Steelers CB William Gay Remembers Vikings RB Adrian Peterson Well

It’s been nearly four years since the Pittsburgh Steelers last played the Minnesota Vikings and with Sunday meeting in London swiftly approaching, you knew it wouldn’t take long for cornerback William Gay to be asked about facing running back Adrian Peterson again.

Peterson steamrolled Gay after catching a short pass over the middle from then-quarterback Brett Favre late in the fourth quarter the last time the two teams played and the Steelers cornerback referenced the play on Wednesday when talking about the Vikings running back.

“He is a physical guy,” said Gay in an interview on “I’ve known that since 2009 when he ran me over. The mental part, he runs the ball the same way every play. If he rushes 20 -30 times, every time is going to be hard.

“You have to stop the run. He is just a superstar.”

The Steelers leave for London on Thursday and you can bet he will have to talk about that play a few more times before the game starts. In case you forgot the play in question, below are three animated gifs of it from different angles.

Steelers William Gay run over by Vikings Adrian Peterson animated gif

Steelers William Gay run over by Vikings Adrian Peterson animated gif

Steelers William Gay run over by Vikings Adrian Peterson animated gif

  • Kusko_Ken

    If you look closely on Will’s forehead you can see the cleat marks.

  • Glenn Gilbert

    AP would be flagged for lowering his head now. Well not if he is playing against the Steelers then we would probably get flagged for letting him commit the penalty and Gay would get fined by Roger Goodel

  • dgh57

    A mismatch from hell if I ever did see one. That had to be a blown coverage on somebodies part there!

  • dgh57

    I’ve been wondering what those little indentations marks were on the front of his helmet were. LOL!!

  • r4kolb

    Except in todays NFL Peterson lowering his head like he did would have been a 15 yard penalty.

  • steeltown

    Peterson’s a beast!!! ..if you notice Willie Gay tends to wrap people up low these days, a lot of leg tackles. Still damn happy to have him back, with Cortez Allen out we’d be starting C.Brown without Willie

  • steeltown

    I have yet to see that enforced.. have you??

  • Luke Shabro

    Let’s just refer to Curtis as hewhoshallnotbenamed. That’s a nightmare scenario

  • Luke Shabro

    I honestly remember feeling bad that day for Willie Gay. He got absolutely trucked. A buddy of mine played to University of New Mexico (about 5’9; 190 lbs) and he told me a story about how he was put on the kick coverage team. Had a good angle on the returner went in all out on the tackle and got ran right the F over just like Gay did. He said the coach was laughing in the film room and said “My bad Ramirez. Shouldn’t have put you in that scenario.” Haha

  • NW86

    Exactly. All hitting rules generally seem to apply only to the defense. The offense seems to be able to whatever they want – except for Antonio Brown, who as far as I know became the first player to be flagged and fined for a stiffarm to the facemask AND for a shoulder to shoulder tackle of a non-QB ballcarrier.

  • steeltown

    I know, fined for a stiff arm to the face??… ridiculous

  • John Z

    Damn he got ran the f*** over. That was bad. I wish I would have seen that before.

  • srdan

    I was at that game. Ouch. But then again, not as bad as Golden.

  • T R

    uhm i saw Troy run up next.. Did Troy tackle him.. You didnt let the play finish… LOL

  • schlong

    Don’t know which is worse, this or Golden getting smashed by Cutler

  • Shawn S.

    Ouuuch. Never seen that before. Talk about a punishing runner.

  • Ahmad

    There is no way in hell I’m ever gonna forget that play!