NFL Week 3 Picks & Predictions – Dave Bryan & David Todd – 2013

Every Friday on The Terrible Podcast my co-host David Todd and I pick all of the NFL games against the spread and we will post those picks every Sunday morning throughout the season and track the results along the way. Here is a link to the Friday episode that includes our preview of the Pittsburgh Steelers Monday night game against the Chicago

We use the spreads that we see on Friday for our picks below.

Week 3 Games Line Dave Bryan David Todd
Kansas City Chiefs at Philadelphia Eagles Eagles -3.5 Eagles -3.5 Chiefs +3.5
San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans Titans -3 Chargers +3 Chargers +3
Cleveland Browns at Minnesota Vikings Vikings -6.5 Browns +6.5 Vikings -6.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New England Patriots Patriots -7 Buccaneers +7 Patriots -7
Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens Texans -2.5 Texans -2.5 Texans -2.5
St. Louis Rams at Dallas Cowboys Cowboys -3.5 Cowboys -3.5 Cowboys -3.5
Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints Saints -7 Cardinals +7 Cardinals +7
Detroit Lions at Washington Redskins Redskins -2 Redskins -2 Lions +2
Green Bay Packers at Cincinnati Bengals Packers -2.5 Packers -2.5 Packers -2.5
New York Giants at Carolina Panthers Panthers -1 Giants +1 Panthers -1
Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins Dolphins -3 Dolphins -3 Falcons +3
Indianapolis Colts at San Francisco 49ers 49ers -10 Colts +10 49ers -10
Jacksonville Jaguars at Seattle Seahawks Seahawks -18.5 Jaguars +18.5 Seahawks -18.5
Buffalo Bills at New York Jets Jets -2.5 Bills +2.5 Bills +2.5
Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Broncos -15.5 Broncos -15.5 Broncos -15.5
Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh Steelers Bears -2.5 Steelers +2.5 Steelers +2.5
Steelers Game Final Score Prediction Steelers 23-21 Steelers 24-13
Week 2 Results 8-8 6-10
2013 Results 15-16-1 13-18-1
  • Mike Welty

    I think you are both letting emotion get the best of you. Ravens and Bengals are going to win and the Steelers are going to fall to 0-3. The Ravens and Bengals have better players, pure and simple. Look at our draft classes from 2008 through 2011. That is why the Steelers are going to be in trouble this year and probably next year.

  • Joe Longo

    I agree that the steelers are in trouble, but Cincy isn’t that good and the ravens. even less good. Where are the ravens so great? Cincy? We suck, and if not for that terrible call against Gilbert, it could have been a different story.

  • sean mcmartin

    It’s sad but true. The bengals loaded up on talent and watching the bears game..put a fork in them, Steelers are done …damn