Mike Tomlin Hints That Isaac Redman Will Start Against The Bengals

Despite only rushing for nine yards on eight carries in the Sunday season-opening loss to the Tennessee Titans, Pittsburgh Steelers running back Isaac Redman might make his second straight start Monday night against the Cincinnati Bengals.

“Obviously, he played a bad game, a lot of us did,” said Tomlin when asked if he still has confidence in Redman, who fumbled twice against the Titans. “He’ll be given an opportunity to redeem himself; we’ll see where that takes us.”

Due to the serious knee injury suffered Sunday by LaRod Stephens-Howling that will force him to miss the rest of the season, the Steelers re-signed Jonathan Dwyer on Monday. Tomlin talked about the return of the Steelers former sixth-round draft pick on Tuesday.

“It’s a positive when you can add somebody that knows your culture, what you are doing schematically,” said Tomlin of Dwyer. “We’ll get him back into the fold. He will be a quick plug in there.”

The newest depth chart that was released on Tuesday shows Redman still listed as the co-starter alongside rookie Le’Veon Bell, who continues to work his way back from the foot injury he suffered during the preseason. Dwyer is listed last on that depth chart behind Felix Jones, who saw very limited playing time and no carries against the Titans. Tomlin talked Tuesday about what Jones needs to do in order to get more playing time moving forward.

“He just needs to continue to learn,” said Tomlin of Jones, who the team acquired in a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles halfway through the preseason. “Obviously, he hadn’t been here as long as some of the others, being picked up late in the preseason.”

While Tomlin may have hinted that Redman will get the start at running back Monday night against the Bengals, he didn’t come right out and say it. With Jones continuing to catch up and with Dwyer now back in the fold, it wouldn’t be surprising to see either of those two get the start in Cincinnati.

  • Jaime

    last year with two fumbles mendenhall and dwyer was listed as last of the list, now, redman lost an important fumble and repeats as starter, i don’t understand

  • Pete

    I’m expecting either to start but I think Dwyer is the better back and wouldn’t be surprised to see him start. This team needs to give one of the backs a sizable amount of carries so he can get into the rhythm.

  • Rod Hedrick

    I am tired of Tomlin

  • schlong

    The whole learning curve excuse amuses me. These are NFL running backs. You’re telling me Felix Jones was too confused by our scheme that he couldn’t have taken the ball up the middle for three yards last week? Give me a break. Meanwhile, Mendenhall looked pretty solid last week for Arizona…

  • WilliamSekinger

    I really want to say that Tomlin has learned from last year about being too quick to pull a guy from a game or starting role. I really really want to believe that…but I just don’t anymore. There is favoritism at work on the Steelers roster and on the sidelines (IMHO) and I don’t like it one bit.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    They might as well be pulling fans from the stands at this point. How you miss a whole preseason only to start the first game and…let’s just say as a RB, Red’s performance was a mortal sin…be ineffective can warrant you more playing time in the next game is quite confusing. Redman just won the lottery of second or third chances.

  • Rubem Dornas

    Oh, dear…

  • RedCarpetDefense

    I’ve got a bald spot from all these head scratching maneuvers. I guess “next man up” really means…yeah I’ve no clue

  • RedCarpetDefense

    If Tomlin starts Redman, I will from that moment going forward always call him Omar (Epps).

  • StrengthOfVictory

    Not saying this (starting Redman again) would have been my move. BUT there is something to be said for letting a player correct his mistakes. The pressure of playing week-to-week is hard enough. The fear that one mistake will get you pulled could be very distracting. The tough love on the RB stable didn’t help last season. And after all, following the debacle against the Titans, will any other starter lose their job? Ben? He threw a pick. The O-line starters? They opened up nothing in the run game and allowed five sacks. Troy? He failed to catch an easy interception.

    You see my point. The failure was a team failure. Use that motivation for Redman…he clearly wants to show he can do better—as do all the starters. Not to mention, handing the keys right to Dwyer who JUST walked back in the door seems…iffy and unstable.

  • steeltown


  • cencalsteeler

    As much as I like Tomlin, I am starting to guess that his ego is more of a priority than putting the players on the field that gives us the best chance to win.

  • Eric

    Come on man, don’t you think Redman earned the start with 9 yards on 8 carries and 2 fumbles? I am kidding. Tomlin is showing very poor management and leadership right now. I still do not want to push the eject button on his seat, but he needs to get it together quickly and set an example for the team.

  • Eric

    Unfortunately, these guys are what we call professionals, and they should act like it, since they are paid like it. Save the preservation of self esteem speech for the pop warner league in your town.

  • Shea Fahr

    Dear Coach Tomlin, “OBVIOUSLY” Mr. Redman cannot get it done. Please permit another RB to show us if he can instead.
    Thank You,
    Concerned Fan

  • StrengthOfVictory

    Your reply has nothing to do with what I’m talking about. Self esteem? I’m talking about team solidarity. I’m talking about recognizing that the team’s errors go deeper than just RB. Benching any player any time they make mistakes is reactionary and foolish. If they’re playing for their job every series, you’re going to seriously screw with their ability to concentrate. You think ANY of the game plan against Tennessee could still work once Pouncey went down? I expect more power blocking on MNF for Redman, personally.

  • Mike Popovich

    Redman had 11 carries for 20 yards in last years season opener and Tomlin said then that Redman was going to get another chance to redeem himself. He responded with 12 carries and 25 yards the following week and 9 carries for 27 yards in Week 3. So why not do it again, maybe it’ll be different this time…

  • Steeler Wheeler

    Hey, Redman should start…with 9 more yards he’ll be the teams leading rusher.

  • Jeff

    So sick of our running back situation. It’s like musical chairs every week. Hopefully, this kid Bell is as good as advertised. Man, speaking for myself, I sure did take for granted the steelers having a good running game back in the mid 2000s. 30 something yards? Come on.

  • Bilgewater D

    I don’t know how a lot of you guys aren’t limping with all the knee jerk reactions or walking around with cast on your arms from all the back-patting you do.

    I’m willing to give Redman the rock to start the game against the Bengals after 1 bad game. Why? He had no pre-season to get ready. He was hurt for a lot of training camp.

    For all intents and purposes, Sunday was his first live game action for the year. Let’s see what he does to start the game.

  • joed32

    I wouldn’t put too much stock in the depth chart on Monday and Tomlin said he would get a chance to redeem himself, he didn’t say he would start.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    You can’t really compare the RBs to Ben, Troy, and an O-line with zero backups. There’s not much separating the RBs, and Redman blew his opportunity. Let him go back to his short yardage role, and give someone else a chance.

  • Michael hall

    I have visited this site regularly for sometime now, but never posted. It’s kind of obvious the writers on this site are Dwyer haters. not very objective in any post that is related to Dwyer. FO Homers I guess.


    Whats to learn Tomlin your backs not doing nothing anyway. Why is he front of Dwyer on the depth chart don’t get it!

  • Spencer Krick

    Redman and Dwyer? Is this 2012?

  • Eric

    Its their job to get the W no matter what. That is why we pay them the big bucks. I understand exactly what you are saying, but it should not apply to professional athletes

  • Eric

    11, but who is counting, LOL

  • Douglas Andrews

    Dwyer can get it done!

  • 2443scott

    it doesnt matter who rb is if you run right into a line you will get what they got a little over a yard average because def line is just sitting there …if you cant run and the off-line cant hold their ground then roll ben away from the coverage more offen he has shown he can throw across his body to other side … this is the only way to stop them from teeing off on him ……who will they release once bell comes back is my question because some one will have to go to replace all people we keep loseing to help with the lines ..once bell does come back i hope they feed him and feed him till we win that 7th superbowl in ny ..

  • TsarPepe

    “we’ll see where that takes us”… To the bottom, where else?

  • TsarPepe

    Guys, let’s not overheat over this. “Starter” means just one snap. For all we know, this may be no more than a decoy. It could very well be that Jones or Dwyer gets more carries than Redman once Sunday rolls around.

  • psteelers

    Im sure I’ll get blasted for this but imo the run game suffers has a lot more to do with our qb then we want to acknowledge. It appears to me in games teams stuff our run by simply out numbering us and Ben rarely gets us out of bad plays. I think Ben struggles identifying defenses and that’s why we are constantly snapping the ball with 1 second on the play clock. The defensive line is on an all out onslaught at the snap. That also really impacts the pass protection.
    Is it a coincidence that our O-line has been considered bad since Ben took over the starting role?

    Us fans are quick to want to put Ben in that elite category. Far too many times we lose games without the offense scoring more then 21 points. I do think Ben is better then more then half the league but just not elite. I have a hard time believing any of those top guys would be outdueled by Jake locker. When is the last time we’ve just blown someone out?

  • Ghost_rider60

    Redman has proved all too often he could not push a duck into the water and Dwyer tackles himself by running into the back of his own linemen more than defenses takle him. Give a PROVEN RB the chance and start Jones. What games do you people watch??? Time to let Ben call the plays and the line calls and let Haley go. ( He looks like a hobo on the sidelines anyway) and Tomlin can sleep on the sidlines ( in his cool shades). The players are not stupid, why be enthusiastic when you look at the defense and know the play will not work but you have to run it anyway.

  • Fr33th1nk3r

    None of our coaching staff’s decisions regarding RBs the last two years makes any sense to me.

    Mendenhall rushes his rehab to come back to the team after just 12 months or ACL rehab, and looks expectedly rusty. He fumbles the ball once, after not having any significant carries for over a year and gets benched during the same game the rest of the RBs put the rock on the ground in twice. He eventually gets cut, while the other two fumblers stay.

    Dwyer outperforms every runningback on our roster thru last season and this preseason, but gets cut for dropping the ball once or twice over the course of the entire preseason.

    Meanwhile, they give the starting RB position to Redman, who has not carried the ball all preseason. He drops the ball TWICE in the opener, but does not lose his starting position, while Dwyer, who was by far our best RB thus far, is “lucky” the Steelers called him back.

    Also, we carry a RB (Felix Jones) on the roster into the opener, and do not even play him at all. He will be given the starting nod once he gets caught up on our scheme, once again, after no carries and no body of work to look at.

    Do they just draw names out of a hat before every game to determine who will be the starting RB? There seem to be a LOT of double standards….

  • Fr33th1nk3r

    I agree. The coaches are sending mixed messages at best.

  • JPDQ

    I think your last sentence says it all…

  • Shannon Stephenson

    If I heard right Haley doesn’t allow Ben to get out of the play that he called.

  • Fr33th1nk3r

    I was honestly hoping it doesn’t explain everything, but I don’t see any rhyme or reason otherwise.

    I hate to admit, but Redman does not seem like starter material. He has been given the keys to start two seasons now, and did nothing. I know he was injured last year. and I don’t know the reason this year, but that’s all part of the game.

    He is a much better change of pace guy that should be coupled with a standard franchise RB (standard?). he and Mendy were a really nice one-two punch for the brief time they played together with both in their prime for us.

    I am still holding out hope for this year. Nowadays, it seems the NFL is about who gets hot later, but we gotta win some games until Miller, Leveon etc. all come back and get integrated,

    I think if they can just fix this offensive line a LITTLE bit– we can still contend.This offense has way too much talent on it to be so dickless like that last game.

  • psteelers

    If that’s the case I think that says a lot. Can you imagine someone telling, Rodgers, brees, Manning, Manning Brady they can’t Change the play? It’s frustrating to watch all of these sluggish offensive performances year in and year out.

  • sean mcmartin


  • sean mcmartin

    There is something so wrong with Colbert and Tomlin.
    How can redman or dwyer even be on the team, they sucked last year they suck this year. I thought they were not married to any of the 8-8 players and now we have reunions
    I am very interested if Mr Rooney has a statement about his team with no running game and no protection for Ben two years later after he gave the order to improve those two specific areas. Only to have a worse product.

  • sean mcmartin

    3 things,,It is about the money. and the coaches would have to admit they can’t coach them up and Colbert has to admit he missed again.

  • Mike Sweeney


  • Mike Carroll

    Well, during the preseason Tomlin did say “we know what he can do”. LOL.

    But, I agree, it’s become painfully obvious that Redman is not starter quality. Pretty unbelievable they would even consider starting him again this week. Give it to either Jones or Dwyer this week and then pray LeVeon Bell gets healthy and steps in and produces like a legitimate NFL RB.

  • Luke Shabro

    My thoughts exactly lol

  • Rob Rossi Jr.

    I see all this doubt of our running backs and lack of support for our coaches and team members its pretty disheartening, we have a bunch of fair weather fans. when your team is down and out is when they need your support the most, any half wit can stand up and wave their terrible towel when we are up by 21 pts kicking a teams ass but it takes a real fan to stand up and support our boys and wave that towel , wear that jersey when we lost 3-4 of our best players for the year and the line cant open a hole for anyone. Its time you fair weather fans either find a new team to beat up on or man up and support your team, the Rooney’s and the Steelers organization are the most successful team in the history of pro football, we have the most super bowls the most afc championships among a host of other league leading things, and how did we get these???? bu benching every player that has a bad game??? by firing our head coach and players every time they dont take us to the SB (Like Cleveland Browns do) hell no its about stability and working a system that is proven and has proven to produce championships. how many rings does cleveland have?????? how about any team that fires people constantly and benches players constantly????? none because it just doesnt work…my suggestion is to reach in side your pants and pull out your little pea sized nuts and support your 2013 Steelers team and give them a chance to get back to winning, since they have only had 7 YES THATS RIGHT CHECK THE RECORD BOOKS FREAKING 7 LOOSING SEASONS IN THE LAST 40 YEARS AND YOU GUYS HAVE THE NUTS TO SIT HERE AND CRITICIZE THE DECICISONS AND ACTIONS OF THE LEADERSHIP OF OUR TEAM AFTER ONE GAME WHERE WE LOST MULTIPLE STARTERS FOR THE YEAR….PEOPLE NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME…..DO US ALL A FAVOR AND MOVE YOUR LOYALTY OR LACK OF IT I SHOULD SAY TO ANOTHER TEAM LIKE CLEVELAND OR THE RATBIRDS CAUSE WE DONT WANT YOU…NUFF SAID

  • steeltown

    Felix Jones!!!


    His hands are really tied here…how much of the playbook can Jones have picked up in what 3 weeks when you know he can’t be getting many reps in practice.

    I’m not opposed to putting him in on some running plays, but pass protection, etc. might be a problem having come in at the end of camp.