Steelers Trading Of LB Adrian Robinson Could Bode Well For LB Alan Baxter

The Pittsburgh Steelers traded outside linebacker Arian Robinson to the Philadelphia Eagles on Friday in exchange for running back Felix Jones and while we will continue to analyze the Jones side of the deal, it is worth looking at what dealing away Robinson means as well.

The Steelers are fortunate right now that they consider their depth at the linebacker position a positive, and they knew keeping Robinson on the final 53 man roster would be hard to do as a result. Had Robinson still had practice squad eligibly remaining, perhaps they wouldn\’t have dealt him at all, but being as the Temple product played in 12 games last season, releasing him would have meant he was gone for good with nothing to show for him.

So with Robinson now out of the picture, Chris Carter would likely figure to benefit most from his absence, but let\’s not forget about undrafted free agent Alan Baxter as well. Should Baxter wind up making Carter expendable, the Steelers could use his practice squad eligibility to their advantage over the course of the next several weeks in the event they need an extra roster spot.

Keep in mind that Jason Worilds is in the final year of his contract right now and there is no guarantee he will be back in 2014. Carter has yet to show anything, so the Steelers need to keep the pipeline full of young outside linebacker prospects with Robinson now gone. At worst, you would have to figure Baxter is now a lock for the practice squad. At best, he knocks Carter off the roster.

  • steeltown

    Completely agree.. they can try and stash Alan Baxter on the PS all while saving a much needed roster spot

  • Mkeller

    Baxter had a few rushes in the Giants game where he got the edge and under the RT’s pads and got good pressure. On one he was clearly held and dragged down or he would of had a sack. He looks the part that’s for sure.

  • cencalsteeler

    I think you nailed it with Robinson not having any more practice squad eligibility left. That alone put more value on Baxter.

  • Mkeller

    The defense actually looks good both with the starters and back-ups. Need Cortez to get healthy and play well and they need to keep improving with the pressure but I think the defense will be tough. That offense is a whole other kettle of fish because behind the starters its gets sketchy in a hurry.

  • dgh57

    Time for Carter to shape up or be prepared to ship out!


    Carter has no place on this team, Carter better than Robinson? Give me a break, that is laughable, I’ve just watched Robinson’s play from the other night, he gets under the tackle twice and puts heat on, when was the last time Carter did that?
    I hope that Baxter pans out, I can kind of see why we did it, but anyone saying carter is better than Robinson is delusional!

  • Douglas Andrews

    This saves a roster spot if Baxter can be placed on the PS. Looking more like the injury to LSH is a little worse than expected so the trade makes sense. If I’m Chris Carter i’m sweating bullets looking like his time with the Steelers is running out.

  • walter mason

    For years our rookies have had liittle to show. Hopefully this is changing.

  • Shea Fahr

    It’s a good year for LB’s indeed….OL’s, TE’s and RB’s, not so much.

  • JohnnyV1

    OLB – Woodley, Worilds, Jones and either Sylvester or Carter. Baxter to the PS.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Haven’t seen much out of Baxter in preseason but heard a lot about the kid during practice….hope to see a lot of him this week.

  • Rubem Dornas