Steelers GM Kevin Colbert Says Team May Move Forward With A Few Contract Extensions

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a long standing history of not talking contracts once the regular season gets underway as they normally like to get contract extensions taken care during training camp. Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert was a guest Friday morning on 970 ESPN Radio and he was asked about extensions possibly being on the horizon.

“We usually get through about two weeks of training camp – kind of get a feel for what\’s taken shape – who we have available to us and if you look back at our history, it\’s usually towards the middle of camp and toward the end when we get those things done,” said Colbert. “So we have a couple of guys we may move forward with. Were not actively negotiating with anybody at this point, but that can change. But usually that\’s after a week or two while we\’re up here.”

The two biggest names of course that could be in line for extensions prior to the start of the regular season are defensive end Ziggy Hood and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders as both are currently not under contract for 2014. In addition to those two players, linebacker Jason Worilds, defensive end Brett Keisel, running back Isaac Redman, running back Jonathan Dwyer and safety Ryan Clark will all have their contracts expire following the 2013 season, should no extensions be worked out prior to the start of the season.

Colbert was asked about Sanders and Worilds playing well in 2013 in order to get paid in 2014 and the Steelers general manager said he hopes that\’s not the case.

“I hate to say they\’re playing to get paid,” said Colbert. “I would hope they\’re playing to win. I don\’t want playing to get paid to be their first and foremost, because if they are, they\’re not going to help us win, they\’ll be selfish and they might be a reason you lose.

“You want them motivated, of course, but you want them to be motivated to win and the rest will take care of itself. We have some guys that will be entering their contract years and sometimes guys step it up, but hopefully it\’s for the right reasons. And again, we\’ll see, because it\’s out there, it\’s unknown.”

Hood, Sanders and Redman would probably be the players the Steelers have their eyes on to get extended over the course of the next few weeks, but of course asking price and terms will play a big part in whether or not they ultimately get done or not. Hood and Redman should be the easiest of the three while Sanders\’ agent, Jordan Woy, has already let it be known that his client is more than willing to play out his final year should the Steelers not give Sanders a “good” deal.

It\’s hard to see Worilds getting an extension now that Jarvis Jones is in the fold, so I am not expecting any movement with him.

At the very least, there should be one or two extensions that get done between now and the season opener. We will wait and see.

  • Chris92021

    I would say get Polamalu extended for salary cap purposes and take care of Pouncey as well. Let Hood, Sanders, and Worilds play out their deals.

  • steeltown

    Pouncey’s under contract till 2015, no need to give him an extension till next offseason

  • steeltown

    I’d say Sanders and Hood are the two biggest candidates. I think ONE of them will be extended before the regular season.. of the older guys, if I had to guess I’d say Clark might get another year added on to his deal

  • Matt Searls

    I think we need to extend Clark also. We aren’t going to be able to get sanders

  • steeltown

    With the uncertainty of Polamalu’s health and the youth at the position it would be beneficial to retain Clark through next season

  • Matt Searls


  • JohnnyV1

    I don’t see a Polamalu extension or revision happening. Neither side has leverage, and the Steelers don’t need cap space right now. Sanders & Redman are two I could see. Ryan Clark is a no unless it’s a 1yr extension and it’s inexpensive. Look how long it took for Charles Woodson to find a home this offseason, so the market will be same for Clark.

  • steeltown

    Clarks deal most likely would be a 1yr extension. Clark has never been expensive, no reason for that to change now. He’s pound for pound the most reasonably priced player based on production vs dollars.. same could be said for Keisel

  • JohnnyV1

    I completely agree that Ryan Clark has been a relative bargain for the production and leadership he brings to the Steelers versus what the Steelers pay him (compared to other Safeties in the league). I would say he’s been a better investment (dollars / production) than Polamalu over the last few years. Unfortunately, his age and position on the field is one where the market isn’t very strong. I really hope he stays, one of my favorite players on their defense.
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  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    You’re right. There is no market for old DBs. Giving him an exten
    sion that pays anything more than 1.5M next year is throwing money away.

  • NW86

    Wha??? Troy is under contract (at a very high price) for 2014. He will probably need to take a pay cut to stay on the team. Why would you extend an older, injury prone guy 2 years before his contract expires and push more dead money into 2015 and beyond, when he probably won’t be on the team? That sounds like a Jerry Jones idea…

  • Steeler Wheeler

    Clark is on the downward cycle of his career and his replacements are already on the team. Don’t throw good money away overpaying Clark. If it’s looking like he can still start or contribute in 2014, he’ll likely be cheap.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Either way, I sincerely hope that a least one or two extensions get done. It’s an uneasy feeling to have so many players going into their last season.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Ed Reed?

  • Matt Searls

    clark made the pro bowl for the first time last year. i disagree that he is declining. when troy goes down, shamarko will have to fill in, if we lose clark then shamrarko will have to start and golden will fill in for troy? i wouldnt be happy with that

  • bonairsfavoriteson

    the way the pro bowl is now, your grand ma could make it if she found a uniform to fit.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    I thought of him, but Houston is paying him mostly to teach them how to win big games and they grossly overpaid. I stand by the statement Ryan Clark won’t get over $1.5M if he makes it tot the market next year.


    Yep he’s right on both players. I see no reason why it would be a bad idea to give Clark another year at 1-2 mil. He’s solid.