Steelers Defense Allowed Some Serious YAC Against The Bengals

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau always preaches to his defense not to get beat deep and to tackle the catch quickly. While his defense only gave up one deep pass play Monday night to the Cincinnati Bengals, a 61 yard completion to tight end Tyler Eifert, the yards allowed after catch in the game is really what hurt the most.

On the 25 passes completed for 280 yards by the Bengals Monday night, the Steelers defense allowed a whopping 172 of them after the catch for a 6.88 average per reception. That’s about double what they normally allow per catch.

Eifert accounted for 37 yards after his big catch, but even removing that, the defense allowed 5.63 yards on average on the other 24 receptions.

The backbreaking play in the game was the 27-yard touchdown reception in the third quarter by Bengals running back Giovani Bernard. All 27 of those yards came after the catch and was reportedly a result of a missed defensive call by inside linebacker Kion Wilson.

When the Steelers take on the Chicago Bears Sunday night, they will face a team that has averaged 4.06 yards after the catch in their first two games. They have three primary receiving weapons on offense in wide receiver Brandon Marshall, tight end Martellus Bennett and running back Matt Forte, who all must be wrapped up quickly after the catch. If they don’t succeed in doing that, you can expect another 20 plus points to be scored against the defense.

  • steeltown

    Regardless they still played very well even missing guys like Foote and Cortez Allen… in the end, if the Offense would score more pts and stop turning the ball over they would’ve won that game, same with last week

  • James

    Yeah, although the defence doesn’t look like its going to win us any games (Turnovers/sacks etc.) Its going to keep us in games and probably won’t lose us any.
    Really need the O to step up now…

  • charles

    The O gets better as the season progresses. Lets just hope that we haven’t dug ourselves too deep a hole by the time they start winning a few games. I think, Steeltown, that I would agree that the O needs to start showing SOME LITTLE BIT of threat against Chicago.

  • charles

    D can build off O. But, the D has to win a couple of games if you have any imagination of playoff caliber.

  • steeltown

    I think they will… if they utilize Will Johnson and Wheaton MORE

  • Chad H

    The O has to control some clock time. This will give the D a break and give the young guys some coaching on the sidelines. Overall I think the D is doing a good job.

  • Jeff

    With how lopsided the time of possession battle has been with this team, the defense is the least of our problems. Overall the defense has been pretty solid through 2 games, and you’d like to think the combination of Williams and Wilson at MLB will get better as time goes on. If the defense gets better, and the offense starts to generate ANY type of momentum at all, maybe this team turns it around. Getting Heath back soon is huge, even if he isn’t what he was last year. He’s still an upgrade, and Ben will feel a lot more confident with him in the lineup. I’m still excited to see what we have in Le’Veon Bell. Some people overlook his comeback due to how bad the offensive line has played, but I still want to see him out there.

  • Chad H

    To get out of this hole we will need to win the next 6 games. Someone on this site predicted they will start 0 – 4. Well we are half way too that and if that happens we will not dig out of that. Season over and next year will be a rebuilding year. I predict Clark and Keisel will both be gone and we have to find guys that can play O line.

  • treeher

    Actually I was surprised D played as well as they did and they will get better. Turnovers will come. One of the biggest D problems is the O and I’m less optimistic about that.

  • PA2AK