Report: Steelers Rookie RB Le’Veon Bell Scheduled To Play Sunday Against Vikings

According to Jay Glazer on Twitter Monday night, the Pittsburgh Steelers are indeed planning to play rookie running back Le’Veon Bell against the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday in London.

Glazer reports Bell’s foot sprain that he suffered during the second preseason game has progressed faster than they thought it would and that they now feel he can play this weekend as long as there are no setbacks this week in practice.

Bell, the Steelers second-round draft pick this past April out of Michigan State, practiced fully last week on Thursday and Friday and was listed as questionable on the Friday injury report.

The Steelers have rushed for an all-time franchise low 155 yards through their first three games of the 2013 season and that includes as season-high 80 yards Sunday night against the Chicago Bears.

If indeed Bell does play, he more than likely will be put on a snap count Sunday against the Vikings.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin will likely address Bell’s status Tuesday during his weekly press conference.

  • Kevin Gobleck


  • Eric

    I hope our top notch o-line doesn’t make him look bad and spoil his debut.

  • Harold Hal Bubby Wright

    If the steelers keep turning the ball over and falling behind having Bell back wont help. Each game this season the steelers have abandoned the running game! They throw the ball more since we are playing catchup! Dont put the whole game on Big Bens shoulders,thats not steelers football!

  • Jay Jaber

    I’m excited to see what this guy can do I loved watching him in college but this isn’t college I hope we got a steal in this guy

  • Matt Manzo

    Here’s to 300 yards rushing and 1-3!

  • Mike.H

    Perhaps psychologically, knowing high pick Le’veon Bell is in the GAME, the OL will blocker with a streak of “nastiness”. Per Frazier Crane, it’s in your head.

  • dgh57

    Maybe Wheaton also will finally see some action or at least more than the 8 snaps he got last week.

  • MC

    I’m sure a lot of excitement about Bell’s returned is doused by the lack
    of execution by this O line( i know mine is). I think when Heath gets
    more action after he settles in more is when this offense will improve
    dramatically in my opinion.
    Paulson not only had problems blocking in
    line but also out on WR screens which is surprising cause you think a
    younger guy with a bit more speed could get out there and nail it, but
    he didn’t which just one of the reasons we need a %100 Heath.

  • MC

    I also believe it’s time to move on from Redman. Yes it was great to see him come back lighter but to me he appeared to be just a slow as last season. Missing the pre-season, fumbling and then whiffing on a crucial block against the bears has stamped his ticket out of here. Dwyer is younger, cheaper and has far more upside. You don’t find guys that size that can move as good as him. He is simply more dynamic than Redman. Poor coaching decision to keep Redman who “MADE the club from the tub” this season.

  • Rod Hedrick

    I am excited about Bell, but can he play tackle?

  • Nolrog

    Honestly, since it’s the last game before the bye, I’d sit him out and let him get 2 more weeks of rest, and come back for week 6. I’m worried about him coming back too early and aggravating the injury.

  • Nolrog

    Why would that change them? They didn’t block worth a crap for their franchise QB (and a much higher pick than Bell).

  • jonathan

    We need to consider firing the o line coach. Come on Dave. Players are running free. Now I know that this is a new line , but come on man . This is all about coaching. On the defense , there is obvious confusion going on. Why don’t they just let Troy call the plays? He graduated from USC.

  • Jason

    My bet is Redman is inactive if Bell plays.

  • chris ward

    Can’t wait to see Le’Veon Bell in his NFL debut.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I am not sure what Bell can do behind a OL that gives us no holes and allows a lot of penetration. So should I be excited to see a guy who hasn’t played for us in the regular season struggle to get 1-2 yards a carry? Nice to see the young man healthy however.

  • treeher

    Don’t expect miracles … Barry Sanders couldn’t run behind this OL. That said, I think we will see improvement as the season goes on and hopefully Bell will be there to take advantage.

  • srdan

    You should watch the game again. Our tackles played ok. Considering they were going against Peppers and company I thought they held their own. Even Adams I thought played well when I watched him.

    Both of the tackles are better run blockers than pass. So I’m excited for Bell, and our tackles. If they let them gel for a few more games, i have confidence that this line will turn it around. Keep in mind that one game where they saw Will Johnson and Heath get playing time, the Oline looked immensely better. Agree? Coincidence?

    I think most fans are judging our tackles as 2nd round picks. If they were UFA we would have a different opinion. I like to watch games for how they perform. They are 23 and 24 years old. Give them a chance to mature in the NFL. No tackles play well (outside of the top 10 picks) right away.

    I fault the Steelers for switching Oline coaches quickly on a young line. I am sure they had their reasoning.

  • Steeler Wheeler

    I hope I win the lottery….hmmm, which is more likely.

  • Steeler Wheeler

    BB is a great game manager, maybe one of the best who can win a game if needed…maybe with a scramble or a run or some unconventional type play. HE IS NOT AN ELITE PLAYMAKER!!!!! NEVER WAS, NEVER WILL BE.

    Run the ball, play defense, take what’s given and tell that turnover machine to take care of the football.

  • Steeler Wheeler

    I didn’t see all the grades and reports, but from my perspective the Steelers ran the ball pretty well Sunday. I’d bet they were over 4 yards a carry with Heath and Will Johnson in there. They will run in London.

  • Chad H

    The front 4 of the Vikings are as good as any in the league. It’s the rest of their D that is bad.
    Our under achieving O line will have their hands full. Felix had a good game and the fumble was not his fault. The O line failed and they got a helmet on the ball. We will have to run the ball to the outside with Felix. Limit Bell to 10 carries and use Dwyer in pass protection.
    No more long balls down field on first downs! Adams will need help with Allen all day long. Need the quick short passing game.


    Happy to see the kid get his moment to play.

    The OL is getting killed here, and to some degree they should be as the team is 0-3. At the same time F. Jones is averaging 4 yds a pop behind the same OL that Redman/Dwyer were barely getting 3.

    P. Manning just lost his starting LT Glady, yet you would not have noticed it in the MNF game. Matt Ryan is not as nimble as Ben, also plays behind a so-so OL, gets hit a ton, but half the sacks, and far fewer turnovers in the pocket.

    Something is not adding up…I’m thinking the QB, the OC are bigger factors in the OL performance than is being brought to light.

  • Xclewsive

    Anything Bell accomplishes in his first game will be predicated on how well the offense is playing. If the offense continues to get behind and play from behind LB won’t get many chances. But if for some odd reason the Steelers can establish a lead of any sorts then LB could get plenty of looks. The Steelers have gotten better at running ball the past two games but the inability to sustain drives because of turnovers or execution has severely limited the Steelers ability to establish an effective ground game.