Steelers Will Set A Super Bowl Era Franchise Record Next Sunday If They Fail To Get A Turnover

The Pittsburgh Steelers failed to create a defensive turnover for a third straight game Sunday night in their 40-23 loss to the Chicago Bears and the last time they accomplished that feat was during the 2009 season during the stretch that they were supposed to be unleashing the hell.

In the Super Bowl era, the Steelers have never gone four straight games without getting a turnover, so that is a record they certainly won’t want to set next Sunday in London against the Minnesota Vikings, who have given the ball away 10 times in their first three games.

The Steelers defense seems to be applying more pressure on opposing quarterbacks thus far this season, but they only have three sacks to show for their efforts.

As I pointed out last week, the Steelers are 51-4 dating back to 2004 when they merely win the turnover battle. After giving the ball away to the Bears five times Sunday night, they now sit minus nine in the turnover differential department and that ties them for last in the league in that stat with the New York Giants.

Defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau was asked last week about the lack of turnovers and you can bet he will be asked about it again should he talk to the media while in London. Playing from behind doesn’t help the defense, but it’s not like they haven’t forced turnovers in previous years when they were in similar situations.

Something or someone has to give soon when it comes to turnovers as the Steelers defense certainly isn’t taking.

  • steeltown

    Lets be honest, the Offense needs to stop turning it over so often, 2 less turnovers last night and that game could’ve went the other way, which is also relevant in the first two games as well.

    But, yes would be nice to get a few FF recoveries and INTs, no doubt

  • chris ward

    I feel like the Steelers defense are snake bitten. They are getting pressure on the QB, but they just can’t force any turnovers.

  • T R

    if we can’t get a turnover in the next couple games between Vikings or Jets then we truly are doomed…

  • Mike.H

    As Seinfeld stated in Season 3 Episode 6: “we’re gonna need a PRIEST to rid of this thing!”…. oh, it stinks! Help me, Elaine, Kramer!!!

  • Ahmad

    Playing from behind can’t just be the answer to no turnovers. I mean geez even a blind squirrel will find a nut but so far even that hasn’t happened. I just don’t know why turnovers haven’t come our way. Things have to turn around soon.

  • RW

    Still – the defense’s lack of turnovers is concerning. They just don’t take the risks that they used to (with the exception of Polamalu). It’s like each defensive player is going through the motions – and I get it, each has to “do their job and uphold the standard”, but some of these guys are extremely special athletes. Let Timmons or Jarvis loose on some uniquely designed stunts. I understand they want their defensive backfield healthy before they do that, but at some point they just need to lay it all on the line and take some chances, like the Browns did this past weekend against the Vikings.

  • treeher

    It’s not just the amount of turnovers by the offense … it’s the timing. Ben drops it right out of the gate in the 1st quarter, and Felix does the same in third quarter. The one in 3rd quarter really hurt because team had the momentum. Defense is put in bad situations and that limits what they can do … plus, I think teams have figured out how to attack Steelers … did you notice Cutler’s release times?

  • Chad H

    The Steelers can’t turnover the ball. Steelers not getting turnovers is the least of our worries.
    This coaching staff minus most of the defense coaches are terrible. We will rebuild hopefully next year with a new head coach, RB, OL and OC. They are the most at fault for where this team was last year and this year. To say we will be better with any of these coaches next year is a mistake.

  • Mike Carroll

    How would any of these three games ended if the defense had made a single truly significant splash play? Let’s say Ike strips Tyler Eifert on his 60 yd recepetion (after Paulson had fumbled on his). Or, the defense intercepts Culter down 27-23. Other good teams do get big plays out of their defenses, but the Steelers have become downright anemic in that department for three years running now.

  • Don

    The Steelers turned up the pressure in the 2nd half, though. It caused Cutler to rush and almost (just not quite) forced a couple turnovers. Things could get a lot better if they keep that up. Continue applying pressure and the turnovers will come.

  • Don

    I agree the offense needs to take better care of it, but if the defense can’t come up with a few takeaways of their own, they aren’t going anywhere. You put too much pressure on yourself if you can’t get the occasional turnover. Basically it’s a lot easier to be able to “stop” them on one play instead of having to do three times and force a punt. Plus, there’s the field position impact, of course. You need a short field now and then to make it a little easier on the offense, too.

  • On the plus side, this season will be interesting to see the development of the team’s future generation–Jarvis Jones, Williams, Steve McClendon, S. Thomas, Wheaton, and Bell. What it won’t be is a memorable playoff run. I predicted an 0-3 start after the preseason based solely on the weakness of the offensive line. After looking at the NFL standings, it’s unfortunately impossible to ignore the depth of the hole the Steelers have dug themselves. The NFC has division leaders in all four divisions running easily in front of their division rivals. Not so in the AFC. All four divisions have co-leaders that are at least 2-1 (the Broncos and Chiefs are undefeated), which means they’re two games up on the Steelers. Because they Steelers lost to two conference opponents, we’re further behind in a crucial tie-breaking format. It’s simply no realistic to think we’ll win our division…and its unrealistic to think that at least two other wild card hopefuls won’t equal or beat our final record and have fewer conference losses. Sorry! This season was lost before it started…and the fault lies entirely with front office personnel (including coaching) and contract decisions of the past several years.

  • dkoy85

    What happens if the corners stop playing off of the receivers to prevent the big play and play on them a little more and take away the underneath short passes? The pressure the front 7 are creating will surely turn into sacks and strip sacks because the QB’s will not have the time to complete the intermediate and deep passes. Cutler was getting rid of the ball awfully fast last night. Thoughts?

  • cencalsteeler

    Was it just me, or did it look like Woodley was being held all night long?

  • Mike Sweeney

    Pick 6 by Benjamin and 2 costly fumbles by Benjamin equals 18 with 2xps made for 20 and one blocked. Other then that I thought the Steelers played well despite forcing no turnovers, AGAIN !!!!!!!

  • Don

    There were a number of blatant missed holding calls, not just against Woodley.

  • cencalsteeler

    Yes, did you see when NBC did the stat where Trestman is now getting Cutler to get rid of the ball within 1-3 seconds after the snap? Even a good pass rush can not get to the passer in that amount of time. Steelers might want to take a page out of Trestmans book on that one.
    I know we either live or die by the style of Ben extending the play. But, it seems as of late, there’s been more negatives by that style than positives.

  • Jeff

    Steelers are tough to get excited about…. Every game thus far they’ve been down big due to turnovers and/or lack of offense and have had to slowly and unsuccessfully claw their way back into games.

  • Bilgewater D

    Ben needs to take that page out. That’s what Haley had him doing last year that he hates.

    Fact is that Ben will never be a take what the D gives him guy. He wants to make the plays.

  • Bilgewater D

    Its not a lack of defense. Look how many times the D is put in a bad position because of these turnovers.

  • NW86

    Wow, it’s like we need a site psychologist for this board, everyone on here seems to have given up on the season already.
    The Steelers played well against a good team on Sunday, except for some crucial mistakes (mostly by Ben). They will beat Minnesota this week, get Cortez and Le’Veon back after the bye week, and be 4-4 by midseason, then everyone will be scrambling back on the bandwagon and predicting playoffs.

  • NW86

    Agreed, there was at least one bad hold against Keisel too.

  • Bell Cow

    Steelers fans are generally so against the thought of installing a new defense but think about this. If this is going to be Mike Tomlin’s team moving forward, than the front office should allow him to put his signature on this team and implement the Tampa 2 defense. Its a system Tomlin knows extremely well and I believe some of our current d linemen such as Heyward and Hood would be a good for for it.

  • Soliciting Steelers

    Closest we’ll ever get to the Super Bowl…Super Bowl era slum records

  • Jeff

    Agreed, the defense has played well considering te circumstances

  • James Kling

    I trust LeBeau and the defense more than I trust Haley and the offense, or Tomlin as HC.

  • Randy Neff

    KC has gone from last to first in TO differential. -24 to a +9. In fact, 7 teams that went -10 or more last year are on the plus side.

    I do feel the turnovers will come from the defense, the question is with the offense. Perhaps when Bell gets going things will settle down.

  • Bell Cow

    I trust LeBeau as well, but he’s not getting any younger and there’s a possibility he may not even come back next year. Whether or not you like Tomlin he’s going to be the HC moving into the future.

    Tomlin learned under Tony Dungy and Monte Kiffin and made his mark in the NFL by being a really good defensive backs in Tampa and defensive coordinator in Minnesota. My point is that if they finish with 6 wins or less, there’s a strong possibility that veteran defensive players will be gone. If that’s the case, they should allow Tomlin to install his defense with the young players.

  • Mike Carroll

    Defense gave up 17 points on the Bears first three possessions to start the game and only once did the Bears have a short field (from the Steelers 17 yard line after Ben’s first fumble). That point got lost in the turnovers to follow, but the D dug a big portion of the initial deficit themselves.

  • John Mazza

    Still waitin Cortez to get on the field. I like how he was ball hawking at the end of last season.

  • Mike Carroll

    The Steelers are the only team in the NFL without a single takeaway after 3 games. Meanwhile the offense is third worst in the NFL for most giveaways with 9. The NFL team average is just over 5 takeaways per team (and conversely 5 giveaways per team). So the Steeler defense is 5 worse than average. And the Steeler offense is 4 worse than average. Seems to me there is plenty of blame to go around for the whole team in that department.

  • Callentown

    Doomed already

  • Callentown

    How does any NFL team get ZERO turnovers over the course of three games? Just the speed and violence of the game are sure to cause at least a few turnovers without the defense doing anything!!

  • charles

    The Steelers D seems to be doing a whole lot of arm tackling. Ryan plays like he has a separated shoulder. Gay’s extremely weak attempt to slash at the ball on Forte’s run was laughable. This is a coaching problem: Mr. LeBeau are you listening? Call James, Dick, and ask for an instruction book on how to slash at the ball while violently throwing down the guy with the ball!
    Lake needs to come in for LeBeau.
    Tomlin seems to be doing the bidding of someone else instead of coaching. That would explain a lot of curious decusions by him. Has Art Rooney been hanging around that dope from Dallas?
    If Gilbert can be replaced for one bad play, why not Ben? If Dwyer is pulled for one fumble, what about 3 or 4 by Ben? An L is an L and if Gradkowski throws an int or Ben fumbles without anybody touching him and gifts the Bears 14 points does not matter.

  • Riverstko

    Pure Luck