Steelers Directional Stats Through Week 1 – Offense

Throughout the season I will be posting the Pittsburgh Steelers directional play stats for both the offense and the defense along with their league rankings for you to peruse. Below are the stats for the offense through week one.

Rushing Offense Week 1

Plays: 1Plays: 2Plays: 3Plays: 5Plays: 3Plays: 1Plays: 0
Rank: 21Rank: 16Rank: 12Rank: 22Rank: 10Rank: 24N/A
Avg: 4.00Avg: -1.00Avg: -1.67Avg: 2.20Avg: 2.33Avg: 2.00N/A
Rank: 11Rank: 28Rank: 28Rank: 24Rank: 15Rank: 18N/A

Passing Offense Week 1

Plays: 12Plays: 5Plays: 9Plays: 1Plays: 1Plays: 5
Rank: 11Rank: 18Rank: 23Rank: 19Rank: 14Rank: 4
Avg: 6.17Avg: 2.80Avg: 6.78Avg: 0.00Avg: 37.00Avg: 4.00
Rank: 12Rank: 32Rank: 16Rank: 20Rank: 2Rank: 17
Comp %: 66.67Comp %: 40.00Comp %: 100.00Comp %: 0.00Comp %: 100.00Comp %: 20.00
Rank: 17Rank: 30Rank: 1Rank: 20Rank: 1Rank: 17

  • Steeler Wheeler

    Nice to know the O sucked equally whatever they attempted except 1 deep middle throw…I like the consistency!