Steelers Versus Giants – Offense, Defense, Special Teams Play Counts

Below are the snap counts from the Pittsburgh Steelers first preseason game against the New York Giants along with a few observations.

Of the things that stick out the most, four of the five starting offensive linemen played 31 snaps. Center Maurkice Pouncey was smartly pulled after 19 plays along with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The newly-signed tight end Michael Palmer saw 19 snaps of playing time which was pretty surprising. On defense, the starters were done after 9 plays.

Of the players that did not play, tackle Joe Long and tight end Jamie McCoy were both surprises. We know now that McCoy had a wrist problem, so you have to wonder if Long was also dinged up.

J. MaleckiG4771%13%
D. PaulsonTE3858%1239%
J. CheadleG3553%26%
C. HubbardG3553%26%
K. BeachumG3553%13%
M. AdamsT3147%13%
D. DeCastroG3147%13%
M. GilbertT3147%13%
R. FosterG3147%13%
J. BrownWR2639%723%
M. WheatonWR2436%413%
J. DwyerRB2335%1135%
D. GilreathWR1929%413%
M. PalmerTE1929%26%
A. BrownWR1929%0
M. PounceyC1929%0
E. SandersWR1929%0
B. RoethlisbergerQB1929%0
B. GradkowskiQB1929%0
D. BatisteT1929%0
P. TuitupouTE1827%619%
A. AlexanderRB1827%13%
K. MooreWR1624%619%
G. WhimperT1624%0
D. MoyeWR1523%516%
L. JonesQB1523%0
J. WoodsWR1320%516%
L. Stephens-HowlingRB1320%0
J. WilsonQB1320%0
N. OverbayTE1117%26%
B. BatchRB1015%826%
R. DunnWR1015%619%
J. CotcheryWR914%13%
W. JohnsonFB812%1032%
I. RedmanRB23%
D. Cromartie-SmithDB5987%1135%
A. WoodsDE5885%310%
R. GoldenSS5784%1135%
J. VictorianDB4566%826%
I. GreenDB4160%619%
J. JonesLB4160%0
B. ArnfeltDE4059%723%
V. WilliamsLB2841%1445%
T. GarvinLB2740%1135%
J. WorildsLB2740%26%
S. ThomasDB2638%1135%
C. CarterLB2334%1135%
B. RolleLB2232%929%
K. WilsonLB2131%1548%
A. Ta\’amuDT2029%0
M. McFaddenLB1928%1548%
C. HeywardDE1928%0
A. BaxterLB1826%1342%
R. SteedDB1826%1135%
D. SmithDB1826%929%
A. RobinsonLB1826%516%
H. FangupoDT1319%310%
L. FooteLB913%26%
B. KeiselDE913%26%
R. ClarkFS913%26%
T. PolamaluSS913%26%
I. TaylorCB913%26%
W. GayCB913%26%
L. WoodleyLB913%26%
L. TimmonsLB913%26%
E. HoodDE913%26%
S. McLendonDT812%26%
S. SylvesterLB11%723%
G. WarrenLS1135%0
B. MoormanP723%0
D. ButlerP516%0
S. SuishamK413%0
D. HrapmannK310%0
J. MadsenC310%0
M. GolicG310%0
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