Steelers NT Alameda Ta\’amu Showed Marked Improvement Against The Giants

Lost in the performance of Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Al Woods Saturday night in the preseason opener against the New York Giants was the play of second year nose tackle Alameda Ta\’amu, who had just recently been activated from the PUP list. While Ta\’amu certainly still has a few technique flaws, he showed signs of development during his 20 snaps of playing time.

One of the best plays from Saturday night that best illustrates the power that Ta\’amu possesses took place midway through the second quarter when he drove Giants backup center Jim Cordle back into the lap of quarterback David Carr. That pressure forced Carr to vacate the pocket and scramble for just a one-yard gain.

You can see in the two animated gifs below how Ta\’amu wins with his hands as he has them locked into the chest Cordle. He then gets full extension with a good forward lean and uses the power in his legs to put the Giants center on skates as he rolls him deep into the pocket.

While this was only one highlight for the Washington product, it shows the potential that he has to be able to push the pocket. He didn\’t use his hands consistently enough throughout the game, but he should start to improve in that area the more snaps he gets during the preseason.

One thing is for certain, however, and that is his hamstring that forced him to miss the start of training camp now appears to be fully healed.

Steelers Giants animated gif Alameda Ta\'amu

Steelers Giants Alameda Ta\'amu animated gif preseason


    impressive, lets hope he can put the past behind him and secure a spot on the 53,…PS is dangerous, he would likely get picked up

  • steeltown

    I remember this play clearly, he really dominated his man.. would love for him to continue to show growth and development

  • mem359

    The right guard came over to help, too. Didn’t slow down the skates.

  • cencalsteeler

    If it wasn’t for him wearing a Steelers uniform and weighing 300 plus pounds, I might have mistaken him for David Carr a few times as much as he was back there.

  • steeltown

    Ha yea that RG didn’t know what to do

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I was going to make a comment on that till I saw yours. Not sure what the RG was trying to do but he better go back and look at the game tape!!! HeHeHaw

  • walter mason

    Heyward didnt look bad on that play either. He got a little push, got around his man but was double teamed. Actually all 4 of the Steelers that rushed were double teamed on that play. 4 Steelers against 8 Giants. But Ta’amu and the Steelers still collapsed the pocket. Number 35 couldnt get out of the backfield and neither could 81 thanks to Jones so its no wonder there was nobody open.

  • Matthew Marczi

    This was one of my favorite plays during the game. I thought Fangupo also did a really nice job. I think Fangupo is going to put up a tough fight, but Ta’amu’s youth, potential for growth, and draft stock will likely give him a longer look to prove himself and earn the spot.

  • Jack Gardner

    Lets not forget about Cam Heyward!!! Although it was the 2nd team line he dominated his matchup on more than one occasion! I as impressed with him as well!

  • Dan

    I was also impressed watching this play and I recall a few other times when he got good push so I’m optimistic and hopeful that he’ll improve and be a real force. That being said, I’m mindful that this is against a back up center and it took a while for him to get that push. It happened that Carr was still holding on to the ball, but Eli or many other starting QBs would have already gotten rid of it.
    While I like McLendon and feel he’ll be as good as Chris Hoke (and I do mean that as a compliment), I’d really like somebody as good as Hampton. I think Ta has more of a potential to be that, but until he really shines consistently against first teamers, McL is our guy.

  • Douglas Andrews

    We need him to step up the #2 NT position is there waiting on him. He’s got to get more consistent but plays like this are why he was drafted. Let’s hope this year he’s serious and last year was just gross immaturity.

  • VaDave

    Everybody we sent was doubled up. It’s awesome to generate pressure when the other team is in max protect.

  • Busforever

    yeah, when I thought about the ”winners” of the game, Ta’amu was the first player that came to my mind. After a so disapointing first season, and the hamstring injury, I didn’t have any expectation for him so far. The contrast between what I was hoping and and what he gave on the field was tremendous. Let’s hope this is just the beginning, and maybe he could finaly become a kind of Big Snack. Even if McLendon has the edge to start, a big and strong body at NT will always be useful, at least in situational football.