Roethlisberger Says 08’ers Club Will Meet Wednesday

After starting 0-2 for the first time in his career, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said Tuesday morning on his weekly radio show that the veteran guys on the roster are going to have a meeting Wednesday in order to hash out what they need to do to get the team in the win column.

“We’re going to sit down and talk and figure out a way to right the ship and make sure that these young guys know that this is unacceptable, and it starts with all of us older guys,” said Roethlisberger. “We all have to be leaders and step up and show these guys what the Steeler way is and that when we step in stadiums, and we have that black and gold on our backs and there’s a certain level of excellence that goes with that, and we need to get back to that.”

Roethlisberger said he talked to safety Ryan Clark in the locker room after the 20-10 loss Monday night to the Cincinnati Bengals and both agreed that the 08’ers, the 12 veteran players still on the team from the 2008 season, would meet Wednesday.

“This is unchartered for us guys that have been around here and Steeler Nation and Steeler fans,” said Roethlisberger. “This is not what we’re all used to. So it’s something that we need to make sure that we reiterate with the young guys and get on them.”

Roethlisberger also said that if it takes bringing in the six Lombardi trophies and setting them in the team meeting room and putting up the Hall of Fame pictures in order to get the point across to the younger players, then that’s what they will do.

Kudos to Roethlisberger because anything extra from a leadership standpoint right now certainly can’t hurt things. Including the preseason, the Steelers have lost 11 of their last 13 games and with the infusion of young players now on the roster, they need to learn just how unacceptable losing is in Pittsburgh.

Will this meeting and subsequent actions by the veterans make any sort of difference? We’ll find out Sunday night as the Steelers will host the 2-0 Chicago Bears. Starting a season 0-3 usually means a team is almost certain not to make the playoffs, so while it’s still early in the season, it’s almost a must-win game.

  • ty simpson

    Am i missong something? Shouldnt this message of steeler excellence have already been conveyed to “young guys” the moment they showed up in training camp, if not before? Perhaps they have been getting the message from roethlisberger’s lax example of leadership to this point. You know, the one where guys rest on their natural talent and laurels, dont lift weights, party too much, enjoy their bloated checks, and just show up on sundays? The one where if things go wrong you blame it on your o- line or your defense, even though your the highest paid player on the team.

    Maybe if our qb spends 5 minutes reflecting on things he will discover that he is one of the main reasons hard nosed and excellent steeler football has gone out the window.

  • HopalongCassidy

    Invite Tomlin and clue him in while you’re at it Ben.

  • Zach Clary

    Typical ungrateful, Roethlisberger hating, so called Steelers fan. Football is a TEAM sport. No one player is the source of all the issues we’re having on offense. We lost a lot of leadership over the past couple of seasons and we’re under an offensive coordinator who is trying his damnedest to force a boring and predictable offense onto a team that once prided itself on extending plays and making something out of nothing. Roethlisberger is trying to fill the leadership void guys like Hines Ward, Chris Hoke, and Aaron Smith used to take on. He should be commended for trying to step up, instead of having pessimistic crybabies critiquing everything he says and does as if it’s negatively effecting this team that he’s trying to figure things out.

  • Dan

    So what you’re saying is, Roethlisberger spent this past off-season not lifting weights or getting in shape, partying too much, and blowing off practice?


  • Dan

    Nothing that Roethlisberger does will ever be good enough for people like him. There’s a reason why Terry Bradshaw didn’t feel welcome in Pittsburgh for 25 years after he retired. We treat our QBs like shit, and it’s gotta stop.

  • steeltown

    Zing!….. and {cough} Haley

  • Zach Clary

    Hilarious isn’t it? Because he looks fitter this season to me that he did last season.

  • dkoy85

    Maybe he is one of the reasons hard nosed steelers football has gone out the window?! He is easily the toughest QB in the league. If the rest of the team can’t pick up on those characteristics alone then this meeting is a MUST! Ben took the blame and continues to take the blame for any bad loss- He never throws the o-line or defense under the bus. ty simpson… you are an idiot- you’d make a better Ravens fan.

  • Dan

    Most Ravens fans respect Roethlisberger, so I doubt he’d make a good Ravens fan either.

  • steeltown

    The young guys (save the OL and Paulson) have represented themselves well, especially on Defense and Special Teams. This is definitely an Offense issue, Sanders and Brown need to step up a get more separation, the OLine needs to get better and needs to continue to show improvement this week. Ben needs to get better, he had some overthrown balls Monday night. The Coaches need to get better, that means not only better play calling and clock management, but also better personnel management.. e.g. play Will Johnson, DJ, Felix Jones, Wheaton and Beachum MORE…and Moye in the redzone

  • cf

    I think many around the league agree that the talent on the Steelers roster is subpar compared to several other teams. The draft classes the past several years have not yielded the pedigree needed to win on a high level. Sometimes it take more than will and effort. Just because they wear the black n gold, doesn’t mean success is ensured. Talent plus effort leads to success.

  • 2443scott

    i saw enough in last game that even the older guys were not on same page ….and saw some younger guys do pretty well …..i think whole team needs to be in one those types a meetings and hash out whats up ..and the coaches need to be in one those meetings and chuck in there with them and tell them the players cant do there jobs if they dont do theres ….i still think this has to do more with what the game plan is and plays called than the players …it dont take a 13 year vet to know if your line cant hold the line that you roll the line to one or the other side to get more open lanes for runners .

  • Jason

    I have never heard Roethlisberger blame his defense for anything and he is constantly praising that group of stiffs he calls on offense line. Ben shoulders the blame for most losses and did so after the Tennessee game. What an unfounded post this is.

  • Jason

    My previous post should have been in reply to ty simpson’s post about Ben

  • JPDQ

    You mean you guys haven’t “accepted” “acknowledged” “embraced” or “worn” it enough yet?

    Can’t imagine why this is necessary, given Tomlin’s superior motivational tactics and penchant for holding guys accountable for their “below the line” play.

    Sure seems like an act of desperation from a team with two losses.

    And things of that nature.

  • Mkeller


  • Kick

    Hailey’s offense is offensive. All we need to do is run the ball. This will allow our defense to rest some therefore allowing them to play at a harder level late in the game. The D is not turning the ball over because they are too busy trying to catch their breath. Let Dwyer have a shot already. I want to puke every time redman or jones carries the ball. Hailey was brought in to bring a balanced attack back to the steelers and that hasn’t happened. I think it is time to move on, maybe give Kirby a shot at O cordinator.

  • ty simpson

    My comment speaks to ben’s act over the course of his career. There is also no disputing the fact that the steelers in the process of becoming ben’s air show have become progressively less able to run the ball, stop the run, sack the qb, or tackle anyone with authority.

    What should i be grateful for. Two superbowls? The first to seattle ben nearly lost on his own. The second to the cardinals we dont win without james harrison amazing play. What should have been out third win during the ben era we did not get because aaron rodgers showed us what real elite qb looks like.

    But then again, i should be glad wants a team meeting about excellence after a winless preseason and two atrocious in season performances.

    How do you say it,


  • treeher

    Haley had one good year in KC in 2010. Other than that, nothing particularly special. He got his job in Pittsburgh based on family. Look at assistant coaches hired by Tomlin since he arrived. Pretty dismal bunch of losers, I’d say, with a few exceptions, of course.

  • Gloria Burke

    I have NEVER heard Ben turncoat on his o-line nor ever quoted as saying anything disparaging about his defense. While Ben may not have been a leader early on in his career, I have seen a different Ben the last couple of years. And it is well-known that he came into camp in GREAT shape this year.

  • Gloria Burke

    You’re hilarious. A real Steelers’ fan IS grateful for those two superbowls and proud. And all football games are won on one or two plays this way or that. You must suck the life out of every room that you walk into. Ben is an elite QB. He normally makes something from nothing. The entire NFL has become an air show because of the rules shift. This team is a little on the short side of talent on the offensive side of the ball. I put it in the hands of our best offensive player (which regardless of your opinion) is Ben.

  • Marcela Garza-Meza

    Exactly, Ben has been good but he has been carried by a great Defenses, his old and almost forgot come back abilities were mostly because he first dug holes in the ground and defense gave him a lot of opportunities and most of all keeping them in close games.
    Of course he has been a winner and he took advantage of those great defenses, but certainly right now its time for him to improve his timming and to learn how to throw the ball away and not to take sacks.
    Its so hard because he has to overcome Haley and Tomlin, but certainly Ben has the guts to lead the team.


    this little meet, will have zero effect… how is a little chit chat going to make Mike Adams suddenly respectable, he has gone from getting gradually better last year to being walked back to the QB with ease in the space of just 6 months!! i’ve never seen such a big guy look so soft, our starting Tackles are underperfoming horrendously, and our first round Guard isn’t much better!!

  • Luke Shabro

    Some Yinzers are so ridiculous. I love how mouthbreathers like this like to quote how Roethlisberger did nothing in Super Bowl XL. Never mind the fact that he destroyed the Broncos in the AFC Championship to get there. Nevermind the fact that he got us to Super Bowl XLIII with an offensive line that make this one looks chock full of Pro Bowlers. Nevermind the fact that he’s been running for his life for the last 7 years and still finds a way to make plays. He’s at least a top 10 QB and chuckleheads like you don’t see it. And as everyone pointed out he never blames his O line, his receivers or the defense. When they win he credits everyone else. When they lose he puts the blame on himself. Like a franchise QB does. Casual, ignorant fans love to blame the QB immediately because they don’t understand the other facets of the game at all.

  • RMSteeler

    Ben is definitely not exuding confidence with his play. Poor accuracy against Cincy may be him getting a case of the “yips” by running for his life against Ten. Most unorganized OL play I’ve seen by any Steeler team. Don’t know if it’s the line coach, youthful OL or lack of skills by OL despite high draft picks. So many things wrong, it’s hard to know where to start to fix it. Gonna take more than win on for the Gipper speeches, Lombardi trophies or HOF pics. But props to Ben for trying something and not throwing his OL and coaches under the bus. If the season doesn’t turn around quickly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ben looks for different team for his remaining “prime” years, ala Peyton Manning.

  • steeltown

    Haley took KC from 2-14 to winning the AFC West in 2seasons.. and also had a hand in ARI going to their first ever SB.. one Team using a high powered rushing attack and one using high powered passing attack.. my point is he has the mindset to utilize whatever talent he is given, but as of now has failed to do so in Pittsburgh

  • treeher

    He joined Arizona in mid 2007. The offense he inherited was good in 2008, mostly thanks to Kurt Warner and supporting cast. Haley head coach at KC: 2009 = 4-12. 2010 = 10-6, lost wild card. 2011 = 5-8 and fired. Overall at KC: 19-26, .422 percentage. He has a reputation of being combative and argumentative with players, and he continues that behavior with the Steelers. I think I have the stronger argument.

  • Gautama Om

    Unfortunately those ’08ers wont have much of an impact because it’s not really because of the younger players not trying. The problems run from the Art all the way down to the Coordinators. It’s out of your control Ben but it’s good effort though.

    Stale and predictable are what the Steelers are guilty of and it arises from not wanting to be flexible or change with the times. All the way from the drafting process, to trading, and running the offense/defense. It is true, when things fail it is ALL on the people at or near the very top because they make the major decisions that has rippling affect all the way down to the players.

  • motown_98

    You have to have time to make accurate passes and with that O-line Brady or Manning would have trouble making accurate passes.

  • tim

    Ben ‘s line been bad for years but at least he trusted his left tackle not to get him killed,don’t think that same level of trust exists today.

  • cencalsteeler

    I, for one, think highly of Ben and Ryan for taking the bull by the horns. That’s what team leaders and vets are supposed to do! I think our team is lacking that veteran leadership and we need theses guys to stand up and be heard. Enough with the going through the motions, this team needs to play with some heart!!! I hope this meeting motivates this team and lights a fire under their a**es! They are not playing championship football and it starts with desire and having the “eye of the tiger” (sorry for the cliché). This offense needs the infusion of fist pumping, chest bumping and some high fives. Build confidence in one another and success will follow.

  • Bilgewater D

    Our drafts have been week since 2008. This year’s draft is looking pretty decent. But we have a long ways to go.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I think it is good to try and get everyone on the same page. Will it help us beat the Bears, I doubt it but that is no reason not to build this team up.

  • steeltown

    2011 was a train wreck of season ending injuries in KC including J.Charles, Eric Berry, Matt Cassel, Brandon Siler and Tony Moeaki.. pretty much there best players at each respective positions..

    Larry Fitzgerald on his former OC Haley: “I think Todd is a great coach. He’s fun to play for. Everybody says he’s a hard ass and this, that and the third, but at the end of the day when Todd came in the locker room he’d give you the biggest hug. He wanted it so bad for us”

  • ty simpson

    I misspoke. Ben has not thrown his o-line under the bus, bit he has not done much to limitthe praise he gets either. That produces a situation where he always seems innocent when things go awry. For example, you just said ben often makes somethinh out of nothing. The last game, the o line played solid football, especially in light of the pouncey injury, but you still have people saying ben waz not does he walk away imnocent from that lackluster performance monday while getting paid 12 million dollars? I think that is hilarious.

  • treeher

    Roughly 2 years in Arizona (1 full season and 2 partials) and management had enough of him. Meaning negatives outweighed positives. I don’t like his offensive philosophy, period. Doesn’t fit Roeth, doesn’t fit Pittsburgh, doesn’t work. Facts is facts and you can’t point to ANYthing he’s done in Pittsburgh that merits confidence in him.

  • Pete

    Pittsburgh Steelers 6-3 when Ben went down last season. The media was talking about Ben having a career season and possible MVP. If you can’t admit Haley had a hand in that then…

  • treeher

    So you’re saying that Ben’s success was largely due to Haley? How about Ben was successful IN SPITE OF Haley? That’s the more likely scenario. And Ben is most successful when he is given the reins, for example in no huddle. Also, Ben goes down and the team falls apart. Isn’t a big part of coaching having the team prepared when the inevitable injuries occur?

  • David Hatfield

    This is what happens when you have the 31st ranked running offense. Everything seems to fall apart. No toughness, no forcing your will on opponents, and when you line up in pro formation the defenses still smell pass. This offense stinks when there is no balance. We don’t have the play calling or personnel to pull off a spread offense package all game long.

  • steeltown

    No, after helping ARI go to their first ever SB he was offered the HC job in KC, like anyone would he accepted

    But, obviously he’s not having success in Pittsburgh thus far

  • treeher

    Yes, I mis-spoke, meant KC in comments above. He only spent less than two seasons in Arizona and took the KC job after the SB.

  • steeltown

    Well I’d be more inclined to say he was let go because they went from winning the division in 2010 to a 5-8 team at the time of his firing.. again though, they lost Eric Berry, Jamaal Charles and Matt Cassel that year, among others to season ending injuries

  • treeher

    Although a 10-6 record in a bad division is not the height of achievement either.

  • Callentown


  • Callentown

    I think all you have to do is look at what Steelers offensive team is being sent onto the field. Late last year, pre-season, and this season so far, Haley looks like the cause of our offensive problems. Yes, weak line too, but..

    This is an exaggeration, but could the Steelers current offense score in the CFL, cuz they can’t score in this league with Haley, that’s for sure.