Steelers Mike Tomlin Monday Post Practice Media Q & A

The Pittsburgh Steelers have now completed their Monday training camp practice and head coach Mike Tomlin took questions from the media afterwards. Below is the transcript of what he had to say.

Tomlin: Good work today, continued with the team development process and changed our attire today. Really trying to maximize the off day that we have tomorrow so that we can get bodies back and have a productive Wednesday, and continue on with our work week. Took a step in that regard I thought with the level of participation today. Number of guys back participating. Alameda\’s back off of PUP and participating fully. Larry Foote participated today – Matt Spaeth, Nick Williams, Le\’Veon Bell. I\’m sure when we come back out on Wednesday after the off day that will continue to increase and we\’ll continue with the team development process. And really, start getting an eye toward getting ready for the New York Football Giants. But good day today, some situational ball, two-minute and other areas. The process is continuing to work itself and we continue to come out here and work. I\’ll be happy to address any questions.

Re: Another contusion of the birth certificate for Troy today?

Tomlin: Yes, yes, it\’s a little better though. It\’s clearing up from what I understand

Re: Curtis Brown status?

Tomlin: It\’s an ankle injury of some description and we need to evaluate him. We\’ll see where it is, but just described as an ankle at this point.

Re: About seeing the organization bring in a veteran today.

Tomlin: It\’s the right thing to do, isnt it? I mean these guys are the real heros. These guys make the ultimate sacrifice and serve our country and we just want to honor them when given them an opportunity in the appropriate manner.

  • pittsburghjoe

    I wish they would have drafted a corner back or offensive lineman of “some description” in the 4th instead of the developmental quarterback.

  • CP72

    I think that we would be talking about how BW Webb needs to step up if he wasn’t taken right before our pick. Oh well from I am hearing our draft class is looking pretty solid, but I am hoping Victorian can step up instead of BW……..

  • Eric Grushkin

    Totally agree. I hated the Landry pick and I would rather have JPW at the #3 QB than Landry given the reports from camp thus far. During the draft, I wanted them to take ILB Kashem Green with the pick that went to Landry, but with hindsight, a CB would have been better, given this injury situation for CB’s becoming an epidemic. I still like the first 4 picks a lot.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Jones was a very good pick. We did get great value and the need for good depth at the QB spot was important. We may not see the benefits for a few years but you seem to have very good hind sight.

  • Mike.H

    I hope Landry Jones sticks around to be our next QB of future rather than journeymen bench warmers which in the past, resulted of 4th rounders…

  • Steeler Wheeler

    This team had lots of holes to fill…A guy who may not be good enough to be a #3 QB was not worth a fourth this year.

  • Ahmad

    Landry Jones is really beginning to loom like a bust. I didn’t like the selection then and I really hate it now.