Steelers G David DeCastro Top Offensive Lineman Monday Night Per PFF

According to Pro Football Focus, Pittsburgh Steelers second-year guard David DeCastro graded out as the best offensive lineman in the preseason loss Monday night to the Washington Redskins.

DeCastro, who missed nearly all of his rookie season with a knee injury suffered during the preseason, was flagged once for holding and allowed one hurry in the 39 snaps that he played in the game.

As bad as the Steelers offensive line looked Monday night, at least DeCastro is not only fully healthy now, but living up to his first-round selection as well.

As far as the grades for the rest of the Steelers starting offensive linemen, you don\’t need confirmation from PFF to know that Maurkice Pouncey, Mike Adams and Marcus Gilbert all had bad games.

Of the backups, center John Malecki graded out the best with Guy Whimper grading out as the worst.

  • steeltown

    Good to see Foster show some improvement over last week and DeCastro did play well all things considered (save the penalty) Malecki had another decent game, he is easily the #7 at this point.. but beyond that..

  • dgh57

    You can say that again about not needing PFF to know the grade(and never will) on a backup named Guy Whimper! He sucked big time and needs to GO!

  • Mkeller

    I agree on Malecki but I’m not happy about it. The interior line should play fine if healthy, its the tackles that concern me. Not so much Adams as Gilbert. What worries me about Adams is its doomsday if he goes down. He literally has no backup. Gilbert just looks like a guy who’s heart is not in it.

  • TJimmy

    Perhaps he was the best, but in light of the line play that night, does that mean he played well?

  • Patrick

    I see with my own eyes and they all were bad.

  • steeltown

    ONE hurry in 39snaps with no sacks allowed would constitute playing well, the penalty is a negative for sure, but it happens, especially when those around you are not playing well

  • SteelerFanInMD

    I’m surprised Pouncey played as bad as he did. He is an all-pro center for God’s sake!
    The LT tackle position looks like a disaster, just like when the Steelers tried to start Jamon Meredith there. They can’t call on Max Starks to bail them out this time.

  • Patrick

    Max Starks is struggling in SD

  • Jeff

    If Whimper sees the feild at all in 2013, the steelers are in big trouble.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    I wouldn’t say Ramon Foster showed improvement. He’s playing with much more athletic O-linemen, that may have fooled some eyes but not mine. I watched Foster, he’s constantly getting pushed back, doesn’t allow a sack but those pushes were from LBs… Linebackers… as in Redskins’ linebackers! You can’t be a starting left guard and get pushed back by linebackers.

    However Ramon Foster know his limit and is performing above-average on technique part so I can’t complain but ugh, no push in running game is getting me ticked off.

  • Kelly Johnson

    The OL was horrible… And it seem ever time I thought it couldn’t get any worst…it did get worst… I think we will be maybe better this year in run blocking…but right now it looks like we have taken a step backwards in pass protection. Really disappointed in Pouncey…actually really disappointed in everyone…

  • bgsteelfan

    The least smelly crap, is still crap. None of them played well last night.

  • Busforever

    Didn’t like what I saw from O-Line in the 1st quarter, when they faced a 1st string defense (that’s when we can truly evaluate them). DeCastro wasn’t as bad as some others, but I wouldn’t say it was good. No lineman dominated when run blocking. In pass protection, I often saw DeCastro in double team, but I can’t say I scrutinized his 39 snaps, so I don’t know what to think about his stats.
    I’m concerned seeing this O-Line couldn’t dominate against 2nd string defense too.
    Let’s hope this is just a bad game, because they were better last week (but Giants run defense isn’t very good).

  • sean mcmartin

    The O-line was pathetic. Pouncey was getting his hat handed to him.
    In practice all the linemen look good going against a D-line that is at best average. The only fire I see is in the rookies. Ben looked fat , which may hurt him since he will be scrambling for his life every time the ball snaps.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Reporter: “So Ben, how have you prepared these past few months for
    the upcoming season?”

    “Well I did a whole lotta running and a whole lotta praying”

  • lefnor

    Malecki’s play was outstanding, again. I think he is pushing Foster for that starting LG spot.
    Beachum’s play is disappointing. He is not starting caliber.
    And Mike Adams? What happened after the Giants game? He was horrible yesterday. His hand placement is ridiculous.

  • Bob Graff

    People were saying we have a new and improved 0-line. Well here is the truth these are the same guys who stunk it up last year. The only thing that has changed is they are better at stinking it up. Really we went out and got the Chiefs line coach and thought watch out now.Where is Russ Grimm when you need him? I remember we burnt that bridge. Another truth we don’t have better. We sent all our coaches from the Cowher era packing except Lebeau and what, brought in the guys from Kansas city and the guys who use to coach with Tomlin. Guess who is the best coach on our staff? it ain’t the guys from KC or Tampa.

  • JC Chuta

    He was part of a miserable Offensive Line. How in the world is anyone deeming him “top offensive lineman MNF”????????? He did nothing that stood out. Media trying to over rate him just like they did Pouncy. Media has Pouncy baptized like a Hall of Famer already…yet he looked like a chump out there last night!!!

  • RW

    How in the world did we not sign Antoine Caldwell immediately after he came in? What an awful mistake by the front office.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    No Way Whimper graded out to be the worst!!!

  • Shannon Stephenson

    max always struggled in preseason for us as well.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    funny bg

  • RW

    Decastro will be very good in this league for a long time. Remember that this is still sort of his first real season. He only got a few games in last year because of injury, so he does still have to catch up to the speed of the game from a physical standpoint. Usually doesn’t take linemen too long, especially interior linemen, but it’s more than a handful of games. As for Pouncey, everyone likes him because he can run better than most centers. Personally, I don’t care if we can pull him – if he can’t block a strong or quick nose tackle, he’s no hall of famer. I’m not sure he’s truly a top 5 center in this league, for that matter. Better than most, but not a top 5 in my opinion.

  • bgsteelfan


  • WilliamSekinger

    People need to relax about the oline. Brand new scheme going against one of the toughest run defenses in the league? I would expect them to take some lumps and they did. The redskins finished 5th in rush defense last year and that was a slight disappointment. They have much of their talent back from injury now and it showed in this game.

    People seriously need to have a point of reference before automatically assuming the Steelers O-line is terrible this year. They are not. What people saw was a slightly improved rush defense from the Redskins.

  • Bob Graff

    People have come to expect great play from the Steelers. I know it’s only preseason but there certainly should be a concern about this o-line . It appears we haven’t done our home work spending 2 first rd. picks and 2 seconds this group doesn’t appear to have that talent. Seriously what people have saw so far is one below average showing and one horrible showing. So you would think that complaints are in order. We as Steeler fans expect more, many fans will complain but still cheer for the black and gold. BTW aren’t we suppose to have our guys back now as well.

  • walter mason

    Go Whimper! Whimper is da man! Tomlin says he has shown some good things.

  • walter mason

    I know everyone is tired of hearing about Hernendez but its possible Pouncey is still shaken from the arrest of his best friend. Its also possible there is more to the story. I hope not and I hope Pouncey can forget about his buddy and move on. Hire a lawyer for himself in case he has to give a deposition or testify in court, visit him on occasion in jail, and try to forget about it until the trial. Im afraid its on his mind. Of course Im just guessing. But how would you feel if you found out your best friend is and has been for years an execution style mass murderer and you were with him on at least one murdering night? He was only recently still supporting him with the hats and Im not sure his support has waivered. He made a nice apology but it must be a confusing if not an uncomfortable distracting situation for the young man who is supposed to be step up to be the leader of our offensive line. Im sure he will work it out but I hope his teamates will still look up to him.