Steelers G David DeCastro Looked Like A First Round Pick Against The Giants

Nearly one year ago, Pittsburgh Steelers guard David DeCastro suffered a dislocated kneecap, torn MCL, and partially torn patellar tendon in the preseason game against the Buffalo Bills. As a result, the Stanford product was sidelined for most of his rookie season. Saturday night in the 2013 preseason opener against the New York Giants, you could clearly see that DeCastro is exactly the kind of guard the Steelers thought he would be.

DeCastro, along with the three other starters on the Steelers offensive line not named Maurkice Pouncey, played a total of 31 snaps on offense and the team rushed for 4.69 yards per carry during that span. While we saw very little outside zone run throughout the game, we did see quit a bit of inside zone and traditional power plays, and DeCastro was causing Giants defensive tackle Linval Joseph fits on nearly every play.

I have pulled the animated gifs of three plays from the first two offensive series that not only show how powerful DeCastro is, but just how athletic he is now as well. Even on the incomplete screen pass he is down field and attempting to legally cut block.

The real test for DeCastro will come during the second week of the season when he gets his rematch against Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Geno Atkins. In the Week 16 game last season, Atkins clearly got the best of the then-rookie guard, who was still probably trying to get his legs underneath him and adapting to the speed of the game.

As long as DeCastro can stay healthy from here on out, he could get his first of what should be many Pro Bowl nods in 2013.

Steelers Giants animated gif David DeCastro

Steelers Giants preseason animated gif David DeCastro

Steelers Giants animated gif preseason David DeCastro

  • Mike Shutlock

    Like the pics. He did look good

  • Douglas Andrews

    The entire O Line looks really athletic. They really look fluid moving down the field. Hope this improves the running game with the new approach. D Decastro looks really comfortable I like the game tape so far.

  • Gautama Om

    Not surprising since he is his probably one of the most serious, focused and hard-nosed player on the team. Look for a Probowl in 2014 from him.

  • chris ward

    DeCastro did look good displayed great footwork through out the night.

  • Brendon Glad

    I have major faith in him. Will be stunned if he’s not an excellent player.

  • JohnnyV1

    He’s a stud. I liked it better last year when he didn’t talk much, came across kind of mean. He has the face of a mean OG and that unit could use the attitude.

  • Matt Searls

    ramon foster however did not look so hot. that sack on ben was entirely his fault

  • steeltown

    Preseason is preseason, but if those boys continue to have their way upfront then we should be back to our old ways, running the football, which opens up all kinds of possibilities in the passing game

  • dgh57

    I’ll be looking forward to the Pouncey/DeCastro tandem show all season long including Pro Bowls and it should be fun to watch!

  • TJimmy

    Looking forward to the DeCastro / Atkins rematch. That should tell us how far he has come along.

  • GNG

    Decastro should make Pouncey even greater. They compliment each other very well and if Marcus Gilbert is able to play consistent this year, then the whole right side of the O-line will be damn near perfect. Also if we’d get Mike Adams and Foster to improve as well, then I might be the happiest Steelers fan in the world.

  • michael young

    Nice job Dave! These gifs really highlight how much stronger he is this year. He looked great! I’m excited about watching our starters gel as the season goes on. I really pray they stay healthy. Our lack of quality depth on the line is straight up scary. The thought of Batiste and Whimper coming off the bench keeps me up at night. I can only imagine how Ben feels.

  • VaDave

    Pouncey looked like he had his hands full with # 95….. Check out the second GIF… Annhh… it’s preseason not to worry. DeCastro does look pretty good.

  • sgtrobo

    Mike Adams looked quite good this game. He already is a dominant run blocker, we know this.

  • sgtrobo

    yes, Shaun Rogers does that when he decides he wants to play. Luckily, he doesn’t decide to play very often.

  • Kolie Oak

    I remember Linvel Joseph having crazy bench press numbers at the combine.

  • VaDave

    So that’s who that was. Thanks. Agreed. He has been known to take a play or two off now and again.

  • joed32

    He is a very dependable pass protector. He just got beat with a really good move, it happens to everyone. If he’s the biggest problem on the O-line then we’re in great shape.

  • sgtrobo

    yeah, Snack’s old linemate takes probably 95% of the plays off (perhaps that’s where his number comes from?) but on the 5% he doesn’t take off, he pretty much dominates. He’s Albert Haynesworth without the attitude and head stomping

  • Lisa Legs

    Giants have crap linbackers, cant stop the run again. missing Tuck and JPP.
    Steelers failed to attack their weaknesses when it was obvious.
    Impressed by the Steelers depth at LB and thought they were weak up front. The Giants should be looking for Steeler’s cuts at LB and the Steeler’s should be looking at cuts the Giants make on defensive linemen…

  • Lisa Legs

    Coughlin is not happy with the run game, either side of it, stopping the run or
    employing it as a weapon .

  • Lisa Legs

    Not happy….. we lost.

    Tomlin vs Coughlin big difference…..

    “Tom Coughlin comes into my meeting room, we are watching tape the next day, and he has all these newspapers and he threw them in my face, physically,” Barber said. “I was sitting down, he walked in:‘ What the f— is this?’ . . . It got explicative really quickly.”

    Barber said he retorted with some curse words. Well, more than some.

    “Try like 1,000 (curses) …. Long story, short we ended up yelling at each other for 40 minutes,” Barber said. “The running backs left, the linemen were next door, the defensive linemen were on the other side, and in the end I said, ‘I am outta here.’”

    Nice guys finish last…..

  • Lisa Legs

    Carl Banks kept pointing out the the LBs continually weren’t filling the gaps

  • cencalsteeler

    DeCastro so far, so good. The second gif has me worried. Mike Adams should have at least chucked his guy to buy Ben at least a little more time. Same goes for Foster. Pouncey got driven back and Gilbert looked like he was wearing roller skates. I know they’re supposed to get down field to block after the catch, but it will never develop if they don’t disrupt the rush at least a little bit. Giants definitely won that one! Four defenders in Ben’s face in a matter of seconds!

  • Kysteeler

    Steelers linemen getting to the 2nd level? Me like!

  • blustrk

    Thanks for the analysis and video.

  • michael young

    Your game is so weak. Keep Trolling Jr.

  • JohnnyV1

    Keep it classy Dean, we’re not from Cleveland!

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