PFF Has Marcus Gilbert As The Steelers Second Best Offensive Lineman Against Bears

According to Pro Football Focus, Pittsburgh Steelers right tackle Marcus Gilbert was the team’s second best offensive lineman Sunday night in the loss to the Chicago Bears as they scored him as only allowing one quarterback hurry during the game.

The All-22 of the game won’t be released until early Tuesday morning and I can’t wait to take a closer look at Gilbert’s performance. The Steelers coaching staff evidently didn’t think much of his play because they replaced him for 13 plays during the game with Kelvin Beachum.

“They hadn’t played well enough to justify otherwise,” head coach Mike Tomlin said during his post game press conference, when asked about rotating Beachum into the game. “We’re going to look at viable guys. We’re going to turn the stones over in an effort to find a winning formula, and we’re not going to be bashful about that. Kelvin Beachum has earned an opportunity to play in the rotation. He did tonight because of it.”

As for left tackle Mike Adams, PFF ranked him as the Steelers worst offensive player as they have him down for five hurries and two quarterback hits against the Bears.

Right guard David DeCastro graded out as the Steelers best offensive lineman Sunday night even though he allowed one hit and one hurry.

  • Soliciting Steelers

    I think pulling the Tackles helped provide a little spark and light a fire under their behinds, BUT unless you can clone Beachum, he can only plug 1 of 2 holes. Our Tackles are a couple revolving doors

  • Chris

    Where did Velasco rank?

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    That first TO was on Ramon Foster. I believe it. I don’t think the performance was an issue but more of a fatigueness. Gilbert does seem gassed last night.

  • george

    What 2 2nd best Steelers OL men?

  • Bob Starr

    You have both Gilbert and Decastro grading 2nd best. Was Decastro first?

  • Brendon Glad

    “2nd best”…that’s a laugher. How about “5th non-worst”? Far more appropriate.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    I won’t say you’re wrong, but I’d really like to see the stats during the switching of the Tackles. Personally, I was not impressed with the Tackle-by-committee approach the Steelers took. If you’re gonna make a change, do it before the game, or do it during the game, but don’t start going back and forth and then wind up right back at square one to end the game. I think it was ridiculous. It seems amateur. Why can’t they figure it out in practice? Garbage!

  • Garrett Hunt

    I don’t think Beachum is necessarily the answer

  • Berlusconi

    2nd worst lineman. According to Ray Fittipaldo (@rayfitt1)

  • Eric

    You are right about “Non-worst.” Our #1 draft pick next year will be an OT regardless of where we draft.

  • HuggieHall21

    DeCastro was horrible…and has been thus far. He looks lost most of the time.

  • Dale

    Exactly. Someone has to be second.

  • Kelly A

    I definitely disagree with that assessment of the DeCastro. The man actually played very well. More specifically, the breakout run by Dwyer, if you look closely, the reason why Dwyer had an open lane was due the block that DeCastro laid on the Linebacker; he performed a beautiful pull-and-locate block which is what he was known for at Stanford. The interior part of the o-line for the Steelers has been decent; the Tackles on the other hand may be a different story as they’ve at their potential (Julius Peppers had a great time against Mike Adams). Nonetheless, this team knows what they need to do to be successful and they will make it happen

  • Thomas Rancy

    Let him play right, Adams need to be in the answer at LT and has the talent he just needs to learn to use his hands.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    If Beachum was that much better than Adams and/or Gilbert then why is he on the bench? We can hope he performs better but it is probably a horizontal move.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    We have four parts of a 5 part OL that has never played together plus they are learning a new system. If we thought there would be no learning curve we are delusional. I can say that it has been even poorer then I thought but we need to be patient and let this play out.

  • HopalongCassidy

    Trying to decide who sucks the least on the Steeler’s line must be hard work. It sounds like an exercise in futility to me.

  • HopalongCassidy

    It will play out to be about a 4 win season.

  • RW

    I think they know what they need to do, but they won’t be able to accomplish that with their current offensive tackles.

  • Curtis

    first TO was on Ben holding ball down and loose not securing it

  • Curtis

    We need a real offensive line coach who can put us together a true line including Fernando (c) Pouncy (g) DeCastro (g) and find us 2 solid tackles in free agency.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I still see 8-10 wins…call me crazy…lol

  • Dale

    I can’t say that we don’t have a real offensive line coach now. He’s in his first year, and he’s been handed two sub-par tackles and a center who wasn’t in camp. This mess isn’t his fault. I guess you can say that he hasn’t fixed the problems, but he’s a football coach, not Gandalf.

  • Curtis

    you make a good point, were not the only team with young oline and having success but I guess time will tell but I would move pouncy to guard and keep Fernando and keep him at center he doing really good.

  • Bell Cow

    Me too. Beachum is over hyped and not any better at LT or RT than Adams or Gilbert.

  • Bell Cow

    I don’t think they’re using Decastro properly. He was a very good LG at Stanford because of his ability to pull.

  • gene mann

    Thought the Line gave up alot of hits on our QB

  • Pete

    This smells so much like Jonathan Scott it’s not even funny. Normally you’d have rooks behind veterans and they take over when they prove they are able to do as well as the veterans or better. No veterans to learn from and gradually improve their technique. This is trial by fire and hopefully they aren’t ruined by it.

  • Bob Loblaw

    At this point I’m confused as to which is the new system. Is it the ZBS or the power running scheme?

  • Bob Loblaw

    I like your attitude, how would you like to try out at tackle?

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Why not have DeCastro play fullback? Have Will Johnson play more H-back type role. Beachum can play right guard.

  • Douglas Andrews

    I agree with you on that one. Might be a good move for Pouncey coming off that knee surgery and who knows he might be an even better guard than center!

  • CrazyTerry

    I dont need a super multi angle video of the game. I replayed the HD recording and freeze framed a lot of the offensive snaps after I saw what I initially thought to be a ridiculous assessment by PFF. Gilbert, who normally is my least ffavorite lineman, was actually not bad. When Beachum replaced him, it was actually the wrong decision because it was Adams who needed the rotation. Adams and Foster were clearly the worst. Decastro had two bad pass blocking moments. But other than that, he was much improved in this game. So there is hope that he might turn out to be better than an average overhyped player. Velasco looked just as good as Pouncey pass blockling and not that bad run blocking. What I can’t judge is how Velasco did in adjustments. They were clearly lacking but wo is more to blame for that – Ben or the center? I dont know.
    When Gilbert was replaced, he was actually not playing bad at the time. So I have no idea what the coaches were thinking. Foster and Adams were clearly the weak linnks on the line on this night. Maybe becuase Gilbert was bad in prior games, the coaches had a predetermined rotation. It had nothing to do with the reality of hte game. Having said that, Gilbert was merely OK when he was in there. SO let’s not get ahead of ourselves and breathe a sigh of relief. Gilbert did his job most of the time but I didn’t notice any monster blocks.
    Oh, upto the point Steelers were down 17-3, the primary problem was the the OL to go down that low. It was Ben who killed every single drive iwth an incomplete 3rd down pass or a fumble or INT through his mistakes though Foster was partly to blame for the first fumble(still no excuse for Ben to fumble that early in the game). The OL and Haley’s playcalling was actually decent until that point. Adams was flat out awful in the last 40 minutes. Foster was bad the first half. Haley had only two questionable play calls the first half. While Ben has to take responsibility for every one of his turnovers, I noticed that Ben was unable to do a sidestep to the left whenever RB couldnt block his guy cleanly up the middle because Adams’ assigned D guy was usually beating Adams on that side on almost every rush. Adams also was responsible for a couple of runs breaking down.

  • CrazyTerry

    I think Heyward could be tried in some short yardage.

  • CrazyTerry

    I dont like Gilbert, but the switching out of Gilbert was stupid when he was having a decent game. The guy who clearly needed the help was Adams. Why Adams was in there longer than Gilbert early on was ridiculous. Besides yiou do Beachum no favors by rotating at him at two different tackle spots in the same game. Identify the weaker tackle dutring the game and let Beachum replace him for the rest of the game, if you must.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    If you saw, it was exactly when Big Ben was trying to throw, he cocked the ball and it got knocked away. Yeah sure he held to ball too long but here’s two problems I see: no one goes for interimate route which means it take our receivers longer to get open AND the pocket already was collasped. If you saw, Ramon Foster couldn’t find his own man, as an O-lineman, you can’t let that happen.

  • Luke Shabro

    Crazy lol but so is a sixth seed winning the Super Bowl. So I’ll hop on the crazy train. I’m drinking the Yinzer Kool Aid this week!

  • Ahmad

    i think Gilbert being rotated had more to do with him being gassed than overall play. He really needs to work on his conditioning.

  • Steeler Wheeler

    Agree that we need to look for a tackle in draft, but we may already have one.

    Jury is still out on DeCastro, played about 10 games so far and with three different centers this year. His grade is incomplete. Foster is serviceable, but I would like to replace him, maybe a mid round pick. Velasco seems about as good as Pouncey at C…so, why do we need some giant, hulkish oaf at LT who moves like a sloth? Pouncey, assuming a full recovery, is our most athletic OL, put him at LT and let the Gilbert/Adams/Beachum fiasco play out at RT…maybe find someone off the street who’s better than all 3.

  • Wyllie

    Heck, this is just classic Tomlin. Always making changes in the middle of the game. You make a mistake, you’re out! Look at the running backs. When one fumbles, he moves onto the next guy. Many coaches in this league would come right back to a guy after a miscue (dropped pass or fumble) to get him back in the game and get his confidence up. Not good ‘ol Tomlin. He’ll just keep making changes until there is no one else left. I can’t believe the players like playing for a coach like that.

  • Wyllie

    I absolutely agree. I would love to see them keep Velasco and utilize Pouncey in a different roll. I’m not ready to give up on DeCastro yet. The guy was hurt most of last year, so he is still pretty much a rookie. The problem with having such a young line is you don’t have any veterans on the line to help bring the younger guys along. Basically, they’ve been thrown into the pool and told to swim.

  • Ike Evans

    You put Gilbert at LT you kick mike inside since the only thing he does really well is run block and you kick beachum over to RT….a blind man can see that…my father coached OLine for 25 years…he said that LAST year when we went to latrobe

  • Gautama Om

    That’s not saying much being the 2nd best Olineman amongst a group that’s probably 2nd worse in the NFL (behind Giants OL).

  • frankthebuc

    Why are the guys from PFF considered experts on football? Have they ever played football or coached football? Stop using them as experts, they don’t know anything. There are many posters here who are more qualified to grade players than them.

  • DeCastro is playing better every game. He is good to be a really good guard.