Steeler Fans, Do Your Job!

NOTE FROM DAVE: I normally don’t take outside submissions, but Srdan Nisic politely asked me to post this if I have room. Be nice to each other in the comments.

By Srdan Nisic

Following an embarrassing performance at the home opener, Steelers fans are searching for answers to fix our beloved team.  Is this coaching staff up to the “standard”?  Do we have the right pieces on the offensive line?  Todd Haley?  Running backs?  Can we create more turnovers? Many of these questions don’t have short term answers and may never be clearly answered.  But one area where this team clearly can improve starts with the very people reading this article in the stands.

The Steelers have the best fans in the NFL, maybe even in pro sports.  It’s a point that is hard to dispute but easy to support by looking at an away game with a sea of yellow towels waving in yinzer harmony.  Away stands are where our unquestionable love is best exhibited, but our home stadium is more reminiscent of a Jacksonville Jaguars home game.  The Heinz Field attendees lack passion and intensity.

Opening weekend I took the time to analyze other teams as I always do (fantasy) but I paid mind to the fans as well.  After all, everyone is excited.  It’s opening weekend! Across the league I noticed an intensity that the yellow stadium lacked.  First and second downs in Cleveland were louder than third downs in Pittsburgh.  Let’s not get into the 49ers and Saints discussion.

It’s easy to quickly point the finger at the open end of the field and not take a look in the mirror for the lack of noise.  I am a season ticket holder in the 521 section.  Yes, it’s up there “and that is where the real fans sit”.  Wrong!  Not only am I the loudest person in the section (more like vicinity) but I am the only one that stays the entire game.  I can’t understand not joining in on the fun, but people wearing the 43’s, 92’s and Lamberts actually ask me to sit down.  I find this repulsive.  If being quiet and sitting the entire game is your thing, you don’t have to pay the $80 to bake in the sun.  Stay home!  Give your ticket to someone who will be excited to go to the game, and not complain about the loud idiot with his face painted that lost his voice by the end of the first quarter.

It’s natural to mirror our team in personality.  We lack it on the field and in the stands.  Some of this can be chalked up to the recent success we have had.  I found myself not enjoying home games until the playoffs, but I live close to New York, and a one day trip can be a drag.  Where I live there are many people dying to get my tickets and I let them go for face value, just to get some noise into the stadium.  I love going to a home game after missing a couple and other neighboring season ticket holders tell me how loud the people last week were.  I wish those same questioning neighbors would follow my lead.  They need to let their seats go to someone that will support our team and give us personality when we lack it.  It’s easy when we have won six games in a row.  When we get whooped by the Titans, that’s when we should be offering the most support to a defense that has worked hard all day.

I can’t leave this article without offering up a viable solution.  The same standard that Mike Tomlin talks about, we as fans have come to expect it.  This is a great thing.  An 8-8 team is not ok.  There are many teams in the league that would consider it a good season, but I love that we are not one of them.  To be great for as long as we have been recently, attention to detail is of the upmost importance.  Celebrate the details!  Troy Polamalu jumping over the line has nothing to do with the three and out Big Ben just endured.  Celebrate it!  Don’t worry about the fact that the previous play maybe wasn’t a completion, celebrate his unbelievable “sack by leap”, and let Tomlin worry about his job.  Like Dick LeBeau says: “Do your job!”

  • Reader783

    Why is Jarvis Jones not starting. He was in like 10 times maybe and blew up Chris Johnson in the backfield twice. He had a much more electric preseason and is clearly more of the future than Worilds. But I’m not a coach.

  • ErikH

    I would usually agree with your theory, but sometimes it is the duty of the fans to let an organization know that they are disappointed with the quality of team on the field. I think the game yesterday qualified as one of those times. We should never be fair weather fans, but we also shouldn’t be mindless drones supporting every boneheaded play/decision. There is a balance to fandom.

  • Ben Anderson

    I agree that it is important to express your frustration to the organization, but doing so loudly will likely be more effective. And the author is correct, IMO, that big plays by TRoy, Jarvis Jones and Big Mac should have gotten more cheers. The team needs the positive energy a good crowd can generate to perform at their peak.
    Also, I never, ever cheer during Renegade. But, it’s because the song (and the band for that matter) sucks. Other than that, I am quite vocal and will be ven when asked to be quiet. You may certainly ask me to stop using profanity, but not to be quiet. If you want peace and quiet, watch it at home and give your tickets to the neighborhood kids who will appreciate being at a Steelers game.

  • Gary Thomas

    Blindly follow a team and we het what Pirate ownersbip fed us for years……..NOT ME

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    I don’t understand buying a ticket and leaving before the outcome has been determined. Why are you there if not to see the game determined?

  • Catz27

    The standard is the standard. If the team can not execute because of players, coaches or scheme, I have no problem with fans criticizing the team and letting their displeasure be known. Trust me, Steelers fans are very critical…even in the late 70s the post game call in shows could be brutal. Before then, no one went to games. I’d rather have pissed off fans than no fans.

  • Reader783

    There are alot of fans that have some distance to go to get home, such as the writer from New York. Leaving with 5 minutes left in a two possession game rather than waiting until the game ends can save you nearly an hour on an already 6 hour drive. And especially yesterday, it just got unbearable to watch.

  • Jonathon Bert Schade

    Every team has it’s rough patches; boo if you must, but realize true fans will show their dissatisfaction in non-public manners. Booing does nothing for the players on the field.

  • treeher

    I was so depressed when Pounce went down that I missed the rest of the first quarter. Then I had to watch a team that made no progress from last year. I’m not going to cheer for a bad product, even if it is the Steelers.

  • cencalsteeler

    I usually stand the whole game, hell when I’m at home I stand the whole game. My favorite line if someone behind me asks me to sit down. ” You should’ve spent more money to sit in front of me!” Let’s rebound and get this thing together,Go Steelers!!!

  • Curtis

    remember all this is first week and offensives are usually not that good. The good thing is that we will only get better, but those teams who’s offensive is really moving the ball and putting up a lot of points has no where to go but down. I would start worrying around week 5 and we haven’t won a game. Just my thoughts, but again I’m optimistic.

  • Matt Manzo

    Awesome article! Fans that can’t stand the noise drive me crazy! Thank you for representing for those of us that can’t be there on Sundays!

  • The fact that I can’t stand up has nothing to do with the following.

    When I used to attend football games (or basketball or baseball), I naturally jumped to my feet when someone broke into the open field, or the QB threw a bomb, or the game hung in the balance over a ‘fourth and one,” or the clock ran down while one team or the other tried to punch it in or attempt a last ditch “Hail Mary.” I did NOT stand for entire games–thereby forcing those behind me to stand or see nothing but my ass or back.

    It’s to be expected that anyone who’s so self-centered as to “find it repulsive” when others ask them to show decent manners in public–to say nothing of respecting the rights of others to view the game from the seat they paid for–this same entity would logically think they have the right to fault others for not being their idea of a ‘proper fan.’

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    Sorry. I still don’t get it.

    5 minutes in a 3 possession game, maybe. Yesterday, it looked like half the crowd left at the end of the 3rd quarter.

  • BurgherinMD

    I agree one hundred percent. We pay good money and we have high expectations for the team! Maybe Browns or Jags fans accept mediocrity but we boo the most when expectations are high. I remember a Monday night game against the Ravens in 08′ the offense was booed off the field at half time. It happens. I also have felt the stadium dynamic changed in 2001 with Heinz where Three Rivers, although not as nice, held crowd noise in better. How fans sit on their hands and make no noise is beyond me as I too have noticed at Heinz I am the only one yelling for the defense unless Renegade has been played.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Well, I’m not in Pittsburgh, but I’m the loudest guy in the bar and usually get told by some jagoff to “calm down”. I’ll always be excited for just about every play, but I also enjoy being critical when the time comes. To me the Steelers are the best 6-10 team in the league 😛

  • Brandon Andrews

    It happens do we forget the 6-10 season that got us Big Ben or was it the 5-11 season both under cowher. Teams have down seasons but we are so spoiled by continued success. That none loss as ugly as it was and lets surround the stadium with pitchforks. How would you like to be a fan of the Browns? Raiders? Jaguars? with no hope on the horizon. Probably have to rebuild at quarterback in all three cities for what the fourth fifth seventh time in Cleveland’s case. There is no perfect coach Cowher has been gone so long we remember his success but none of his failures.

  • Reader783

    I was there. Trust me. People held out hope until the final 3 and out on our own 5 yard line.

  • Marcus

    We have been very spoiled to have a team that is suppose to contend year in and year out. I think the FO office influence of fighting trends and getting back to Steeler football has handcuffed Haley a little bit. Watching the Eagles game, and it is so refreshing to see someone think outside the box.. and I think the fast break offense makes for a really exciting game. I am by no means saying the Steelers should run that style offense, but I think breaking the mold if not just for a drive or 2 would be nice to see. I have way more confidence when they run their 2 min offense. I don’t know if the stats would prove me correct, but I think that’s Ben’s strength and they should mix it in more.. Just my opinion, please don’t scream and call me a moron for it.

  • 2443scott

    i agree with the comment some times the passion isnt in some fans i know first hand from friends and family ….so i end up explaining my self what the steelers did right and next week we do better …i had a dr appt today and receptionist said to me i am sorry for your lost i was wearing one my steeler shirts and i didnt make the connection with steelers in what she said i was like did some one die then she goes i ment about your steelers i was like ohhh and the whole dr office laughed i said well so did everyone in my division ….so i know they arent dead and i know where srdan is coming from ….win or lose i wear my steelers colors proudly and i told that to my fiance in waiting room ..we have more good times in steeler nation then bad times and we are only team with 6 superbowls and counting so dont toss out the season on one game we got a lot more to go and as the standing are right now the steelers are tied for first place..

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Watching the game too, but what stands out most to me is Shady. Damn, it would be nice to have a back like that.

  • JPDQ

    Agreed. Everybody in your section pays the same amount (presumably) for their tickets. How they watch the game is up to them, but making another fan’s experience a miserable one by standing in front of them and refusing to sit down is not cool. I usually stand up and yell my ass off at most games, but if I’m asked by the person(s) behind me to sit down, you know what? I sit down, yell and scream and wave my towel. Not that big of a deal.

    People sitting down in the stadium is NOT the problem OR the reason the Pittsburgh Steelers looked like chumps yesterday.

    What a bizarre article… we’ve resorted to posting op-eds from “fans” criticizing the fandom of other fans. FAN-tastic.

  • Riverstko

    I didn’t see the fans do anything … Boo or cheer. They looked drab. The tickets are getting in the hands of the people who can afford the games instead of the real diehard Steeler fans who aren’t afraid to show emotions in the stands.

  • Brandon Andrews

    its week one steve spurrier looked good at times too and Mike Vick is the QB he will get back to fumbling and throwing ridiculous interceptions next week.

  • sean mcmartin

    No doubt the Author has blind Loyalty to the black and Gold.
    I have been there. After 34 years of watching the Steelers go from chumps to champs at different points. I as a die-hard fan, Cannot get excited about this team. I am still in shock about the worst performance since 2008. Not only shock but pissed off.
    Give me something to cheer about, uphold this fan’s standard.
    Cowher came into town and immediately brought smash mouth football with him . They established a running game and a hard hitting defense. The QB was no BR. but they had swagger and could back it up. I loved greg lloyd’s quote after they destroyed the raiders in his time and saying What Mystique?? “we kicked their asses.”
    you walk into my home and there is no question who my team is..
    Tomlin faithful should watch the Niners vs packers game and see what Cowher used to bring to the table,”the tenacious D” now his players are gone its all history.
    Tomlin has lost the crowd, they are not fired up to play for him,.

  • Jeff

    I think one of my biggest pet peeves is a steelers fan who calls himself hardcore ONLY because he goes to every game, gets blacked out, and is screaming the entire game. This brand of fan probably couldn’t tell you much detail about the game the next day, or for that matter the Steelers in general. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE when it gets loud – especially when renegade comes on. But you don’t have to be screaming yourself hoarse when ben takes the field on 1st and 10 from our own 20. I do agree that win or lose, every fan should stay until the end of the game. I consider myself an avid steelers fan, reading articles on this site every single day. Last sunday was hard to watch, and even harder to find reason to get loud. I think it’s more on the Steelers than us. That’s my 2 cents.

  • CrazyTerry

    Guys, I don’t care if you scream or not all the time. Be loud when you have to. But more important is the slowness in which fans show up to the game. At kickoff, there were many empty seats and there were 5000 no shows for AN OPENER. How tough is it for these jaded fans to sell their tickets or donate them to some kids in the neighborhood???? Give up your season tickets if you can’t be bothered to show up for an opener. If you want to boycott the Steelres, sell your PSLs.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Considering the fact that the offense couldn’t stay on the field, I’d say our defense looked fine. Did they run the ball on us at the end of the game? Yes. But that will happen when your defense doesn’t get a rest.

    Was it a painful game to watch? Yes. I’d still say the two season openers before this one were worse.

  • Bill Bobertson

    That game was all of last years problems rolled into 4 quarters. I completely understand why the fans couldn’t get excited.

  • TxSteeler

    What you call ‘Blind loyalty to the black and gold” is what I call not being a fair weather fan. There are many everywhere. Sure I get pissed off at the way we play but I’m pumping my fist before each snap hoping this will be the play to turn things around, even when we are about to lose the game, even if I can’t see the game and have to listen on the Comp. I consider the Steelers as part of my family and have for 40 yrs. One of these days I will get to Pittsburgh and watch the greatest team in the history of football kick some ass and lord help any fan that tells me to sit down and be quiet.

  • sean mcmartin

    Hi Bob,
    Im not talking about how they played. I’m talking about their motivation.The Blitzburgh Attitude. Porter, Harrison, lloyd, greene, kirkland, they all had it .
    If you watched the niners and packers game afterwards, that is how Bill Cowher used to get the team fired up to play, harbaugh does it with the niners like Cowher did. The players feed off the intense take no nonsense coach. they are fired up and gang tackling and they have swagger.
    Tomlin is a statue and the Titans were pushing our guys down after plays and they didnt push back???
    harrison or Cowher would have never stood for that no matter what. Tomlin stands there like a statue. watching the game like a fan. haley came over with a hot head reputation known for yelling at players who don’t execute..where is that guy?
    maybe time for a new defensive coordinator who understands what it means to play like a Steeler..
    can’t hurt to try anything at this point, we know what we have, a losing squad. why not?

  • Pete

    I was thinking something similar while watching the Houston SD game. A number of teams are using some kind of no-huddle or quick huddle offense and it really puts pressure on a defense. I’d like to see more of that with the Steelers. Some QBs are maestros with the hurry up like Manning. You are right. It is exciting for fans. I don’t know the stats either but more and more offenses are using it.

  • srdan

    Catz, I boo with the next fan when I don’t like something. I have no issue with constructive criticism in any part of my life, including the steelers. But I do have an issue with the lack of noise and passion at the games. Boo if you don’t like it, cheer if you do! That is all I’m asking. It’s a perfect forum to let our ownership know how you feel, but being quiet doesn’t do that.

  • srdan

    Hahah good one, I’ll have to use that one!

  • srdan

    Thank you. I was actually a bit worried about writing it. A few others that share our view said that there are plenty of people that would support my argument.

  • srdan

    Appreciate your comments. I don’t think it’s fair of you two to say that it’s bad manners to stand during an adrenaline pumped game. I am not at the movie theater watching “Black Swan” with my girl, and jumping up and down.

    My very argument is the adrenaline. I have it at games because I am excited to be there, others around me seem like they are at a movie theater wondering when they get to go home.

    I don’t necessarily disagree with you that I make their day at Heinz Field worse by standing. I do. But nowhere on my ticket does it say that I have SIT in my seat. And why is your perspective start there? Why not look at it from my point and say my day at the stadium is worse by not being able to jump up and down.

    With all this being said, I promise that if I were sitting in front of a kid that couldnt see over me if he stood, or a person that physically couldn’t stand, I would go stand in the rotunda. It’s what I’m into, and it’s totally within the rules of my ticket.

  • srdan

    Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one noticing it. I have seriously considered getting a billboard on 65. lol

    You don’t have to be at the stadium to notice the lack of passion.

  • srdan

    Thanks Jeff.
    I don’t get blacked out and would challenge you on the statement that I probably don’t know the details the next day, or every detail during the off season and season.

    To be very honest I was going to write about that stupid song. I for one don’t like that genre of music, but I think the song has become some sort of symbol of when we are suppose to be loud. And I think the announcer does a good job of using it to our advantage. But the fans that I challenging with this article are the same fans that wait for that song the entire game to cheer, and then sit down after it. It’s ok to cheer for the rest of the game too! Not just 60 seconds!

  • srdan

    Thank you!

  • srdan

    Please don’t misunderstand my article as being directed at only one game. This is an alarming trend.

  • srdan

    Thanks Erik. It is our duty as fans, so be vocal about it. When I have problems with people I tell them what they are. When I have a problem with a playcall, I boooo. I don’t just sit there and then leave early. I let them know that I am discontent! And I have a 5 hour drive home after the game.

  • JPDQ

    So because YOU feel this non-stop, irrepressible rush of adrenaline that COMPELS you to stand the ENTIRE game, that’s what everybody should do? People have just as much right to sit there and enjoy the game however they see fit… just like you.

    Good grief. I’m not gonna debate this ridiculous argument with you. Keep standing and screaming. The team keeps playing like they did Sunday, you won’t have to worry about anybody sitting behind you.

  • Fritz Baughman

    There were 4000 no-shows at Heinz on Sunday. Take a minute to think about that. The Pittsburgh Steelers had FOUR THOUSAND no-shows on OPENING DAY. WTF is wrong with this city?

  • Luke Shabro

    I really enjoyed your article. I agree wholeheartedly. In my opinion it’s not blind fandom but a commitment to the team you love. I would’ve booed after the terrible call for the quick out to Sanders on a 3rd and 12 but where was the noise when the defense had these guys in 3rd down situations. If you don’t think the players feed off of fan noise I have to disagree. Where’s our 12th man? I understand Qwest Field is built a certain way but I hope that Steelers fans able to attend bring the noise. I haven’t been able to go to a game since 2007 but I can tell you I could barely speak the next day.

  • Deuce22

    I couldn’t agree more! I was in the 527 section and the intensity was not there at all. I felt the fans Booed louder than they cheered their team on. Hell, on the play where Troy sacked Locker on that timing play was incredible, I stand up and start cheering waving my towel, and everyone around me is like “what just happened? Why are you cheering?” They weren’t even paying attention to the game. It was PITIFUL. I felt ashamed as my fellow steelers fans decided they would rather sit and have tea time with the person sitting next to them. LET’S GO Steelers Fans, SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS AND SUPPORT YOUR TEAM!

    “Win, lose, or tie, STEELER FAN TIL I DIE!!!”

  • Mike

    Well Said!!

  • Gloria Burke

    I watch the games here in FL at a sports bar with a Steelers “room” just for its fans. I sit in a well designed seat because I know that I can’t help myself and jump up to see the play just as if I were at the game. I want that atmosphere when I go to a game. I don’t want to sit amongs civility and business meetings. I want Three Rivers Stadium with the tiny seats and the no admittance signs for the opposing teams’ fans. I love away games (go to one game away every year) because you get with a bunch of other Steeler crazies and you show your fandom. I am probably the most vocal person in the room at the bar with criticism and atta boys. Sorry, if it’s too much for you, you can sit in the main room amongst all the other teams and their fans and watch your fantasy game.

  • srdan

    Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s easy to blame the open end for not being loud.

    I miss three rivers and concrete seats. They use to get so cold in the winter nobody would sit! haha

  • srdan

    Thank you. Maybe we get together next time, you’re not that far from my section.

  • CrazyTerry

    SOmeone needs to do an article and interview fans who seem to be ignorant of the concept of easily reselling your ticket online. There’s the steelers exchange, stubhub, craigslist. Unless you fall sick on gameday, no excuse to leave a ticket wasted especially for the opener.

  • cencalsteeler

    Nice article and very valid points. Maybe the marketing dept. at Heinz field needs to do some improving. Obviously, playing Renegade over and over gets to be redundant. Model themselves after the Seahawks. They promote the 12th man. What does that say? We need the fans to be part of the game. Get loud, noisy, and cheer. It makes the experience that much more fun and you actually feel like you are contributing to the game. You always hear the players thanking the fans for “bringing it” in the post game interviews. The fans noise helps to disrupt opposing teams play calling and energizes the home team. It’s a brilliant scheme implemented by the Seahawks, maybe one the Steelers organization might want to look in to.

  • Jeff

    I agree with you. I’m not saying cheer for that song then sit the rest of the game. I was just shedding light on the fact that some fans’ ‘loyalty’ by standing and cheering the whole game is moreso due to their state of inebriation. I’ll stand and get loud every defensive stand. I don’t generally boo if they are struggling, i’ll sit in silence usually pretty pissed off.

  • David Schutt

    Man, you said it here! I live overseas now and I cannot attend Steelers games anymore. This is probably a good thing for me. I would be so sick to see the stadium empty out before the game is over. What is the hurry? Are people afraid of losing their seat at the local bar? All I can say is this is the attitude of losers. A real fan stays until the end, cheers until the end, believes until the end, and appreciates every little detail of our team’s players and coaches efforts. There is plenty of time for grousing in March, not during the season. Never during the season!

  • Beatlejuice

    Steeler fans get loud but we aren’t stupid we are knowledgeable as well and we cheer loudly for three yards and a cloud of dust, when other fans called that type of style boring. But when you sit in the stand and the person next to you is more likely a better candidate to call offensive plays it is hard to swing the terrible towel. Who is going to keep running the ball when you are behind and you only have like twenty yards in the third quarter on the ground? Who? The only person I come up with his Todd “mush mind” Haley. If I were the O.C. here is what I would have done, spread them out and tell Ben look at the secondary prior to the snap and if they blitz throw it to the hot receiver. If that said hot receiver is covered, throw it deep or throw it away. No sack, no loss of yardage and maybe you get a completion, and the more teams rush the passer the slower that rush gets. Then just when they think these guys are pass happy, then you run a draw. If the TE stinks which right now they do then you go four wide with one back, then they have to go dime. How hard is it, clearly our base package with TE and Fullback ain’t getting it done and won’t until Miller returns, you can’t go into a game and say the plan is set in stone, Dick Lebeau doesn’t do that, make adjustments. But don’t expect fans to cheer and scream when we our getting ragdolled while on offense btw that is an MMA reference to fighting with a stuffed animal which clearly one should be able to dominate. So O lineman and TE RB please quit playing like ragdolls. I don’t mind when we lose, I don’t like it but, to lose after a pitiful performance on Offense C’mon man.

  • David Schutt

    Smart and helpful idea!

  • CrazyTerry

    Pens do a better job than the Steelers at reaching out to a new generation. Steelers ownership have taken the fans for granted and are relying on the old generation. Pittsburgh is getting some new residents, cultivate their kids fandom. Start handing out “standby” tickets to school which can be redeemed at the box office as Steelers can encourage no shows to phone in their confirmation of a no show. Or do it online.

  • Marcus

    Yea, like that fireman duche jets fan that is always screaming and going nuts.. I would hate to sit next to that jerk, and somehow he has gotten famous..

  • Brendon Glad

    I live in KS, so I was not at the game…but absolutely take offense to that post. The reason the stadium completely died after the Pouncey play is because Steelers Nation has arguably the highest sports IQ of any fanbase.
    These are the same people who refused to “blindly” support the Pirates. Made ownership/new ownerships take note…and have REWARDED the improved Pirates by steadily increasing attendance. And ACTIVE attendance. That’s what GOOD INTELLIGENT fans do.
    Where has steady blindly loyal and constantly positive attendance gotten the Cubs or the Cowboys, or Browns?
    There was no need to push the horrible events of game 1 under the rug. It was about 7 different punches to the gut. (Pouncey, Redman folding, then Allen going down, then Foote, then Stephens-Howling, then Clark twice…then poor play on TOP of IT?).
    That’s an offensive attack on Steelers Nation. Our “JOB” is to be highly intelligent sports fans and try to create the best big-picture end-result in whatever small way we can muster. Not to clap our hands and whoop-and-holler wily-nilly.

  • Brendon Glad

    I agree. It was a cheap-shot “guest-post”. I would have actually LOST a little respect for Steelers-Nation if I’d have felt that they didn’t understand the “Graveness/gravity” of the way week 1 played out.
    If that person who “requested a posting”…wants Cubs fans or Cowboys fans, or Browns fans…then they are “off-base”. Keep doing what you’re doing, season ticket holders.
    I thought your reaction to the events of game 1 were 1,000% appropriate. Come back strong in game 2…but if it goes like game 1, do the same damn thing.

  • Brendon Glad

    It’s a fine-line. But I have zero problem with how Steelers fans who attended the game responded. Since they are of extemely high football IQ, then EVERYTHING they do is noticed by coaches, and most importantly, management.
    So since that’s been established, don’t fake it…and therefore confuse the higher-ups. Keep it real. If you aren’t enjoying yourself, and have become miserable watching the game, then leave.
    I thought Steelers Nation handled themselves just fine, all things considered.
    When I say, “it’s a fine line”. Then YES, if it’s a toss-up on the enjoyment level, then stay. But I haven’t felt this bad in week 1 since 1989. So I 1,000% understand the people who needed to hit a bar, pronto.

  • JPDQ

    The “whoop-and-holler wily-nilly” – I think this is a good name for our new offense.

    Thanks for the laugh. Good post.

  • cj

    dan rooney needs to quit being so damn cheap and stop letting good players go and holding on to trash to make a quick buck, mike wallace is a game changer and why they let him go i will never know, history has taught us you cannot replace 8 or 9 veteran players for all 1st or 2nd year rookies and have a superbowl quality team i am a steelers fan no matter what but right now they are playing like high school kids lazy defense and and an offense that is full of dropped balls we are spinning our wheels here !!!!