Steelers Trade LB Adrian Robinson To Eagles For RB Felix Jones

According to several media outlets, the Pittsburgh Steelers have traded second year linebacker Adrian Robinson to the Philadelphia Eagles for running back Felix Jones.

The Steelers have lost rookie running back Le\’Veon Bell for several weeks due to a mid-foot sprain and obviously are not happy with their running back depth right now.

Robinson made the team last year as an undrafted free agent out of Temple.

Jones signed a one-year, $780,000 contract with the Eagles back in May and it included a $32,500 signing bonus.

  • RW

    Really? This is one of the most head-scratching moves in some time…

  • Soliciting Steelers

    And here I thought it was Aug 23 not April 1st…wtf!

  • Lamarr56

    Wow, I would have never expected this. I like the trade though. Adrian Robinson wouldn’t have gotten any playing time if he made the roster, and Felix Jones will help us at running back depht especially with Le’Veon out.

  • CW

    Well seeing as there really is a glut of talented linebackers with the team right now, some of whom will end up being cut as well as likely lost to other teams, and the Steelers need another potential running back in the mix, it’s not a terrible decision. Could mean that Howling suffered some sort of bad injury that hasn’t been released yet as well.

    Also hasn’t Robinson been less than stellar this preseason? So the team might be cutting bait on a guy that flashed all he was going to flash in terms of talent and potential.

    Would rather them trade for a backup lineman, but that might not have been possible.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Surprised by this, but I understand it. My guess it they looked at the roster and realized they weren’t going to be able to keep him…so get an asset.

  • 2443scott

    wow is all i can say ……so which running backs on his way out dwyer redman hmmmmm

  • Ken

    My thoughts too, How bad is Howling injury? or Possibly Robinson was not going to make the team, so they dangled him out there and picked up a running back.. who knows.

  • CW

    Probably whichever they can trade for a backup lineman worth trading for.


    I don’t think Robinson and Tomlin saw eye-to-eye. In week 1 watching the Giants cast, there was a moment the camera caught with Tomlin talking to ST coach Smith with Robinson in attendance, they were chatting then, Robinson walked off without saying anything, and Tomlin just glared at him for a few seconds as he walked away, as much as to say, don’t just walk away,…it may have been something and nothing, but I feel there is more to this than meets the eye. I had high hopes for Robinson, I wish him all the best and hope he can be somebody for the Eagles.

    errr Felix Jones….

  • StrengthOfVictory

    I like the move. We have defensive talent to spare, and an aggressive move for RB talent may be an effort to have no drop-off in offensive potential while Bell heals. You can’t make LSH into an every-down back (you’ll injure him doing that), and Dwyer (while powerful) does not have to speed to threaten the edge, down after down. The Steelers want to win game right out of the gate, and they’re willing to do what it takes to make that happen.

  • Soliciting Steelers

    Dude, I agree…LSH may have more wrong with his knee than first thought since I foresee Jones as more of 3rd down back than a starter like Redman/Dwyer

  • CW

    He’s not a bad running back. He’s got some speed and he’s somewhat talented. He’s really a good running back by committee sort of back. He can’t do it all, but throw him in the mix and he’s decent at threatening the edge with speed and he can catch a pass better than Dwyer can.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Does he play OL or TE?

  • Richard Edlin

    I doubt either player was going to make the next cut-down; they both might now. I’d be surprised if Jones made the 53.

  • Soliciting Steelers

    I saw the same thing on the NFL Network reshowing, didn’t think much of it till you mentioned it, good call!

  • StrengthOfVictory

    Jones is a former 1st rounder. I think he can be a workhorse, every-down back with the size and speed to threaten the edge AND experience in zone blocking (while Bell heals). I don’t think LSH has a major injury; I just think the Steelers know they can’t play Howling every down.

    That said: So long, Batch.


    thank God, i thought i might of imagined it!!

    Tomlin is as unlikeable as he is likeable, another couple of players he singled out over his time are no longer with us Mendenhall and Lewis…

  • CW

    Think that was pretty much in the cards already. Baron Batch has done next to nothing to justify keeping him around this preseason.

  • Jason Brant

    I wonder what this does to Dwyer and/or Batch.

  • dgh57

    I thought with the lack of depth on the o-line that’s where we would be making a trade if a trade was going to happen! We traded away from a area of surplus (OLB) we should at least trade towards a area of need: the o-line!


    Robinson played quite well in pre-season week 1 – He was 2nd team OLB for me, i’m sure the Eagles wouldn’t have done the trade for Carter… Personality clash for me…

  • dgh57

    Nothing for Dwyer but Batch better look out!

  • steeltown

    Felix Jones has shown flashes of being a great RB in the past, he has struggled at times with injury, but overall he’s a solid RB and he was pretty much healthy last season, played in all 16games

  • Mkeller

    I have a buddy that’s an Eagles fan that called this (2) days ago to bust my balls. Now he’s blowing my phone up gloating about how much a football genius he is. Its just killing me. Somehow the Steelers, whom I love are sucking the joy out of life right now.
    Where’s Kevin Colbert? Who is this imposter that’s been wearing his clothes and doing interviews? What the hell is going on over there!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Felix Jones hasn’t been healthy since he was in the 8th grade!!!!!!!!!!

  • steeltown

    Agreed.. with Jarvis Jones as the main backup at ROLB.. A.Robinson was basically 3rd string

  • Mkeller

    Felix Jones will never be an every down back. He’s constantly injured. He’s a name and that’s it. Had a chance to be an every down back last year when Murray was out and got injured. Its a nothing move.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    Look at the potential of this move is all I’m saying. What it could do for them while Bell heals. What have they lost? A LB who might not have made the final cut?

  • Mkeller

    All I am saying is if you’re trading ANYTHING for Felix Jones before the season starts you might have a problem.


    I’m not understanding this trade. The 53 prior to this trade looked like Bell, Dwyer, Redman, S-Howling, Batch…of this group…Batch & S-Howling would definitely see some ST time.

    Maybe they keep 6 RBs, but this looks like an insurance/
    depth move in case Bell takes longer than 6 weeks. I don’t see Jones playing much ST…I’m thinking he will not be on the roster long term….when Bell is ready to go, I don’t see enough carries to justify keeping him.

  • treeher

    Conceptually, fine to trade Robinson for a running back, but to trade for a guy in his 6th year who has a long history of injuries and has lost one, if not two, steps, is a head scratcher. Just a body for short term? If so, then a wasted trade.

  • Kolie Oak

    How Ironic!!!
    The pick before Mendanhall comes to the Burgh!!!””

  • Josh Snyder

    I feel like Batch is still safe bc of special teams play compared to Dwyer/Redman.

  • Jason Brant

    I wouldn’t be so sure about Dwyer.

  • walter mason

    Batch, as in barren. Last years camp phenom, this years angry man.

  • Rosco

    Maybe we can take Felix to the superbowl just like we took Flozzell!!

  • NW86

    ???!!!??? I was NOT expecting to get on here to see THIS type of news.
    Initial reaction – I guess not a bad move since A. Robinson wasn’t going to contribute this year and F. Jones can. Still though, I can’t help thinking they need to trade for an O-linemen, not a RB. This seems to indicate again that they don’t think highly of Dwyer and Redman, and I still maintain that those guys could run if they had any blocking. I don’t see F. Jones as an upgrade – just another equal to throw in the mix with the others, and we already have plenty of RB’s.

  • Steeler Wheeler

    couldn’t agree more. Robinson was just going to rot on bench so I’m OK moving him, but maybe for a TE that can block or move Worilds for a starting tackle. I suppose if LSH is hurt and the only backs they had are Dwyer and Redman it makes a little bit of sense…but man, Felix Jones?

  • RW

    I don’t mind trading Adrian Robinson away, but was Felix Jones the best available RB out there?

  • steeltown

    For the price, I would think so

  • cencalsteeler

    With Robinson probably not making it to the final 53, it’s a no brainer. At this point I feel any offensive addition is a positive. We need to average more than 20 points a game, and if Felix helps us accomplish that it’s a win win. The more offensive weapons, the better.

  • dgh57

    Well, lets just say I’m more sure about Batch.

  • dgh57

    Felix Jones is a upgrade over Batch as he’ a better runner, pass catcher, and can return kick offs.

  • TxSteeler

    I agree. If they both don’t work out it’s a push. If Felix contributes it’s a win. I remember the cowgirls game a few years ago when Jones ran all over us. Without Townsend’s INT for a TD we would have lost that game.

  • daddeeekip

    This was a good trade for the Steelers and the reason I say this. It’s better to get a player who will contribute on offense and ST vs a player who will only play ST when he is on the active roster for that game.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Not sure I understand the logic personally. We are getting no pressure from our OLB’s so we trade a prospect for a HB that is identical to LSH. Someone help me here.

  • joed32

    As Steeltown said he played in 16 games last year 111 carries with a 3.6 YPC and caught 26 balls for 10.5. He scored 5 TDs