Steelers Still Ranked 18th In Power Rankings

Elliott Harrison of the has released his second Power Rankings of the year and has the Pittsburgh Steelers ranked 18th overall, just like he did in his first set of rankings he released back in June.

In Elliot\’s reasoning, this time around, he points to the unknown surrounding the team.

No one knows what to make of the Pittsburgh Steelers right now. The last time the club entered the season in a similar spell of mediocrity — coming off a somewhat lackluster, playoff-free 2009 campaign — Pittsburgh surprised many by making it all the way to Super Bowl XLV. Many in this bidness believe rookie running back Le\’Veon Bell could be the key to the Steelers turning things around, providing Ben Roethlisberger some much-needed ground support. The kid was held out of action last weekend with knee stiffness, but we should get a long look at him next Monday night in Washington.

I think it goes without saying that there are a lot of unknowns with every team in the league right now, so this isn\’t a very hard-hitting analysis. The Baltimore Ravens are ranked 7th overall by Elliot even with it being known that they want have their two primary tight ends to start the season. Of course neither will the Steelers.

The national analyst and/or talking heads seem to feel comfortable slotting the Steelers right around the middle based solely on their 8-8 record last season. Only Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan of Movin\’ The Chains have the Steelers finishing with more than 10 wins. It\’s understandable, and I am sure the team is comfortable continuing to be underrated.

  • steeltown

    Ha! no one knows what to make of the Steelers (and rightfully so) but the Defending SuperBowl Champ Ravens with their loss of leadership, massive roster purge and other question marks are still upper echelon…… riiiigght…..
    I guess that’s bias based on last season?

    In reality I don’t care, Power Rankings are pretty dumb

  • nikgreene

    You are right Power Rankings are silly. How does Harrison justify ranking the Dolphins, Rams and Vikings ahead of the Steelers? Pittsburgh plays two of those teams this year and I would expect them to win both games. Ugh. I guess the only thing worse than Power Rankings is someone (me) arguing against them.

  • dgh57

    Somebody is going to be eating crow when all is said and done this season and I think it just might be Elliott Harrison among other naysayers!

  • steeltown

    Ha! Agreed.. I felt the same way by the end of my rant

  • Luke Shabro

    Because the Dolphins, Rams and Vikings won the March/April Superbowl of free agency and the draft. And you’re right. Power rankings are dumb. How often were the Chargers #1 or #2 in the power rankings and did nothing in the postseason. Everyone is all over the Ravens because they signed a lot of solid players to replace departing veterans. However, what I feel like is an underrated problem for them is not just the loss of leadership but the amount of time it will take for this team to gel. You look at the “Dream Team” of the 2011 Eagles and what was the problem there? Tons of talent but not a cohesive unit. And they can say what they want about Daryl Smith already quarterbacking the defense. Nobody was ever going to be out of position with Ray Lewis quarterbacking the front seven and Ed Reed positioning the secondary. Anyone else notice that defense was a lot worse off when Chuck Pagano left? The play dropped off when Rex Ryan left as well. Dean Pees isn’t that great

  • Bruce Mastorovich

    Power rankings are kinda useful in that it lets you get a quick look at how other teams are doing without really watching games or putting in any research. That being said, regular season rankings are more of a quick tool than a good one and preseason rankings are a complete joke. I think both 2011 and 2012 they had the Chiefs going like 10-6.

  • sean mcmartin

    It does seem the Steelers do better when they are underdogs. At least in the past. When the rats first did a roster purge last year, their rookies stepped it up and they went all the way.

  • Henry

    Kerwin is a top football writer. Isn’t Eliot Harrison a fantasy football guy anyway?

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I will say this that I have that feeling inside that tells me this maybe a special season. Havent felt this is a few years. It seems the leaders have dedicated themselves along with a lot others back to their craft.