Steelers Versus Giants: Breaking Down The Sack Allowed By Ramon Foster

During the Pittsburgh Steelers first offensive possession Saturday night in their loss to the New York Giants, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was sacked on third and 16 by defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins.

In the animated gif below, you will see Jenkins is lined up in a three technique position opposite left guard Ramon Foster. At the snap, Foster gets his hands outside Jenkins but doesn\’t control his arms enough or slow down his rush enough. Jenkins is able to push at first and club Foster across the side of his head with his left arm. That easily put the Steelers guard off balance and Jenkins has a free run at an easy sack.

Jenkins talked about the sack after the game.

“I just had a feeling I was going to be one-on-one and I pushed him up the field a little bit and hit a good inside move on him,” said Jenkins. “The opposite side defensive end got great push and forced Ben to have to step up in the pocket, and once I came in I was able to get him down.”

Foster has only allowed five sacks in total over the course of the last two seasons, so I think it is way too early to get concerned after one preseason game.

Steelers Giants animated gif Ramon Foster sack

  • Mike.H

    Reggie White of Green Bay often tossed OL around with that signature move.

  • grw1960

    Isn’t it illegal for lineman to club other lineman in the head these days?

  • Shannon Stephenson

    It may not be a major concern but he looked horrible on that play

  • cencalsteeler

    You can’t win them all, tip your hat to Jenkins.

  • charles

    The more film that I see of Pouncey the less that I like him. He acted the same way in an earlier Gif about Decastro that you guys showed!

  • alex

    gonna see alota this from BALT and CINN this year!

  • alex

    didnt Pouncy know that he had 3 guys to his right defending 2 guys and only 2 to his left defending 2?!

  • JohnnyV1

    Agreed! Probowlers don’t make those mistakes.

  • Anthony G

    That should have been a flag. You are NOT allowed to club a guy in the head. Foster gets a pass on that one.

  • Anthony G

    “Hands cannot be thrust forward above the frame to contact an opponent on the neck, face or head. ”

    “Note: The frame is defined as the part of the opponent’s body below the neck that is presented to the blocker.”

  • SteelersNick

    Ramon Foster SUCKS, plain and simple. I love the steelers and will cheer for anyone that steps on to the field, but I am not a fan that ignores the obvious. The steelers organization has put positive spin on bad O-lineman like Trai Essex, Chukky Okobi, Doug Legursky, Craig Urbik, Tony Hills, and Ramon Foster. We keep hearing that they “had position flexibility” and “they have experience as starters”. Bottom line is that none of these guys can play and this is the reason why we have one of the worst O-lines in the NFL.

  • charles

    Hate stats but I believe Marczi said that Foster only gave up 5 sacks last year.

  • SteelersNick

    If the steelers had another Qb, Foster would have given up more sacks. Ben takes a lot of hits and avoids a lot of sacks because of Foster. Not to single him out because everyone not named Pouncey played poorly last season. Fortunately, Gilbert, Adams, and DeCastro are all young and show promise.

  • charles

    But wait just a minute, Ben leads the league in sacks. Therefore you might say that sometimes he holds the ball too long. Therefore Foster’s numbers are even more impressive not less?

  • steeltown