Steelers K Shaun Suisham Good From 60 Yards Out On Wednesday

Perhaps the most exciting news coming out of the Pittsburgh Steelers Wednesday evening training camp practice is that kicker Shaun Suisham nailed a 60-yard field goal.

Chris Bradford of the Beaver County Times reports via Twitter that it just did clear the crossbar.

During his 11 years in the league, The Kicking Canuck has hit twice from 52 yards out during a game and that distance stands as his career long.

Last season, Suisham put together a great year as he was 28-of-31 on all field goal attempts and perfect on extra points.

Two of Suisham\’s three misses last season came from 50 or more yards out.

The Steelers brought in Danny Hrapmann to challenge Suisham this year in training camp, but much like long snapper Greg Warren discarded his challenger this year, Hrapmann is unlikely to be around much longer should the team need another roster spot soon.

  • Dom

    Surely he’ll beat Jeff’s record sometime this season.
    *Edit* Also this may put into perspective some of Tomlin’s decision for those seemingly crazy kicks against the bengals etc.

  • ecummins82

    Good to know that Shaun was able to kick from that far of a distance, but I’m hoping Tomlin shows a little better sense than he did last season when he asked Suisham to kick FG’s that Tomlin KNEW was pushing Suisham’s leg power in TWO games that were REALLY close the entire time…

  • Shannon Stephenson

    That is great to hear. Lets hope he has a few 55 yarders in him this season

  • DoctorNoah

    Am I the only one who thought that Jeff Reed’s YouTube video with wobbly kicks from 40 yards were kinda sad. That plus the faux Rocky training montage? I credit the guy for a number of wonderful, consistent kicks over several years, but he wrote his own ticket out of the NFL with drunken jackassery. Swishy may not be the reincarnation of Gary Anderson, but he’s good by me. I would rather Ben chance it on a 4th-and-20 than let him kick a 60 yarder, but I’m glad he did it once in practice…

  • steeltown

    Very cool