Steelers Troy Polamalu Uncontused On Wednesday; Jason Worilds Less Than Ideal

Not only did the Pittsburgh Steelers get running backs Le\’Veon Bell and LaRod Stephens-Howling back on the practice field Wednesday, but safety Troy Polamalu and linebacker Jason Worilds also returned to action as well.

Polamalu, who Bob Labriola said looked good at the end of Wednesday\’s practice, had been sidelined for a few days prior to the day off Tuesday with what head coach Mike Tomlin called a contused birth certificate.

In a recent interview, Polamalu said he has to pace himself this year in training camp in an effort to make sure he starts the regular season healthy. He also added that he feels “great” right now, so you can expect Tomlin will want to keep it that way for the remainder of training camp. In other words, Polamalu\’s birth certificate is likely to be contused a few more times prior to the team leaving Latrobe.

As far as Worilds goes, he and his great toe are back on the field again working and Tomlin addressed his situation at the conclusion of practice.

“He\’s fine medically speaking,” said Tomlin. “I\’m sure he\’s less than ideal. It\’s just that time of year and let\’s face it, during the course of a football season, often times you\’re less than ideal. He\’s out here working to get better and it\’s good to have him back out.”

Unfortunately for Worilds, he has been less than ideal going on four years now. You know he sees all the good press rookie Jarvis Jones has been receiving since the team started practicing at Saint Vincent College, so perhaps that made his great toe feel a little bit greater on Wednesday.

While Tomlin has yet to address which players will sit out the preseason opener Saturday night against the New York Giants, Worilds very well could be one of them if he is less than ideal for the remainder of the week. Should that wind up happening, it will be an ideal situation for Jones to perhaps cozy right up next the former second-round draft pick on the Steelers depth chart.

  • Steve

    It will be interesting who starts against the Giants Saturday night, but this is only pre season, so don’t get too excited on who plays and when. These games are player evaluations and thrown out the window once the regular season starts. When people are talked about, in practice or during a game, It is noticed and makes people talk, which is enough to make anyone well, less they loose their job. I like how you use the word “Cozy” (HA)!

  • Matt Searls

    I thought it was a contusion?

  • 2443scott

    let them all play and see what they got there is enough plays in a whole game to give everyone 4 snaps ..other teams play their rookies right away if they showed talent and i think this rookie camp has shown some that reg starters really dont need to be in first game any way they know what to do and can do…

  • Aric Brown

    contusion = bruise – – – – contused = bruised

    same word different tense thats all…. it looked funny to me also

  • Stephen Dale

    find the four best and start them……….

  • Stephen Dale

    if J JOnes and his 4.9/40 is better than Worilds, he needs to be on the field. after all, he is 25 and doesn’t have that many years left.

  • steeltown

    Good problem to have.. seriously.. Worilds will produce this season, but if there is injury to him or Woodley, we have Jarvis in the wings

  • Matt Searls

    It was concussed before he changed it

  • John Mazza

    If you’re going to troll Stephanie get your stats right.. He’s 23.