Steelers Trade Away Jerricho Cotchery? I Don\’t Think So, Jason

Because of all the injuries teams around the league have suffered at the wide receiver position, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports speculates Thursday that Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery could be one of several players traded before the start of the season.

La Canfora writes:

And the rare team that might have a surplus of serviceable receivers, I believe, will be able to get decent value in trade. I could see the Steelers shopping Jerricho Cotchery, for instance, and finding a better market than they may have anticipated. The free-agent market has been picked apart, and there isn\’t much there.

La Canfora must not have noticed that the Steelers already figure to have two rookie wide receivers on their 53 man roster now that Plaxico Burress has been lost for the season. By trading away Cotchery, they would then likely have three rookies backing up Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders.

In addition, Cotchery is entering the final year of his contract, so it wouldn\’t make sense for another team to trade away a draft pick or player for a player who very well might be playing the final year of his career.

While I do like Cotchery, he is at best a No 3 wide receiver who is effective at moving the chains on the third downs. He is not a legitimate candidate to be a No 2 for another team which would require him to play roughly 50 snaps a game.

While the Steelers would initially save $1 million in cap space by trading away Cotchery, you still have to remember that another player\’s salary that they would have to then have on the roster to take his place would then offset the savings. So at best, the Steelers would save nearly $600,000 in cap space while depleting their depth chart of experience in the process. For what, a seventh-round draft pick or a second-string offensive lineman?

La Canfora certainly didn\’t think his speculation through with Cotchery, and I will tip my hat to him if he winds up being right. I have a funny feeling he won\’t be.

  • steeltown

    Completely agree..

    First off the savings would be almost non-existent, secondly we would then start the season with three and possibly FOUR rookie WRs on the 53man, no way, third as Bryan mentioned the value isn’t there regarding the trade market, not only for us but for other Teams as well.

    Lastly, Cotchery is a veteran presence that is truly needed with such a young group, not to mention his toughness and clutch receiving ability. Some don’t understand that his stats are low because he has been the #4 since his arrival (behind Wallace, A.Brown and Sanders) but by far the majority of his receptions move the chains.

  • Ben Anderson

    Yeah, I don’t see it. Maybe if Plax was healthy and they had an extra vet WR. They don’t anymore.

  • Luke Shabro

    Not a chance and I’d be furious if they did. Short of a third rounder or higher, which they won’t get, it wouldn’t be close to worth it. We need him now and no one is going to dump a decent draft pick for 30-something year old receiver. I love Cotchery and I think he’s perfect where is he. I wouldn’t be overly surprised if it was his last year with us but I wouldn’t be mad at all if he was here next year as well.

  • treeher

    As I’ve said elsewhere, I’ll make the prediction that Cotch will not be on the regular season roster. Sanders and AB are vets now and will step up their leadership role (AB said so much in an interview). Cotch is a benchwarmer by mid-season as Wheaton develops, and he is surely gone for 2014. There are too many young guys coming on to waste on someone who will be giving Stillers at best 1/2 a season.

  • frednash

    trade him

    use the cap money on extending sanders

    we have vet presence

    plax on the sideline

  • steeltown

    So your prediction is he’ll be the #4 behind Brown, Sanders and Wheaton.. sounds like exactly where he’s been the last couple yrs, the #4 possession guy.. why is that reason to believe he’s going anywhere?

  • steeltown

    Use the 600K to extend Sanders… I wish that’s all it would take

  • Matt Searls

    All I saw at first was steelers trade away Jericho cotchery, I was about to be really confused. That move wouldn’t make sense

  • treeher

    In no particular order:
    1. He’s worth something in the marketplace
    2. If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards.
    3. Stillers need a red zone threat since Plax gone.
    4. Young guns pushing. Change the faces from 8-8.
    5. No special teams contribution.
    6. Don’t need his vet presence.

  • treeher

    Jerricho Cotchery is a candidate to be released.
    Cotchery is entering the final year of his deal and is due a meager $1 million salary, but the Steelers could be looking to get younger at the position. In his two seasons with Pittsburgh, the soon-to-be 31-year-old has reeled in just 33 passes for 442 yards and two touchdowns. He’s mainly been a No. 4 receiver. Feb 21 – 10:47 PM
    Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

  • Matthew Marczi

    That was from an article in Februrary when the Steelers were expected to sign Steve Breaston. Now they also don’t have Plaxico Burress any more. Cotchery is not going anywhere. And that was just irresponsible speculation from Rotoworld, not from the Tribune-Review.

  • frednash

    it’s a start

  • Matthew Marczi

    1. No, he’s not.
    2. Meaningless.
    3. And who is this great red zone threat he’s keeping off the roster?
    4. Arbitrary change does not solve problems. And it’s one preseason game.
    5. He’s currently the third receiver. He doesn’t need to play teams. But he is capable.
    6. According to you.

  • Matthew Marczi

    And if you can’t finish? Then all you’ve done is lost a quality receiver.

  • steeltown

    25 of those 33 catches moved the chains, that’s impressive, that’s his purpose, the #4 trustworthy 3rd down possession WR, every Teams should have one…. and they already have gotten younger, WAY younger with A.Brown, Sanders and Wheaton and now possibly J.Brown or JD Woods or Moye.. Sanders is the old man of that group at the ripe old age of 26yrs old.

  • steeltown

    Plaxico was fighting for the #5 spot, so now J.Brown or Moye could win that spot and be the taller redzone threat that you speak of

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I don’t think you move him if it is JUST about the cap. You move him, no matter the return, if you can meet his role with other players. For instance, if Woods and J. Brown can fill that role, than you can move him and not stress about it. If you can stick Moye on the PS it makes even more sense.

    The ONLY reason you move him is you have guys who can fill that role or who you believe will be better at that role. Let’s not forget that we have a new receivers coach and I could see it being possible that Cotchery and him maybe don’t agree on this or that, or that as a coach he doesn’t want to try to break Cotchery of habits he has already developed. In addition, he may just want to have some time with a few younger guys who he thinks have real potential.

    I am not advocating moving him, but would be “OKAY” with it if we feel we have replacements.

  • joed32

    If he’s not on the roster how can he be warming the bench by mid season? I do think Wheaton will grab the 3 spot at some point and Cotchery will be #4.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    I’m actually in favor of keeping Cotchery but after seeing Patriots messing up with Manny Sanders situation and woeful TEs situation… Cotchery would be a #2 wide receiver in their dink and dunk offense easily considering Aaron Dobson, a 4th round rookie is their currently #2.

    ONLY… ONLY if price is right. If our opponent is willingly to give up more than the value of keeping Cotchery I’m down for it. you want to invest in your draft picks, especially we don’t have a 3rd round pick next season and yes… that’s the price I’m implying Cotchery is worth- 3rd round pick.

    Yes the depth is shaky, but we have won two different Super Bowls with one at each time: worst O-linemen to start and pretty bad receiving corp. That’s not saying much but it won’t be a life-threatening if we lose Cotchery, his service is upgradable.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    You says it all but don’t underestimate desperate teams especially the Patriots. They are barely swimming above head in the ocean with this receiving corp they have. Even Cotchery would be a #2 wide receiver in Pats’ dink and dunk. He’s a #3/4 wide receiver on our roster because we just have better players or that make different impact in ways we need now.

    If I’m head coach and I’m comfortable with the rookies we have on roster, i’d gamble. That’s just me though.

  • Frank

    Cothery is huge for us, when we go 3 WRs, he’s our slot guy & is good at moving the chains. Also, no one would give up a 3rd RD pick for him, & also, we will get a 3rd RD pick from compensation of losing M.Wallace &/or K.Lewis.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Are you so sure of the comp. Picks? Point being yes having Cotchery does help but he’s definitely upgradable especially with Wheaton on our roster. Steelers are throwing everything at our first 4 picks because we NEED them to be ready NOW.As of now, first game yes, Cotchery is better in term of preparedness and production but by end of season- Wheaton will be easily better so you ask yourself… do you keep Cotchery and ignore the possible of value of trading him away or do you get rid of him and go with growing pain early on.

    I would go with Wheaton man.