Steelers Versus Panthers – Winners And Losers

The Pittsburgh Steelers finished their 2013 preseason winless Thursday night as they lost 25-10 to the Carolina Panthers. Here is my weekly list of winners and losers and make sure to add your own in the comments below.


Derek Moye – Moye increased his chances of making the final 53 man roster Thursday night by catching two passes for 55 yards and tracking down Panthers cornerback Josh Norman following an interception. Moye never gave up on the play and he saved a touchdown as a result. That will not go unnoticed when the coaches look at the film. On his two catches, Moye did a great job of getting extra yardage and he’s had a solid preseason. If the Steelers keep five wide receivers, he should be the fifth.

Felix Jones – In just his second game with the Steelers, Jones rushed for 56 yards on 14 carries and he showed a little burst and good cutback ability on a few of those carries. After the game, head coach Mike Tomlin praised his efforts and said that the former first-round draft pick helped himself.

Chris Carter – While it wasn’t a perfect night for Carter, at least he showed up several times in the final preseason game after being virtually invisible in the first three games. The former fifth-round draft pick was credited with two sacks on the night as he played a lot of snaps on both the right and left side. We shall see if this performance was good enough to earn him a roster spot.

Alan Baxter – Baxter had a great preseason for an undrafted free agent and he always seemed to be pressuring the quarterback. In addition, he showed the ability to get to the sideline as well as chase from the backside. If Baxter does not make the final 53 man roster, he will most definitely end up on the practice squad.

Al Woods – Woods played some at nose tackle and left defensive end Thursday night and he recorded five total tackles in the game. While his performance wasn’t as good as the one a few weeks ago, he showed Thursday night that he can be counted on as a backup defensive lineman.


Reggie Dunn – If Dunn had any shot at making the final 53 man roster heading into the game against the Panthers, that shot has now vaporized. Not only did the Utah speedster fail to field a few punts cleanly, his decision to field one deep in his own end that resulted in a safety simply cant be ignored even in the preseason. Dunn is now done.

Jonathan Dwyer – While he did rush for 28 yards on six carries, Dwyer left some yards on the field with his indecisiveness. In addition, he also fumbled again, but luckily the offense retained possession. If the Steelers wind up keeping Jones, who also can return kicks, then Dwyer might be sent packing unless the team keeps five running backs in total.

Curtis Brown – It’s hard to know for sure until we see a better shot of the two touchdowns, but Brown was victimized at least once if not twice by Panthers wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. for long touchdowns. If not for his play on special teams, Brown would be an easy cut, but being as the Steelers lack depth at the cornerback position, he might end up staying one more season. We will know soon.

DaMon Cromartie-Smith – Like Brown, we will not know for sure how much blame to place on Cromartie-Smith for the long touchdowns until we see better angles. All we know right now is that the Steelers safety wasn’t even close to being in the play. It sure looked like he was guilty of not giving help over the top on one of them.

Landry Jones – While the rookie quarterback did have a few good throws early in the game, he wasn’t overly impressive through four quarters. Two of his three interceptions were bad throws and he seems to be slow going through his progressions. At least he has a full game of tape to learn from and hopefully we have seen the last of him until next season.

  • TJimmy

    Can’t help but root for Derek Moye. He seems to have the height, the hustle, the ball skills and elusiveness to be a solid 5th receiver.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    I didn’t see the game, but I thought Landry only threw 2 ints, and one was because the receiver fell down.

  • Matt Searls

    it was 3

  • Matt Searls

    hopefully he can show that he will be able to take a bigger role next year when some of our receivers leave.

  • dgh57

    I would add David Paulson to the winners list with 4 catches on 4 targets and a TD.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Put Wheaton on the losers as he had a poor game with a few drops.

  • sean mcmartin

    How did “The Hurdle ” by the TE not make the winner list?


    i think you could put Landry in both, first half winner, thought he looked great, made some great decisions – second half, i think he suffered from a bit of over confidence in his arm, but all told I was impressed by his skill set

    curtis Brown is woeful, our secondary depth is a shambles

  • Matthew Marczi

    True. It was a long time coming for all the beat writers’ talk of his ’emergence’ as a receiver to actually be seen in a stadium.

  • CW

    If I were adding to the winners I’d definitely add S Golden, CB Green, ILB Williams, ILB McFadden, DE Arnfelt, and ILB Garvin on the list.

    Williams and McFadden look like they should be solid backups and special teams players this year as inside linebackers. And Vince Williams looks like an incredible 6th round pick at this point. He might finally be the replacement Buck we’ve been looking for since Farrior retired.

    Golden and Green, while not perfect in the secondary showed a lot more upside than Cromartie-Smith or Curtis Brown.

    Arnfelt definitely has the look of a future Steelers 3-4 Defensive end. While he will probably get cut, hopefully he lands on the practice squad so the Steelers can develop him fully to potentially become a backup or even starter at some point in the future.

    Finally Garvin was a late rookie addition, but he showed a great deal of special teams skill and looks like he could be a very good inside linebacker and hybrid defense nickelbacker in the future. Once again I fully expect the Steelers to cut him, but hope he gets on the practice squad.

  • steeltown

    Indeed, he had 3INTs, but one of them was because the WR fell on the route, not his fault (I think the WR was Dunn)

  • steeltown

    Agreed. It was a tale of two QBs if you ask me, he looked decent in the 1st Half, moving around the pocket extending plays, but he had poor accuracy and judgment in the 2nd Half

  • steeltown

    Cant agree more… McFadden and V.Williams should be the backups inside this year.. V.Williams looks beastly, sooo physical and Arnfelt and Garvin, though they might not make the 53man should BOTH land on the PS
    Golden and Green did have nice games, If Hawthorne makes the 53man I could see I.Green making the PS

  • Bradys_Dad

    Moye is a keeper. Anything to the contrary is just plain silliness. There were but a handful of players that seemed to “want it” as badly as Moye did. Felix Jones may end up being a streak of genius and the way Baxter, Carter and Woods played was very encouraging. The 2nd & 3rd string secondary are really frightening, especially in the light of season repeating injuries to Troy and Ryan along with the loss of Keenan. It didn’t look like Cortez put forth his best effort t either but I still have high hopes for his talent. I really hope that we find a released CB or safety of value in the upcoming days. Derek Anderson ate up our backs …… Derek Anderson !!!! Enough said.

  • Busforever

    He played a little, but I liked the fact that when Stephens-Howling came on the field, he made a 17 yards run, with good moves inside the tackles. I think Felix Jones and him can share the load with good results, they both have good instincts to be effective on those zone runs. Dwyer can’t be trust as a full starter, focus on the ball seems a problem, but he ran well. He could be effective if he only has a few plays to make. Problem I have with Redman is, he’s injured. Can we keep on the 53 roster two injured RB?

  • NW86

    Redman is fine, they just kept him out of this game as a precaution because they “already knew what he could do” according to Tomlin.

  • Larry Sarver

    Very excited about Felix Jones. Instincts, choices, production, even running behind 2nd OL. Can’t imagine why Dallas & Philly let him go? What am I Missing?

  • Larry Sarver

    Curtis Brown has flunked out as CB!

  • Shea Fahr


  • Shea Fahr

    Yeah, he had me scratching my head on some of those drops. Not a great night for him at all.

  • Shea Fahr

    True, they had nothing to counter the speed of Ginn.

  • T R

    because a hurdle can get you on the injury or fumble list.. just down down.. the first down was made.

  • Bilge

    He can’t stay healthy.

  • CW

    With Andre Brown breaking his leg and the general crapshoot that the Jets have in the way of talent at skill positions, I hope the Steelers trade Dwyer to either the Jets or the Giants for either a backup lineman or a late round pick.

    Bell, Jones, Howling, and Redman should be a solid running back corps for the year.

  • steeltown

    I honestly hope Isaiah Green makes the PS, he doesn’t have great size but he has speed and he tackles well.. a year from now he could make the Team as the #5 or #6, especially if Brown continues to underachieve

  • steeltown

    That’s a solid RB core for this year and yrs to come, IMO

  • CW

    I mostly agree, however Redman could probably be upgraded in next year’s draft with a younger, cheaper short yardage guy.

    Thinking of someone like James Wilder, FSU , Kenny Hilliard, LSU, or take a gamble on Carlos Hyde, OSU. Each should be available in the mid to late rounds and should be able to replace Redman as the short yardage guy for four years at a much lower total cost.

  • Pete

    I’ve always been a big backer of Curtis Brown but I’m expecting to see a little more maturity in his game and I’m not seeing it. He’s slowly creeping to bustville if he doesn’t continue to grow.

  • cencalsteeler

    Agree. I like keeping Green over Victorian. If Victorian impressed, he would’ve seen more playing time last season and his preseason play didn’t help his cause. I feel the same way with Van Dyke. It’s no different than the punting scenario., go with the youth.

  • cencalsteeler

    I might not win too many fans with this comment, but the dbs concern me (this includes Gay). Allen is unproven. And as much as I love Ike as a person and what he stands for, I question his cover skills at this stage of his game. I think this is the weak link on our D this season, and I hope I’m wrong.