Steelers Rookie Shamarko Thomas Says The Game Is Slowing Down For Him

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie safety Shamarko Thomas said Thursday that watching fellow safeties Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark during mini camp was like watching a movie because of the way both fly around the field. With the Shamarknado movie still a few months away from its premier, the Syracuse product was asked how everything is going for him so far in training camp.

“It\’s going well, with a coach like coach [Carnell] Lake and Ryan Clark and Troy as my mentors, its going well,” said Thomas. “The game is slowing down for me and I\’m out there playing and having fun.”

Not only is the game slowing down for Thomas, he\’s also said he\’s sounding off more while he\’s on the field when asked if he feels the progression happening to him.

“Definitely, especially my communication. Now I\’m more vocal, I can call the plays and I know what I\’m doing and its just settling down for me,” he said.

Following the selection of Thomas in the 2013 NFL Draft, defensive backs coach Carnell Lake said Thomas would be capable of playing both safety spots as well as the nickel role in the slot. Thomas confirmed he\’s learning all three positions Thursday.

“Definitely, talking to Troy he said that\’s the way he learned the whole defense and it got him better as a safety, so I\’m willing to do the same,” Thomas said.

Thomas is blessed to have Polamalu and Clark heaping information on him daily and he fully understands it. During Wednesdays practice it was reported that he was suckered in by play action which resulted in a big completion to veteran receiver Plaxico Burress, who blew right past him. He said Thursday he understands he will make rookie mistakes and not read his keys right at times, but also knows it\’s better to get them out of system now instead of during games.

Thomas is as laid back as they come and you can\’t help but think he has a bright future ahead of him with the Steelers. The best thing, perhaps, is that the Steelers have time to continue the making of Shamarknado and the fourth-round pick doesn\’t feel any pressure right now.

“No pressure, just take it day by day, learn the system and give my effort, give my all each and every day,” he said.

  • Josh

    when does Shamarknado get trademarked? new item at Eat-n-Park? Sheetz?

  • woundedvet

    A nice surprise that Shark said “now I can call the plays”. Gotta love hearing that. Granted he’s not slated to start this year, but when Polo misses games with injuries this year, if its toward end of this season Shark will have more knowledge & maybe enough to play some safety this year.

  • steeltown

    im hearing good things all around in regards to Shark and Golden

  • steeltown

    Agreed, its encouraging to hear he’s calling plays already. Coach Lake said in the post draft press conference that because he played all over in college he has a grasp on the game that a lot of players don’t at his age… Golden also played CB and Safety in college

  • dgh57

    Gotta love a player that can play multiple positions(where it’s badly needed) as a DB, is already calling plays, has the physical style of play that fits the Black & Gold, and in a environment where he can only succeed. Can’t wait to see this guy play!

  • Amuzon12

    I got a kick out of the photo associated with this article. It appears the other guy in the photo is “checking out” Shamarko Thomas.

  • RMSteeler

    I claimed 1st dibs (not trademarked) on the term “Shlitz” for a blitz by Shamarko several months ago. On a different subject regarding this young man, I have a question. We were told he dropped in rounds of the draft because of his height, despite having the highest vertical jump of any of the DB’s at the combine. Has anyone charted “how tall he actually plays” using his height plus vertical compared to the safeties taken before him? Would be interesting. Also had the best reps (28) of any DB and almost 1st in other measurables at the combine. I believe that is more than Adams and DeCastro did the year before. With his speed, weight and strenght, I can’t wait to see how his play will equate to Newton’s Third Law.

  • walter mason

    ugh… sorry I gotta use the down arrow.

  • steeltown