Steelers Waive LS Luke Ingram; Claim CB Buddy Jackson Off Waivers

Every year the Pittsburgh Steelers bring in a long snapper to challenge veteran Greg Warren for his job and every year Warren discards them to the side. This year it was no different for Warren as the Steelers waived undrafted free agent long snapper Luke Ingram on Thursday.

Ingram had a stellar career at Hawaii and I thought he might be the one to finally knock Warren off the top of the long snapping mountain.

The Steelers replaced Ingram on the roster by claiming cornerback Buddy Jackson off waivers from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Jackson signed with the Chiefs in the middle of May after he previously spent time with the New York Giants, Washington Redskins and the Indianapolis Colts after playing his college ball at the University of Pittsburgh.

The addition of yet another cornerback is not a big surprise as Cortez Allen (knee), Terry Hawthorne (knee) and DeMarcus Van Dyke (hamstring) are all currently sidelined with injuries.

  • VaDave

    That’s kind of early in camp for that kind of cut. Usually, they have another LS to lighten the work load up to the second or third round of cuts. Must have been something that happened at camp or in this kids background that came to light, like maybe there was some “Juice” on his fast ball…..

  • dgh57

    Well so much for the much hoped for Luke Ingram/Greg Warren camp battle for the LS position!

  • Madi

    Any idea if Ingram was less than perfect on his snaps?


    This is a no brainer, did Warren ever do anything wrong? No. So why take up a place, when we have 3 cb’s all out injured, we need the dudes, great move.

    It’s not got anything to do with Ingram at all, how do you improve on a long snapper that is pretty darn perfect anyway? Bringing another LS to camp is simply to keep Warren on his toes so he doesn’t become complacent. In this case needs must.

    Our problem isn’t at LS its at CB, its a weak area before all these injuries, now its even weaker, i’m not pressing the panic button quite yet – but this is the biggest area of weakness on this team right now.

  • CW

    Warren had several big errors last year. A bad snap in one game effectively cost the Steelers the game by putting the Steelers on their own goal line to start an opposing possession and a botched block in a Bengals game cost the Steelers the playoffs. There were a couple other bad moments, but nothing as bad as those two incidents. So this would have been the year to look for a replacement.

    But they wouldn’t cut Ingram if Warren hadn’t seriously beaten him as long snapper.

  • Shea Fahr

    …or maybe they are starting to run thin on CB bodies.

  • Shea Fahr

    I think he had 2 errors, not several.

  • VaDave

    Good possibility.

  • VaDave

    3 mistakes in 8 years…. the guy is human afterall….

  • Douglas Andrews

    Looks like there was never any competition at all huh!

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I really thought this was the year Warren would be gone. I have done poor on my UDFA’s that I thought would challenge for roster spots….lets me know I am where i need to be….on the couch

  • NW86

    Huh, so much for all the Luke Ingram hype I guess. I was on the bandwagon to go with the young kid this year, of course that was based on nothing but what I had read about him. It does make you wonder if there was some issue between him and the coaching staff that we’re not aware of – but we’ll probably never know. It will be interesting to see if anyone else brings him to camp.

  • steeltown

    Boy was I dead wrong, he was one of my UDFA favorites to possibly make the 53man… gotta love Training camp very unpredictable.

    Still surprised we’re only carrying ONE long snapper this early on

  • steeltown

    Yep, age, past knee injuries and a few mishaps last season made them take a gander at Ingram.. I thought he had a legit chance

  • steeltown

    Yea but competition in camp is paramount, not to mention injury can take place on any day. I would’ve rather released one of the 4th string LBs like Kion Wilson or even Brian Rolle instead of carrying only one LS this early on, atleast through the 2nd or 3rd preseason game

  • bonairsfavoriteson

    this is the the same buddy jackson that could not get off the bench for a very mediocre to bad Pitt team. talk about a team lacking in talent.

  • Luke Shabro

    I know they’re hurting on depth at corner right now for camp but I have a hard time coping with the fact that we let a young guy go that POSSIBLY could’ve replaced Warren and replaced him with a corner that is not going to make the team. If Buddy Jackson makes the team I will eat my hat.