Jarvis Jones Listed As Co-Starter On Steelers First Regular Season Depth Chart

The first Pittsburgh Steelers depth chart of the 2013 regular season is now out and it shows Jason Worilds and rookie Jarvis Jones listed as the co-starters at the right outside linebacker position.

On Monday, Jones only received one rep with the starters during practice, according to Jim Wexell of Steel City Insider, who also quoted fellow outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley as saying that we shouldn’t read too much into the three man rotation used by the first-team defense during the preseason.

Being as Jones is listed as a co-starter, we will just have to wait and see how he is used in the Sunday season opener against the Tennessee Titans. Head coach Mike Tomlin will hold his first press conference of the season on Tuesday, so there is a chance he might be asked about his initially plans for Jones. Whether or not he will be forthcoming with his answer is a different story.

As far as other notable depth chart listings, wide receiver Antonio Brown is listed as the top punt returner while running back LaRod Stephens-Howling is listed as the top kick returner.

Cody Wallace, who was signed to the roster on Sunday, is only listed as the backup center behind Maurkice Pouncey and Guy Whimper is only listed as the backup left guard to Ramon Foster after only playing right tackle and right guard during the preseason.

At the running back position, Isaac Redman is listed as a co-starter alongside rookie Le’Veon Bell, who is expected to sit out the opener with a sprained foot.

  • steeltown

    I think more than anything..this will push Worilds, he’s going to bring it when he’s in there.
    Im guessing Whimper is the emergency swing OG? Im not sure just how much position flexibility he has, maybe they see him as the emergency backup to all positions (except Center) behind utility man Beachum…

  • Bob Loblaw

    Let’s just hope that “bring it” doesn’t mean more stupid penalties.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    I like Vince Williams’ new number. #98

  • steeltown

    Indeed, but atleast he shows up on the Field and is tenacious, unlike some players I wont name {cough Carter}

  • Shea Fahr

    …and there we go!!

  • Shea Fahr


  • Jeff

    Does anyone else feel like Woodley has been acting a little shady since he was criticized last year for being out of shape? He argues with people over what injury he had, and the same day this report comes out he’s telling people to not expect much of a 3 man rotation at OLB. He’s either not on the same page with the coaching staff whatsoever, or he’s being naive. I’m leaning toward the latter. Either way, I think he’s going to step up this year – he knows he has to.

  • Luke Shabro

    I don’t want to see Whimper as anything! Is his salary guaranteed yet or is that only in effect if he’s on the roster Sat. night? Tomlin did say he was still looking at cut players. Not sure they’re done yet

  • dgh57

    Co-starter sounds better than what Woodley had to say! It’s best to listen to what comes out of the coaches mouth as Woodley has proved.

  • steeltown

    Im not sure what the salary ramifications are heading into the weekend..

  • GoSteelerz

    Well that’s great… On defense there are only four guys I feel good about being ready capable backups. Al Woods, Vince Williams, Robert Golden, and Shamarko Thomas. Maybe Kion Wilson… Maybe… The rest of these guys do not give me any confidence whatsoever. Let’s hope these guys either develop fast and/or that we stay injury free… The latter is unfortunately unlikely. I definitely have concerns about this year.

  • walter mason

    At the start of preseason, I thought we had some depth at CB but I see that Curtis Brown is listed as the backup. Scary.

  • steeltown

    I know, im hoping after the Spaeth move they either bring in another CB or atleast sign Isaiah Green to the PS

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Depth at the CB position has me really worried, especially if we were to lose Ike. I would feel much more comfortable if we added another guy to the roster once Spaeth moves to the IRdesignation list.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I have no worries about our Dline depth. One of our more sound positions. Woods, Fangupo and Heyward I feel really good about.

    I am “okay” with where we are at OLB. Jones is going to push Worilds, but Carter needs to at least show he is capable of being a ST contributor or they may bring back Baxter from the PS later in the year. This is Carter’s last chance, although I would expect the same things to be said about him this camp as they said about Sylvester.

    At ILB, I know that McFadden is still out there as is Rolle, so injuries don’t scare me too much there. Williams I think is going to be very good. I hope that Spence is closer than we all think, or maybe at least an option for NEXT year.

    At Safety, another position I am fully comfortable. Golden and Shamarko can fill the depth roles nicely, even DCS. I think if injuries happen there, we will need to accept the lack of potential splash plays from the safety position. Clark causes fumbles with big hits, Troy…well, he is just special. Him staying healthy is like the Ravens getting Lewis back, he is a leader and a difference maker.

    The CB position if scary when it comes to lack of depth. The starters great, but when we go nickel and dime, we are going to need help from the safeties in coverage. I don’t trust Gay or Brown in coverage and I personally have never seen this new CB play. I hope we have a plan.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I am not even there. Only Woods to me is a decent back up the rest are potential who are not yet proven but believe me I hope you are correct because we will get injuries….its in the game!!!

  • Steeler Wheeler

    CB is definitely the scariest, and not just a lack of depth…Ike has been up and down a lot lately IMO, Cortez is unproven still, and Gay is extremely reliable, we can definitely count on him to blow a game this September. If he’s #3, god help us.

  • Bell Cow

    This might be the weakest offensive line, cornerback, and tight end depth I’ve seen from the Steelers for a while. I hope Whimper, Curtis Brown, Paulson or Palmer do not ever have to start or play significant time this season.

    Sorry Dave but I have to call you out on Jarvis Jones. Not only did you say it was doubtful he would start this year, but you thought it was a mistake to even draft him. Now look…

  • Bell Cow

    Agreed. Corner depth does look bad. However, thankfully Shamarko and Golden are flexible enough to play both safety and corner.