Steelers Final Depth Chart Of The Preseason

Below is a copy of the final depth chart for the Pittsburgh Steelers as they prepare to take on the Carolina Panthers Thursday night.

It is very east to see with the shorter lines that we will more than likely see a few players such as Joe Madsen and Mike Golic Jr. play this week as neither has seen an offensive snap thus far through three preseason games.

I would also expect to see a whole lot of Landry Jones Thursday night in addition as he stands to play the entire second half.

As previously noted, David Johnson has passed David Paulson, so the two should be fairly active in the first half in two tight end personnel groupings.

This is also the final week of the punting derby so veteran Brian Moorman needs to improve on his performance from last week if he is to overtake Drew Butler.

  • Jeff

    I asked this question at the start of training camp, and I want to ask it again now that the preseason is coming to a close… Back then it sounded like a silly question, but it’s definitely realistic and a little more serious now.

    “Question for everyone.. If at the end of camp, Jarvis Jones surprises everyone with a stellar preseason and even splits starting reps with Worilds, should the steelers consider going with Jones to start the season?
    This is why I ask… if Worilds ends up starting this season and plays anywhere between average to great, history shows that someone will offer him a high end contract.. Would the steelers give Worilds a big contract after JUST using a first round pick on Jones? It would probably mean Jones would be limited to a backup for several years, barring a complete collapse from Woodley. So I tend to think if Worilds has a good season, he’s gone. Considering the alternative, where Worilds struggles as a starter this year, Jones will be starting next year anyways. Either scenario, Jones is starting next year anyways. So if he appears to be neck and neck with Worilds throughout training camp, maybe the steelers should just take a risk and start him now…. Just a thought”

  • Jeff

    I’m not ruling Worilds out, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Jones has been around the ball so much this preseason. The more I think about it, the more I want him on the field. He may have some growing pains, but that’s with every player. If he’s the best option RIGHT NOW, I say go with him.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I think this is a multifaceted question;

    1. Should Jones be starting? At this point, I wouldn’t want him to start game one. I want him hungry, getting some snaps. By the end of the year, I expect him to be starting.

    2. What happens to Worilds?

    A…Scenario 1. Woodley once again cannot stay healthy. The Steelers sign Worilds to a starter contract to be the LEFT OLB and cut Woodley.

    B….Scenario 2. Worilds has a great year, holding off Jones for the starting position. Some team currently running the 3/4 who needs an OLB signs him to start.

    C…..Scenario 3. Jones passes Worilds for the starting position. At this point what happens to Worilds is somewhat up in the air. Someone still might take a run at him, or the Steelers could bring him back to be a backup for both sides at the OLB position.

  • steeltown

    Ah the ever present Worilds situation.. in the end, I think Worilds will have success and im not sure he’s around next season because of it, but THIS season I AM glad to have him and utilize him, with Woodley struggling in recent yrs with injury its nice to know that we have Worilds AND Jarvis Jones..because if camp has taught us anything its that Coach Butler is not afraid to move Worilds over to LOLB (if god-forbid Woodley gets injured) then Jarvis starts at ROLB

    Either way though I think theyve drawn up plays and certain schemes to get Jarvis on the field this season

  • steeltown

    I would be thrilled to have Worilds at a modest price to backup both sides

  • Jeff

    Couldn’t agree with this more.. he’d be more than an adequate BACKUP for the future…. The question is if he’s more than an adequate starter, which will determine if he’s around next year or not… I guess we’ll find out

  • Shelob9

    In scenario 3 I think Worilds has trouble getting the veteran minimum out of any team, including Pittsburgh next year.

  • Shelob9

    Is everyone still certain that David Paulsen is a lock to make the roster? Jamie McCoy being listed ahead of him may be a sign that if the Steelers have Spaeth or Miller on the active roster for week 1 that Paulsen could be out the door in favor of McCoy. If McCoy is cut, who is the 2nd string FB? Can’t be David Johnson while he is the #1 TE.

  • Matthew Marczi

    The Steelers intend to use a heavy rotation at linebacker this year, so I think Jones will be better served coming off the bench. Worilds has a greater understanding of the defense, and thus might as well be on the field first. Let Jones come in to give both OLBs a breather a couple times a game and execute specific assignments rather than asking him to understand the entire defense right away. It would make him think more on the field, and you don’t want hesitation at OLB. Rest assured he will be getting a lot of playing time this year regardless of whether he starts (either now or as the season goes on).

  • Matthew Marczi

    Depth chart goes right to left. Spaeth/Johnson/Paulson/McCoy/Palmer/Overbay is how it should read.

  • Reese Dare

    Worlids does well, we sign him and move him to ILB, replacing Foote


    I would continue to bring J. Jones along slowly…and let him get used the NFL game speed much like Timmons was brought along…Worilds is what he is…a decent LB…I’m not certain he gets a huge FA deal unless he just goes off…10+ sacks, etc…in either case Jones will get enough reps in rotation and could be the FT starter before the yr is out.


    Seeing Paulson slide to 3rd string was very disappointing I’m sure mostly on the blocking front…I understand Miller is the main man, but not picking a TE in the draft at all made me think Paulson was on the right side of the learning curb. They have 22 more cuts to go…I’m not thinking he’s a lock anymore, if McCoy has a great game Thursday, he could get the nod.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Hmmm, DJ grew 3 inches since last time I’ve seen him listed.

  • walter mason

    Woodley’s arms look about twice the size of Jones’s. Can Woodley play DE?