I havent heard much else but what little has been positive on the young man.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Starters are no surprise. A lot of back ups are a little surprising. 3rd string TE is Tuitupou over McCoy who I thought had a good camp last year. Batch is ahead of LSH. No love for rookies like others have said except for the TE position which makes me wonder if Tuit is having a great camp or McCoy is messing up.

  • falconsaftey43

    I’ve heard a few reports that his lateral cuts have looked really quick, maybe best on the team. Haven’t heard much else. Might be hard for him to get preseason touches as they try to sort out the top of depth chart.

  • CW

    It’s just a hope based on that depth chart.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    You got it wrong. Starters to first back-up to last in order is horizitional, not columns.

  • falconsaftey43

    Actually McCoy is ahead of Tuitupou and LSH ahead of Batch. Depth Chart reads whole way across each line, then down to the next line (believe Dave pointed this out at some point)

  • Shannon Stephenson

    That makes a lot more sense…thanks guys!

  • Matt Searls

    i saw this chart on another site and it had gilbert at LT. also derek moye is ahead of justin brown? hmm

  • Kolie Oak

    Depth Chart makes total sense…
    In regards to rookies, 2nd and 3rd year guys, who cares where they are listed.
    What matters the most is who moves up!
    I’m really hoping J. Brown has an awesome preseason….

  • steeltown

    I would agree with that… Gilbert and Adams will back eachother up at LT and then throw in Beachum making Whimper /or Joe Long the #4 LT or 8th OLineman.

    In the end I see Whimper making the Team as Joe Long has PS eligibility… but as mentioned, its still very early

  • steeltown

    J.Brown as well… if he tranfers his camp success onto the field

  • steeltown

    I agree… though I think Sanders and LSH should be our KR guys, but A.Brown should only be used say in the playoffs otherwise Gilreath, Wheaton, LSH and I would think J.Brown should be used at PR just IMO I would get the most out of Sanders this season

  • steeltown

    That battle is going to be awesome… Burress, J.Brown, Gilreath, Moye, JD Woods, Dunn etc.

  • steeltown

    Man the depth at Left CB is pathetic right now due to injuries.. obviously Willie Gay will move over and C.Brown ‘should’ be back soon, but damn according to the depth chart Buddy Jackson is the only healthy starter on the left side..

    Interesting they have Terence Garvin behind Kion Wilson, but not really when you look at all the rookie snubs, its the first preseason game and Tomlin is showing them they have to earn their position.

    Really interested in this Fangupo vs Ta’amu battle… Fang might just take it by the end of this thing

  • Steeler Wheeler

    What is the average PR in the NFL, 7 yards? Adding in the fair catch
    zeros and subtracting ten yards for holding on what seems like 20% of
    snaps and your risking injuries and turnovers for less than 5 yards per
    return????? Just play punt fake prevention and have AB fair catch

  • Steeler Wheeler

    I had to look it up. last year the average return was 9.7 yds per return, but just under half of all punts were returned making the average 4.7 yds per punt, guessing conservatively that 15% of all returns have a holding penalty and that some of those are enforced less than 10 yards works out to a maximum of 3.1 yards every time the ball is punted. The injury risk on special teams is high and anytime you put the ball in the hands of a quick, shifty guy with tacklers coming from all directions the turnover risk is >> normal. I conclude fair catch everything, stay healthier and spend the practice time elsewhere to gain 3 yards. Sorry special teams coaches in America, the risk/reward just isn’t there.

  • cencalsteeler

    Ah,… forgot about J.Brown, another prime candidate! And agree about Sanders as well.