Mike Tomlin Says Cody Wallace Was Signed Because He Is A Known Commodity At Center

Tuesday morning, I posted what I believed to be the main reason why the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to replace John Malecki with Cody Wallace over the weekend and it turns out that I hit the nail on the head. During his Tuesday press conference, head coach Mike Tomlin was asked if Wallace was signed mainly because he is a true center.

“Really, it’s the chief reason why he’s here,” said Tomlin. “He’s a known commodity from a professional football standpoint in terms of snapping the ball. He’s also guard capable. This is a guy who was a three-year starter at Texas A&M at center and has been in the league and on several different teams in that capacity. He’s a sharp guy, he’s got good quickness and we believe he’s going to be a positive asset to our group.”

As I stated in my earlier post, at first I didn’t understand the move but after going back and doing some research that included watching tape of both Wallace and Malecki, it is much easier to understand why the move was made.

While Wallace does need to work on his play at guard, the Steelers really only envision him playing center initially as Kelvin Beachum will more than likely be the first lineman off the bench should something happen to David DeCastro or Ramon Foster. The team just wasn’t satisfied with what Malecki could give them at the center position and that is why he was ultimately waived.


    i watched the bucs skins game tape, he got walked back near the qb a few times, but he appears to have good upper body strength, as when he locked on, he didn’t get beaten by moves, he was also quick, moved well and played to the whistle.
    Wasn’t blown away by him in the run game….
    but I was pretty impressed overall.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    That was my take as well. Again, this guy is a back up. If he was good enough to be a starter, he would be starting. In this situation you have to take the positive attributes and live with the shortcomings.

    He looks decent in pass blocking and finishes well. I’ll take that.

  • steeltown

    I was upset about Malecki because I was rooting for him to improve and finally make the roster this year, BUT when I put emotions aside it seems they made a good move here.. Cody is bigger, stronger and faster

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    I’m relieved that I was wrong about how it was a financial decision ha! Still got me thinking, Guy Whimper, a career back-up tackle who got moved to offensive guard with no experience, is still on roster? Why aren’t they going out for a more “proven guard” hence Cody Wallace signing? The reason for this signing make me even more baffled for the other signing, especially Guy Whimper.

  • John21

    Re: Cody Wallace
    Not that it matters now but I was screaming for selecting Barrett Jones
    in Round 4…maybe when we turned the card in it just said JONES and we
    ended up with Landry! Then Tomlin being the guy he is just went with it!

  • steeltown

    On a side note, I see Nik Embernate has reverted back to IR and is now listed, that’s nice to see, I wish him a strong recovery, him and J.Cheadle

  • JohnnyV1

    We had a guy that snapped the ball, and had Superbowl snapping experience, what was his name….Legursky, yeah, that was him. And please don’t tell me how much better Cody Wallace is at guard, or zone blocking. It’s all BS. Moving on.

  • PA2AK

    isn’t Legursky now done for the season?

  • PA2AK

    Sorry, it’s “might not go on IR”. So just good enough that it doesn’t take him out for the season so far. Loved Legursky and what he was able to do for us in a moments’ notice. Wish him luck. Not worried that he’s gone though.

  • Gautama Om

    Still much better than Beachum or a converted Dlineman/OG Malecki at OC who weren’t good against opposing non-starters, let alone starters. Solid developmental pick with tons of experience at OC.

  • Guest

    Legursky was too small to be a center let alone guard in this league. Malecki was a bit bigger but not by much. That said I was glad to see the Steelers finally bring in some bigger offensive lineman. Too bad most of them didn’t make the roster. I would have liked to have seen Hawthorne and Dunn on the practice squad. Still not getting the whole merry go round of CB’s the last couple of days.